2005: four out of four

For the fourth year in a row, StiffArmTrophy.com correctly projected the outcome of the vote.

We made our final projection about one hour prior to the presentation show on ESPN based on 209 actual ballots we found and tabulated. Our final projection at 4:05 p.m. (pacific time) on December 10, 2005:

While we had a hard time believing our own numbers, the projection showed that Reggie Bush would pick up 2514 points - about 51.8% of the total. In fact, he earned 2541 points - 48.0% of the total among the top ten finalists. We also showed him winning about 86% of the first-place votes - and he actually won 84.9% of the first place votes.

We projected Vince Young getting 1497 points, about 30.8% of the total available. He actually picked up 1608 points - about 30.4%. We had Matt Leinart at 557 points and 11.5%. He finished at 797 points and 15.1%.

Thanks for your help!
With the help of dozens of volunteers across America, we built the biggest and best projection with 209 declared ballots (with 529 votes) listed on the Big Chart of Votes.

namefirstsecondthirdballotspointsProjected %Actual %
R Bush18013119456751.8%48.0%
V Young191361316834230.8%30.4%
M Leinart1159110712411.5%15.1%
B Quinn122124282.5%3.6%
M Robinson009990.9%0.9%
D Olson016780.8%0.4%
D Williams005550.5%0.5%
AJ Hawk014560.5%0.5%
J Harrison002220.2%0.4%
E Dumervil002220.1%0.2%

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