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December 19, 2009Heisman voter: It's time for transparency in the vote6
December 18, 2009Memo to the Heisman Trust: You're welcome.2
December 13, 2009Without a dog in the fight...17
December 13, 2009Projections, polls, and predictions: how did they turn out?5
December 12, 2009We did it! Eight years in a row. Mark Ingram, in the closest finish ever.128
December 12, 2009ESPN takes the election-night approach, too! (video)29
December 12, 2009Will Ingram be the weakest winner ever? No, not even close.68
December 12, 2009Our final projection: Mark Ingram, in a close one.339
December 11, 2009What do other projections and polls say?181
December 11, 2009291 Ballots: Ingram 44.8%, Gerhart 40.5%, Suh 40.3%153
December 11, 2009Digging into the numbers: what's our margin of error?65
December 10, 2009277 Ballots: Ingram lead holds, Gerhart & Suh in dead heat139
December 10, 2009252 Ballots: Ingram leads with 44.5%, Gerhart 40.7%, Suh 39.7%247
December 10, 2009Hi Toby! Thanks for coming by!58
December 10, 2009242 Ballots: Ingram leads by projected 3.2% and in the hard count112
December 10, 2009Dear Husker Fans: Stop hassling Johnny Rodgers!55
December 10, 2009Help us track down the remaining votes.271
December 9, 2009226 Ballots: Ingram lead holds, but Suh climbing on Gerhart143
December 9, 2009What can we learn from analyzing the top-two vote pairs?84
December 8, 2009208 Ballots: Ingram leads, Gerhart second.121
December 8, 2009Why is Suh third if he has the most points?123
December 8, 2009177 ballots: Ingram and Gerhart in dead heat91
December 8, 2009164 Ballots: Ingram slips ahead of Gerhart. Suh close behind.133
December 8, 2009At least one voter regrets voting early.29
December 7, 2009121 Ballots: Gerhart holds lead, Suh & Ingram at #2, then McCoy160
December 7, 2009103 ballots: Gerhart leads, Ingram & Suh battle for #264
December 7, 2009Hey! Your totals add up to more than 100% - you're wacked!42
December 7, 2009Structural regional bias in the Trophy balloting, an example.39
December 7, 200979 Ballots: We have a barnburner, folks.41
December 6, 200946 Ballots: Gerhart leads Suh; Ingram, McCoy trail12
December 6, 2009How you can help: Find voters on Facebook.16
December 6, 2009Suh & Gerhart jump into lead, but don't celebrate yet, folks8
December 6, 2009Now, it's all over except the voting!3
November 30, 2009Stiff Arm Trophy on Twitter2
November 30, 2009Whoa! That can't be right!1
November 30, 20092009 Trash Talk (open thread)443
November 30, 20092009 Voter Tips852
December 13, 2008Congrats to Sam Bradford!49
December 13, 2008Notes from the Ceremony5
December 13, 2008Memo to the media: The Downtown Athletic Club is gone4
December 13, 2008Compiling the other projections0
December 13, 2008Houston Chronicle features our analysis: it's #2 votes that matter most1
December 13, 2008Bradford and McCoy splitting votes? No, it's the Bradford/McCoy alliance that's hurting Tebow.23
December 13, 2008With 249 ballots, our final projection: Sam Bradford.17
December 12, 2008Feedback loop36
December 12, 2008213 ballots: Bradford holding steady at 60%31
December 12, 2008Back at it.17
December 11, 2008195 ballots: holding steady, too close to call59
December 11, 2008About that Berry Tramel thing36
December 11, 2008Whatever you do, don't listen to Tim Tebow29
December 11, 2008180 ballots: McCoy surge moves him ahead of Tebow27
December 11, 2008165 ballots: Bradford extends lead, still too close to call2
December 11, 2008Three more polls: Two for Bradford, one tied0
December 10, 2008146 ballots: still too close to call8
December 10, 2008Other projections? Bradford 2, Tebow 1, McCoy 12
December 10, 2008117 ballots, and it's a barnburner6
December 9, 200863 ballots: Still very close...37
December 9, 2008Final Rocky Mountain Poll: Colt McCoy, barely.8
December 9, 2008Should Tebow vote for himself? Should he vote at all?5
December 8, 2008Bradford moves ahead; McCoy drops to #38
December 7, 20082008 Trash Talk (open thread)281
December 7, 20082008 Voter Tips515
December 7, 2008Stiff Arm 2008: Coming right up...16
December 11, 2007Stiff Arm Trophy in the Wall Street Journal0
December 8, 2007We did it! Six years in a row...22
December 8, 2007Final numbers posted2
December 8, 2007Mentioned on Fanhouse0
December 7, 2007Our projection: Tebow, McFadden, Brennan, Daniel18
December 7, 2007Uh oh. Did we influence a voter?3
December 5, 2007Trophy finalists announced0
December 5, 2007A comparative review of Tebow and Brennan, by a guy who knows 'em both.77
December 5, 2007A little love from Dan Shanoff2
December 5, 2007Brennan moves past Daniel0
December 5, 2007Dennis Dixon: Vote for McFadden14
December 5, 2007ESPN says it will be five, exactly five, finalists1
December 5, 2007151 ballots and counting4
December 4, 2007What's the Trophy worth?0
December 4, 2007More anti-Tebow backlash & Tim Brown's vote65
December 3, 2007Question: Would you play college fantasy football?4
December 3, 2007June Jones campaigns for Colt Brennan32
December 3, 2007Big update - 94 ballots and counting!3
December 3, 2007Tebow's 51 Touchdowns... in just 315 seconds.2
December 3, 2007Eddie George announces his pick12
December 2, 2007Arkansas Democrat-Gazette conducts national Trophy poll3
December 2, 2007Chris Fowler's Vote5
December 2, 2007The death of the 2000-yard rule.3
December 1, 2007Yeah, we're kinda slow this year....1
November 30, 20072008 already?!3
November 27, 2007Could Dixon's Trophy chances benefit from his injury?2
November 26, 2007How tough is this 2007 vote on Trophy voters?1
November 25, 2007Will BCS-haters vote for Colt Brennan to make a statement?3
November 25, 2007Bobby Bowden on Tim Tebow0
November 21, 2007With three losses, can Tebow win the Trophy?4
November 19, 2007Could a service academy player win the Trophy?0
November 18, 2007What about a defensive player?0
November 10, 2007Gino Torretta handicaps the Trophy field0
November 7, 2007John Lindsay: "couldn't be more confusing"1
November 3, 2007Featured in the Oregonian0
November 1, 20072007 Trash Talk (open thread)36
November 1, 20072007 Voter Tips494

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