Hi Toby! Thanks for coming by!

Over at Rivals.com, they've got the story -- Toby Gerhart's been checking out Stiff Arm Trophy:

The stress of exam week hasn't stopped Gerhart from getting caught up in the Heisman hype. Gerhart admits it's tempting to see where he stands in various mock ballots or in the polling at www.stiffarmtrophy.com, which collects advance ballots from various Heisman voters.

"Some of my roommates are consistently updating me," Gerhart said. "They come running in and saying, 'Stiffarmtrophy has come in with new updates, and you're second now,' or 'You and [Alabama running back Mark] Ingram are tied.' There's always constant buzz from kids on campus."

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They need to update him that SUH is bout to overtake him and that he will NEVER catch Ingram!!! RTR Baby!!!

Posted by: Kyle | Dec 10, 2009 12:00:00 PM

I'm a Bama fun, so I am pulling for Mark Ingram, but I think all of the top three candidates would deserve the trophy this year. Gerhart had a fabulous season, and this Tide fan congratulates him. Can't wait to watch him at the next level.

Posted by: Chris | Dec 10, 2009 12:10:43 PM

Too bad they can't give out three of them. Ingram, Gerhart, and Suh are all utter beasts. Good luck to all three of you fellas, and I don't just mean for the Heisman race.

Roll Tide.

Posted by: Tom | Dec 10, 2009 12:16:29 PM

Not a big Bama fan, although I will be pulling for them in the championship game. I have also been backing Ingram's bid for the stiff arm trophy, but Gerhart seems like a class act and a great athlete. No need talking smack at the guy Kyle.

Posted by: nodoginnafight | Dec 10, 2009 12:20:28 PM

I am not a stat guy but I love the site. I can appreciate people doing something I have no desire to do but I have a question (probably stupid) about what the site says...

"We've been right seven out of seven years, with our winning vote projection off by an average of only 1.8%. Damn good."

Here's my question:

2002 Carson Palmer 5.3% off
2003 Jason White 1.5% off
2004 Matt Leinart 1.6% off
2005 Reggie Bush 3.8% off
2006 Troy Smith 2.4% off
2007 Tim Tebow 3.1% off
2008 Sam Bradford 1.3% off

Okay, correct my thinking if I am wrong but if you add up the offage percentages (19.0%) and divide by the number of years of doing this (7) I do not come up with an average of only being off by 1.8%.

This is what I come up with 19.0% / 7 years = 2.7% off

Can you show me how you come up with 1.8%?

Posted by: James | Dec 10, 2009 12:28:28 PM

Suh's stats are ridiculous! He alone has more tackles, tackles for losses, sacks, QB hurries and blocked kicks than the entire defensive lines for Florida, Alabama and Texas!!! That's sick! One man has better stats than entire defensive lines of the top teams in the country. But he won't win the Heisman. Total joke!

Posted by: Drew | Dec 10, 2009 12:30:00 PM

studying for finals. an actual STUDENT-athlete. Toby represents the best of what college athletics can be. I sincerely hope the model is wrong this year

Posted by: David | Dec 10, 2009 12:34:11 PM


Posted by: Average Joseph | Dec 10, 2009 12:34:34 PM

James, I think it could be a mean / standard deviation thing. If some %'s are off on the under side and some on the upper side that could account for the % from the "zero" point. So don't be too hard on them.

Note: Sound like your finalist of choice may be trailing. Hence, the doubting (hoping them wrong). I would do the same. A little human nature.

Posted by: DRA | Dec 10, 2009 12:47:24 PM

As a Husker fan, I really want Suh to win, but I would not be disappointed to see Gerhart or Ingram win it, if mainly for the reason that none of these three were there for the preseason hype by the media. I honestly don't want to dislike Tebow or McCoy, but there has been SOOOO much hype surrounding them the past several years, that their stories seem to have gotten old. I was resigned to pulling for McCoy before last weekend (I know it's not supposed to be a career achievement award, but 45 wins? that's insane), but excited the Big Man has been thrown into the mix. I am just happy to know that Suh earned enough respect that he got invited to the ceremony.


Posted by: Stallion | Dec 10, 2009 12:50:12 PM

David - Ditto that.

Not that Ingram or Gerhart are not good football players - they have probably been the best two running backs in football this year. But, the trophy is supposed to be for the best PLAYER in football. Suh is the best player at ANY position. Ask a coach whether they would rather scheme how to slow down Ingram, Gerhart or Suh. I'll bet they'd take the RB's anytime.

Posted by: Guido | Dec 10, 2009 12:58:10 PM

The big board is still showing Eddie George's ballot wrong.

Posted by: Zaqwert | Dec 10, 2009 1:00:44 PM


We are all watching with excitement bud. Once again, you have made your hometown proud. The way you handle your success should be a real example to scholar athletes. I will have my Toby for Heisman shirt on as I watch on Saturday. You know how our town is...we will be having a Toby party waiting to watch you win.

God Bless,

Dave Wood

Posted by: Drwood35 | Dec 10, 2009 1:03:03 PM

My hopes are that Mark Ingram wins this, as I know how valuable he was for the Tide. With that being said I think both Toby and Suh are both fantastic players and either would be deserving. McCoy and Tebow are both deserving as well, but had bad games (outcomes) at the wrong time. It will be close this year, and all are quality kids.

Good luck to all the heisman finalists in their NFL careers.

Grats to Texas for making it to Pasadena! I hope it will be an injury free game with the Tide coming out on top.
Roll Tide!

Posted by: Steve | Dec 10, 2009 1:27:04 PM

Drew - your stats are wrong. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I rerspect your right to yours. But don't make up lies to support it. You've either been duped or you a perpetrating a lie on purpose.

Posted by: nodoginnafight | Dec 10, 2009 1:32:39 PM

All of these guys are deserving, as an Alabama fan, I am proud to have a player considered for such a honor. I have always liked and respected Nebraska for their rich football tradition and their class. I would love for our teams to play each other in the near future. By the way things are looking, could be soon if you can find an offense. It would not hurt my feelings at all if Suh beat out Ingram for the H..... I wish all these men good luck. As far as the Neb. fans that are posting on this site, You make sick. You sound like some kind of scorned gay lover. Oh Suh, you are so great, there is none worthy but you! I hope the er in Lincoln is fully staffed and ready for all the fans who may do harm to themselves if Suh don't get it.

Posted by: Johnny | Dec 10, 2009 1:42:07 PM

DRA, you are probably right about the mean / standard deviation thing. More than anything, I am just curious how they came up with 1.8%. But like I said, I am NOT a stats guy. I will leave that to the pros.

And yes, there is a little human nature there. I am a homer.

Posted by: James | Dec 10, 2009 1:46:20 PM

James . . . You're right. 1.8% is a little misleading. Looks to me like he is not taking the absolute value of the difference between the actual and projected votes. In other words, if the projection was 2% low one year and 2% high the next year, he'd claim to have been 'perfect' over the two year span. I came up with 1.89% adding and subtracting when the projection was high or low. You're way seems more 'proper' to me. From what I can tell, any of the top three candidates is still a viable winner when ALL the votes are counted, at this point.

Posted by: Phil | Dec 10, 2009 2:04:44 PM


Posted by: Average Joseph | Dec 10, 2009 2:09:01 PM

I think Mark Ingram and Heisman race, are like the Alabama season. It just keeps moving. In the end I think he will out distance the competition just like the Tide did against the Gators!

Good Luck Mark, we enjoyed watching you the entire season!

Posted by: David | Dec 10, 2009 2:13:48 PM

I don't think Ingram deserves it.

Posted by: Christopher | Dec 10, 2009 2:21:12 PM


Posted by: dmc | Dec 10, 2009 2:24:08 PM

Toby is a nerd. Haha, he is so smart.

Posted by: Duh | Dec 10, 2009 2:26:37 PM

Ingram or Gerhart will win it, defensive players cant, no one will let them. Doesnt matter Suh wont have enough room in his trophy case after tonite. The H has turned out to be a political award.

Posted by: Toby | Dec 10, 2009 2:32:25 PM

A little known Suh fact:
In his 12 regular season games Suh averaged .625 sacks per game.
Just the facts, mam.

Posted by: joefriday | Dec 10, 2009 2:41:13 PM

A little known Derrick Thomas fact:
In his 12 games during the 1988 season he averaged 2.25 sacks per game. For a total of 27 on the season.
He finished 10th in the Heisman that year.

Posted by: ROLLMF'NTIDE | Dec 10, 2009 2:47:00 PM

nodoginafight - Drew was a little misguided, but Suh's stats are very comparable to the top four starters on the d-line from Bama, Florida, and Texas:

Bama Season Totals:

98 tkl - 23.5 tfl - 9.5 sac - 20 qbh - 5 pbu - 0 int - 1 ff - 3 blk

Texas Season Totals:

112 tkl - 33 tfl - 14 sac - 48 qbh - 5 pbu - 0 int - 1 ff - 0 bkl

Florida Season Totals:

116 tkl - 25.5 tfl - 15.5 sac - 10 qbh - 7 pbu - 0 int - 2 ff - 0 blk

Suh's Season Totals:

82 tkl - 23 tfl - 12 sac - 24 qbh - 10 pbu - 1 int - 1 ff - 3 blk

So what drew should have said was: "He alone has more passes broken up, blocked kicks (tied with bama), and interceptions than the entire defensive lines for Florida, Alabama and Texas, plus he was comparable to their numbers in tackles, tfl's, sacks, hurries and forced fumbles."

Posted by: Mike Gainer | Dec 10, 2009 4:09:06 PM

Ingram is trying to run away and hide with this thing

Posted by: Matt | Dec 10, 2009 4:12:02 PM

joefriday you obviously are not a big enough fan to notice the little things that win football games. Every team that played Nebraska schemed the entire offensive game plan to block SUH!!! The so called weak game he had against Kansas... check Crick's stats in that one. They picked their poison by focusing all the attention on Suh and got blown up by the rest of the defense. I am a Texas fan and I rooted for McCoy until I saw Suh manhandle him in the title game. Head to head he dominated the top candidate going into the game. Might check out some of his highlights in all the games. He hit the quarterbacks almost every damn play. He is clearly the best player in college football. It would be great if he could have went against Ingram and Gerhart this year. My bet is he would have dominated them also.

Posted by: DTrent | Dec 10, 2009 4:17:50 PM

and Ingram cant even win the Doak Walker award (most outstanding RB)! Ingram winning the Heisman is a joke.

Posted by: Chad | Dec 10, 2009 4:18:59 PM

We are huge Toby fans! We attend every home Stanford game and our 2 kids love getting autographs after each game. Toby is a true class act. He's absolutly exhausted after a game yet he stops for every single request to sign an autograph or pose for a picture. He thanks the kids for coming out and supporting the team. As a mother, I am grateful our 2 kids have Toby as their hero...a humble academic athlete (trifecta). Go Toby!

Posted by: lalamgee | Dec 10, 2009 4:52:10 PM

When they talk about ingrham why dont't they talk about what the Heisman represents.Toby Gerhart is the obvious choice to represent the high qualities of this award.

Posted by: willy childers | Dec 10, 2009 4:54:34 PM

Give me a break with Toby Gerhart stuff. Hes a great back don't get me wrong, but he played in the pac-10 which does not stop the run. The best run defenses Stanford faced ended in losses (and those were still not very good run defenses). Give it to Ingram or give it to Suh.

Posted by: JWJ | Dec 10, 2009 5:07:56 PM

Doak Walker. Enough Said. StiffArm voting is a circus.

Posted by: Eric | Dec 10, 2009 6:06:19 PM

Bama fan that lives in Nebraska. I love Suh. He's a beast to watch play and is perhaps one of the most dominate players in the country. But deserving of the heisman?? Let's be honest, he's a finalist because of one game, his last one. If he didn't put up the numbers against Texas, which were his best stats of the year, he's doesn't get invited.

Posted by: chadwick | Dec 10, 2009 6:32:13 PM

Average Joe, You've smoked one too many corn cobbs. You and guys like you, give Neb a bad name.

Posted by: Johnny | Dec 10, 2009 6:48:42 PM

Before last Saturday, Honestly how many of the voters do you think had even heard of this 'Boy Named Suh'? That goes for all of you bandwagon jumpers as well, Boogs!!!!!

Posted by: jimbo stinson | Dec 10, 2009 8:39:44 PM

And another thing Cornholers, What would your Grandpappy say about you slobbering all over this dude while 'The Nob' was losing 25% of their games?

You Boogs are worse than Aggie fans, same as your teams!!!!

Posted by: jimbo stinson | Dec 10, 2009 8:49:02 PM

Another thought, 'Who would actually want to win this piece of crap'?

Look at the dudes from 2002- 2006,'What are ole Troy Smith, Jason White, and Reggie "thanks for the condo" Bush doing these days?'

Posted by: jimbo stinson | Dec 10, 2009 8:58:43 PM

In the short run.... Gerhart's specialty... when the endzone is close...
Toby, Colt, Suh and Tebow have all gotten awards, so maybe it's time for Ingram.
Toby will always have the "Best Running Back in 2009" award.... and one just has to wonder what the Heisman really means... and for ever more we will ponder ... why Stanford couldn't have run Toby just a bit more in 3 games....

Now onward to destroy Reggie Bush's and OJ's all season records. Shame on any Trojans who didn't give Toby any points.

Not that we don't want the best for Toby, but if the NFL doesn't want him badly enough, we'd be happy to fill the stadium all season long to watch him next year.

Posted by: Pete | Dec 10, 2009 9:24:31 PM

JWJ said that Toby Gerhart played in the Pac10, which doesn't have defenses that stop the run.

I checked the NCAA team run defense statistics, and here are the 6th best rushing defenses that Stanford and Toby faced.: Arizona State (18), Arizona (22), Oregon State (25), California (27), Oregon (38), and USC (42). There are 120 BCS schools. So, Toby played against teams ranked approximately in the top third of rushing defenses for half of his games.

Is JWJ suggesting that the SEC has great run defenses?

I started checking on the rushing defenses that Ingram/Alabama faced for 13 games: In order of best rushing defense, Florida (13), LSU (44), South Carolina (46), Virginia Tech (52), Mississippi (55), Tennessee (58), Miss. State (63), Arkansas (69), Auburn (80), Kentucky (100), North Texas (104). Florida International and Tennessee-Chattanooga are Div I-AA.

So, Toby Gerhart rushed against 6 teams that were rated 42nd or better in rushing defense while Ingram rushed against just 1 team rated in the top 42.

I don't think you can come close to implying that Toby Gerhart didn't compete against teams with good enough run defenses, PARTICULARLY if you want to compare Toby and Stanford against the teams that Mark Ingram faced all season long.

Posted by: SL | Dec 10, 2009 9:52:49 PM

Actually, Suh faced single blocker coverage a lot during the course of the season (usually not a prudent idea unless you're going the other way, real quickly). He did not have to fight through a horde of 300 Spartans to earn each sack, although some of the Husker fans here would believe it in a heartbeat.

Most of the Suh bandwagoners didn't jump on until the Big 12 championship game anyway. That explains the lack of 2nd and 3rd place votes in Suh's row. Recency and the desire to be novel--"hey look I back a defensive player for Heisman and I know a few stats, so I'm smart." Gerhart should win for the same reason that McCoy is still getting first place votes--consistency through the season.

Oh, and Doak Walker award? For best running back in the nation? Gerhart's, as of tonight.

Posted by: sam | Dec 10, 2009 10:40:17 PM

Reason why Suh wont win= DERRICK THOMAS dont belive me?? look it up...but all and all his is an outstanding player..Also does anyone have Yard After Contact stats for Toby?


Posted by: Mike | Dec 10, 2009 11:42:15 PM

Here's some stats on Suh, comparing him to the entire D-lines of Alabama, Florida, and Texas, three of the best defenses in the country.

Alabama Season Totals
98tkl - 23.5tfl - 9.5sk - 20qbh - 5pbu - 0int - 1ff - 3bk

Florida Season Totals
112tkl - 33tfl - 14sk - 48qbh - 5pbu - 0int - 1ff - 0bk

Texas Season Totals
116tkl - 25.5tfl - 15.5sk - 10qbh - 7pbu - 0int - 2ff - 0bk

Suh Season Totals
82tkl - 23tfl - 12sk - 24qbh - 10pbu - 1int - 1ff - 3bk

Posted by: Andy | Dec 10, 2009 11:49:07 PM

26 touchdowns! Nation's leading rusher! Class act! Toby should get it!

Posted by: mike | Dec 11, 2009 3:35:49 AM

JWJ... got a response for SL? You all love putting down the Pac 10. What do the numbers say?? What are your facts? In the end, the bowl games will tell us a lot more. Why does the Heisman have to be awarded so soon?

Also note Toby only had 12 games vs Ingram's 13.

Alabama certainly did not depend on Ingram as much as Stanford relied on Toby.

Yards per carry? How much do you add to a run to account for the fact that it ended in the endzone.

Ingram will win. We understand that. It's just wrong. Toby will have more yards than u$c winners and the all time Pac 10 record for most touchdowns ever. Oddly, touchdowns don't count the most in comparisons?

Posted by: Pete | Dec 11, 2009 7:20:11 AM

I want Suh to win but don't think he will because of the political nature of the Heisman voting. I will admit I was a big fan of Derrick Thomas while he was in the NFL, but was too young in the 80's to see him play. Your argument that he had a better season than Suh is hard to measure since he played OLB/DE. Last time I checked Suh played DT. So if you compare the numbers of the greatest college DT's (Rich Glover '72, Tony Casillas '85, Steve Emtman '91, Warren Sapp '94, Tommie Harris '03, and Glenn Dorsey '07) I am willing to bet Suh stacks up to the greatest that ever played the position. I have tried to look up these stats and only been able to find Glenn Dorsey's.

Dorsey - 69tkl - 12.5tfl - 7sk - 4qbh - 4pbu - 0int - 1 ff - 0bk (14 games)
Suh - 82tkl - 23tfl - 12sk - 24qbh - 10pbu - 1int - 1ff - 3bk (13 games)

Ingram and Gerhart didn't come close to having one of the greatest seasons ever by a RB. When you compare all these players to the greatest ever at their positions you see that Suh is the only one who comes close. Compare apples to apples if you want to talk stats!!! If anyone else is able to help me get these stats please post them so we can see how he ranks.

Posted by: jack | Dec 11, 2009 7:31:21 AM

Gerhart is the toughest runner I have ever seen play. He is a consistent back with a ton of heart and just enough giddy-up to get the job done. HOWEVER, I feel that Suh should win for a couple reasons. One is the comparison to the entire defensive lines of Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Two is that he was double teamed or more 35 of 62 snaps vs. K-State and still had what was at that point one of his best games of the season. The Missouri game where he literally put his whole team on his back. And finally, yes the Texas game. He basically manhandled the entire O-Line. A lot of people are saying "well if he didn't have that game, he wouldn't be in consideration much less invited to NY." Well folks, he did.

Posted by: Shaqtus | Dec 11, 2009 8:20:24 AM

Gerhart is the toughest runner I have ever seen play. He is a consistent back with a ton of heart and just enough giddy-up to get the job done. HOWEVER, I feel that Suh should win for a couple reasons. One is the comparison to the entire defensive lines of Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Two is that he was double teamed or more 35 of 62 snaps vs. K-State and still had what was at that point one of his best games of the season. The Missouri game where he literally put his whole team on his back. And finally, yes the Texas game. He basically manhandled the entire O-Line. A lot of people are saying "well if he didn't have that game, he wouldn't be in consideration much less invited to NY." Well folks, he did.

Posted by: Shaqtus | Dec 11, 2009 8:20:25 AM

Pete & SL: I wasnt suggesting anything aboout the SEC, I was making the point that Stanford lost to two of the best run defenses they faced- Arizona and Cal. Im not putting down the Pac-10 at all, the style of play is different out west. Also note that Toby had something like 60 more carries than MI did, thats about three games worth of carries. If you want to go by the book and award the trophy to the most outstanding player in college football, it's easily Suh. But since voters arent doing that, whats next? The best player on the best team... Its Ingram. Actually, The best player on Alabama'a offense is MI while the best player on the team is Rolando McLain. JMHO

Posted by: JWJ | Dec 11, 2009 1:12:55 PM

Gerhart deserves the trophy hands down. look at his consistency. he faced the most top ranked run defenses in the nation. his numbers blow Ingram away. I thought this an individual award not a team award. Ingram only had 30 yards rushing versus a bad Auburn team and Toby's worst game was 82 yards.

Posted by: Howard | Dec 11, 2009 2:56:55 PM

East Coast bias ruin sports. Its too political.

Posted by: HD | Dec 11, 2009 2:59:55 PM

Toby Gerhart deserves to win the Heisman. His stats speak for themselves and he did not have the same players surrounding him as Colt did. Credit should go to Suh, he is a great player. Colt struggled in a game that his talented line could not contain a player the caliber of Suh, but he also showed poor decision making. Toby accomplished what he did on the field sometimes carrying three tacklers with him, and yes the STUDENT athlete should be a major consideration. Toby is an example to all young athletes and isn't that what the Heisman winner should be? Good Luck Toby!!

Posted by: Darrel | Dec 11, 2009 3:38:20 PM

For everyone wanting to say that Suh's Nebraska fans are all just bandwagoning on after one game, please learn about Husker Nation. Suh's facebook page had over 40,000 members mid-season, not just after last Saturday. We here in the CornHUSKER state take this football stuff very seriously. We aren't bandwagon fans...look at the past 6 years or so. We have sucked, but our stadium still remains filled, our fans are still loyal. Say what you want about Suh and his worthiness for this award, but do NOT insult our program. Husker fans are freaking CRAZY, but that is why "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE NEBRASKA". I bet you would be hard pressed to find a resident of this state who would want it any other way. Go Suh! You are a Nebraska boy for life and we do love you around here and if you don't like that-sorry. As for my "grandpappy" he would have loved Suh too!

Posted by: steph | Dec 11, 2009 4:45:05 PM

It's time to end the drought and give Bama its first Heisman winner. I'm pulling for Mark Ingram. He's an outstanding running back and an even better person. A total class act. But it also seems like all of these guys are deserving. Not a loser in the bunch. Great athletes and solid citizens. All the smack talk is just ridiculous. These are the people that we, as college football fans, want representing this sport.

Posted by: Mark | Dec 11, 2009 8:55:01 PM

It's time to end the drought and give Bama its first Heisman winner. I'm pulling for Mark Ingram. He's an outstanding running back and an even better person. A total class act. But it also seems like all of these guys are deserving. Not a loser in the bunch. Great athletes and solid citizens. All the smack talk is just ridiculous. These are the people that we, as college football fans, want representing this sport.

Posted by: Mark | Dec 11, 2009 8:55:01 PM

Congratulations on the award Mark ... only one more task left to go this season . Then you and the team can take a well earned rest. (till spring practice ;-) )

Posted by: Rolling Rolling Rolling | Dec 12, 2009 2:10:59 AM

Der schönste junge Mann auf unserer Erde ist nun mal eindeutig Chace Crawford. Wer wollte das bezweifeln?

Ich habe mir etliche Fotos angesehen, die Chace Crawford mit unbekleidetem Oberkörper zeigen. Einfach total sexy !!! ....... Einen schöneren jungen Mann als ihn kann es wohl nicht geben.

Mich faszinieren vor allem das supersüße Traumbäuchlein dieses jungen Mannes und seine Brüste, die sehr knackig sind und zugleich so fein und so rein wie sanft rieselnder Schnee.

Das bezaubernd süße Bäuchlein unseres Chace und seine knackigen Brüste ……. Sie sind so was von schön und zart und appetitlich ....... entfachen in mir ein loderndes Feuer ……. machen mich echt heiß wie einen Ofen .......

Aber auch sein schöner Rücken, seine breiten Schultern, seine großen, kristallklaren, blauen Augen, sein schöner Mund, sein süßes Näschen, sein schlanker Hals, seine Stirn und seine Wangen bezaubern mich immer wieder.

Diesen bezaubernd schönen Chace ganz zärtlich zu streicheln und zu liebkosen, muss ein sehr beglückendes Erlebnis sein. Echt ein erotisches Highlight.

Möge es Chace gut gehen! Möge sein Leben gelingen! Und möge er zufrieden, froh und glücklich werden!

Das wünscht unserem geliebten Chace von ganzem Herzen


Posted by: Silvio | Feb 22, 2010 5:51:19 PM

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