Suh & Gerhart jump into lead, but don't celebrate yet, folks

In our latest projection, Nebraska's DT Ndamukong Suh has surged to a lead - followed closely by Stanford RB Toby Gerhart. Clustered together behind them are season-long favorites Colt McCoy, Mark Ingram, and Tim Tebow.

But before Husker and Cardinal fans celebrate, let's remember how this thing goes in years past. The early votes (which are, admittedly, coming in later this year) tend to be the ones from H------ voters that are campaigning for a regional favorite or some other nontraditional pick.

Beyond that, consider the psychology: If you're a H------ voter that thinks that Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy earned the trophy after a season's worth of good games, are you really rushing to announce that right now? That's a recipe for all kinds of hate mail in the inbox. So those folks are going to be sitting tight today.

We're only 28 ballots in. Ballots are due at 5 p.m. Eastern on Monday, and that's when we'll see a real surge in public reports. Once we get around 100 ballots, we'll have a good sense of what's happening out there. Once we're up over 200 ballots, I'll start feeling comfortable making a projection.

Kari Chisholm | December 6, 2009 | Comment on This Post (8 so far)
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when do you make up dates

Posted by: willy childers | Dec 6, 2009 5:01:26 PM

If Suh isn't in the top 3 then it is a shame that voters don't truly recognize "the best college football player in 2009". Suh dominates a game like no one else. Teams scheme to control him, double, triple team and he still performs better then any defensive player in the country. If the Nebraska offense could do anything he would be at the top because they could have won 3 more games (VT, ISU, UT). The BEST player, week in and week out, with teams focusing on him is SUH!

Then Ingram, Gearhart, McCoy.

Posted by: JP | Dec 6, 2009 5:36:58 PM

As a Husker fan, I just want Suh to get invited to NYC.

Posted by: Brent | Dec 6, 2009 8:09:18 PM

Nebraska's DT Ndamukong Suh shut down the Texas front-runner McCoy single-handedly, just like he has carried his offensively challenged Nebraska team all year. This athlete IS the best in the nation.

Take a look for yourself at this amazing(and freakish)athlete.

Posted by: Chris LN | Dec 6, 2009 8:47:31 PM

Hi Kari, This years projection will be put to the test. After Colt McCoy laid an egg in the Big 12 Championship game, the 2009 Heisman is up for grabs.

Posted by: Dave | Dec 6, 2009 10:21:00 PM

I'm a diehard Sooner fan but if I had a vote it would go to Suh.

Posted by: Jim B. | Dec 6, 2009 11:26:08 PM

Suh is simply the most influential player in college football.

Pick a game this season, and watch it. Keep your eye on number 93.

Posted by: Sam | Dec 7, 2009 2:35:24 PM

Hands down. Suh is the best college player in the USA and anyone who thinks otherwise has not watched him or doesn't know football!!!! Nuff said!

Posted by: Tom | Dec 7, 2009 3:17:02 PM

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