Heisman voter: It's time for transparency in the vote

Over at the Gainesville (Florida) Sun, Heisman voter Pat Dooley argues that it's about time for some transparency in the Heisman balloting.

You hear those of us in the media screaming from the top of the building that the coaches must have transparency when it comes to their poll. We won that battle finally, but shouldn’t the Heisman votes also be made available to anyone who wants to see them? I want to know the 43 people who voted Tim Tebow No. 1 on their ballots. I want to know which 538 people left Ndamukong Suh off their ballots and which two voted Golden Tate first.

I couldn't agree more. At a minimum, the Heisman Trust should reveal who the list of voters are.

Kari Chisholm | December 19, 2009 | Comment on This Post (6 so far)
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Well we know at least one that voted Tate first.

Posted by: Pat | Dec 19, 2009 1:18:09 PM

Heisman is a joke. This year the best player didnt win.

Posted by: terrible | Dec 24, 2009 2:43:11 PM

Q: What do you get when you put 538 Heisman voters together?

A: A lot of slobber and strange noises causes they are all retarded.

Posted by: Jimmy | Jan 7, 2010 1:57:14 PM

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Posted by: monclerjackets | Aug 26, 2010 11:21:56 PM

What obligation to transparency do they have? I can see the tangential argument to be made over coaches poll balloting, that transparency provides some small defense against the odd anti-trust suit. However, in this case I can't even fathom an inkling of why the Heisman Trust might take this advice. In a country which celebrates private free enterprise, privacy is the default. I'm interested to hear your reasoning otherwise.

Posted by: Tanner | Aug 28, 2010 9:30:04 PM

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