A comparative review of Tebow and Brennan, by a guy who knows 'em both.

From the Honolulu Advertiser, comes some thoughts from a guy who knows both Tim Tebow and Colt Brennan:

Ken Taylor knows Brennan and Tebow personally. Taylor's son, Rick, is a UH slotback. Taylor was an assistant coach when Tebow was a senior at Nease High in Florida.

"I love Timmy to death, and I've known him since he was 6 years old," Taylor said. "When it comes to pure passing, it's Colt hands down."

Taylor said without Tebow, Florida would not have a winning record. But Taylor said that if Brennan played in Florida's spread-option offense, "he's the Heisman Trophy winner hands down."

Taylor said Brennan's "accuracy is amazing. I've never seen a quarterback more accurate than Colt Brennan."

Rick Taylor has caught passes from Tebow and Brennan. He said Brennan's passes "are not too hard, not too soft. They're right there."

He said Tebow has more arm strength.

But pressed to decide between the two, Rick Taylor said: "I'm going to have to go with Colt. That's my guy right now. They're both great quarterbacks, but Colt's my guy right now."

Of course, it's not quite the same as the year that two teammates from San Diego's Helix High, QB Alex Smith and RB Reggie Bush, were both finalists - but it's still interesting.

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Colt Brennon would be 4th string at Florida. If he is so accurate how did he throw for 5 picks vs Idaho?

Posted by: Daniel | Dec 5, 2007 2:33:21 PM

yeah, it sounds he was asked about it, and then didn't want to incur the wrath of his teammates, so he chose ol' 5 pick Brennan. Meanwhile Tebow only had six total, and no more than 1 in any game....but I guess he's not too accurate ::rollingeyes::

Posted by: Trail | Dec 5, 2007 2:40:20 PM

Rick Taylor's son plays for Hawaii and he chooses Brennen over Tebow. You really consider this an objective opinion because he knows both players. You really don't think that there's a conflict of interest here? What about personal character in the equation? Tebow has never been kicked out of school for alchol abuse and out of control sexual misconduct. Brennen has, check out his brief tenure at the University of Colorado: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colt_Brennen. I'm glad Brennen got his life straightened out and that this has been a great football season for him. But, IMHO, his record and expulsion from the University of Colorado in his freshman year alone should prevent him from ever receiving the Heisman award since the problems from Colorado are part of his college football career no matter how much he wishes they weren't.

Posted by: Barbara DeMonte | Dec 5, 2007 2:42:26 PM

The key points are that he said Florida wouldn't have a winning record without Tebow (when everyone says they would) and that Tebow has the stronger arm.

Brennan was a walk-on at Colorado for god's sake. He isn't all that.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 5, 2007 2:44:56 PM

I agree with Daniel about the fact that Colt wouldn't start at Florida, but I also think it's irrationale to say Colt is without accuracy. Granted, Hawaii played nobody all year (exception, Boise State) and my grandmother could probably pass all over that offense, but in a year where every team seems to be missing a step, Hawaii overcomes what obstacles they face to win when the clock hits 00:00. 400+ yards a game is impressive no matter who it's against.

That being said, Tebow dominated defenses, pounded his way (through pain) into 1st downs and end zones, and if you ask me, 29 air and 22 ground touchdowns are too many to ignore. A man that can pass beautifully and run strong in the SEC and have a passing rating second only to Oklahoma's Bradford?

Congratulations, Tim Tebow, Mr. Heisman.

- Steve Platt, UF

Posted by: Steve | Dec 5, 2007 2:45:49 PM

oh, and the post above by Barbara DeMonte has a bad link. Colt's last name is spelled Brennan, not Brennen...but the other facts are true. I checked.

Posted by: Steve | Dec 5, 2007 2:49:42 PM

oh, and the post above by Barbara DeMonte has a bad link. Colt's last name is spelled Brennan, not Brennen...but the other facts are true. I checked.

Posted by: Steve | Dec 5, 2007 2:49:51 PM

I think that anyone that claims to be friends with both of these guys and then chooses one over the other "hands down".

The hilarious thing is that when COlt was injured trying to run like Tebow.. his backup came in and played exactly like him for a couple games.

Posted by: charlie | Dec 5, 2007 3:03:47 PM

Sorry about the typo, here's the correction: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colt_Brennan

Posted by: Barbara DeMonte | Dec 5, 2007 3:12:19 PM

Well, Tebow's HEAD coach at Nease, who is also "friends" with June Jones, basically said June Jones was talking out of one of his body parts re: Tim's passing. He would know - they run a version of Hawaii's Run and Shoot there, where Tebow broke all of the Florida high school passing records.


Everyone has an opinion.

Posted by: Shannon | Dec 5, 2007 3:18:30 PM

look...you guys can hate all you want on colt...

but the facts are in your face. brennan missed significant time with injuries--playing 3 less games than tebow.

you call Florida Atlantic, Troy, and Western Kentucky contenders? Dont you remember that Boise beat oklahoma last year--and that UW Huskies were tied with Ohio State at Halftime (for all those pointing to Hawaii being down 21-0 in the first quarter).

Wow, he rushed for 20 tds! If Brennan ran the ball (60 attempts vs. Tebow's 195) at the goalline or in the red zone as much he could have easily done that. Instead he hands the ball off. Tebow's excuse would be that they dont have a running back. You call Pilares a running back?

Not only that buy Brennan's attempts passing are barely double of Tebows.

Breannan has more total yds this year. Had he played all year, he would OWN Tebow's 51 TDS. Heck he would shatter his own record.

Brennan single season TD record is 63, Tebow only has 51.

Brennan owns almost over 25 D-1 records.

His team is undefeated playing in a Sugar Bowl, while Florida has 3 losses and isnt in a BCS game. ARE YOU SERIOUS? HOW CAN YOU GIVE IT TO TEBOW?

Brennan threw for over 400+ against the likes of Alabama, Oregon State, Arizona State, Purdue....so STOP HATING!

Had he a chance to play against an SEC team...he would do the same.

We'll see VS Georgia, but he is the most storied passer in College history.

If Tebow had as many passing attempts...he have WAY MORE ints.

Posted by: c | Dec 5, 2007 3:35:10 PM

let us also not forget 121 passing TDs....ALL TIME RECORD.

its time for all the SEC elitists to stop hating on Brennan.

Michigan State paid Hawaii 250k NOT to play them, Michigan said no...and schedule App State. USC declined with a bunch of others.

so....if Colt tries to play better teams, but gets rejected. How can you hold that against him?

In addition, his team in UNDEFEATED. PERIOD.

No underclassman has won the heisman...and it shouldnt change this year.

Posted by: c | Dec 5, 2007 3:41:54 PM

In the words of the "all-knowing" "C", we'll see VS Georgia, lol.

I'm sorry, but if Tebow played the teams Hawaii played, you'd shut up faster than you spewed the brainless comment that Brennan could perform equally well against SEC teams like LSU.

C, please, don't embarrass yourself by pretending your teams are better than FAU or Troy...and don't act like 63 touchdowns against high-school caliber teams is a difficulty for Tebow. and the above post was correct in saying that Colt's back-up did just fine in getting them undefeated...Florida without Tebow on the other hand?...Not so much.

I'm done trying to argue the obvious.

Posted by: Steve | Dec 5, 2007 3:42:35 PM

What Barabra said is correct. They run a run and shoot offense at Nease, and Tim didn't just run over teams in high school. He was the all time PASSING king in the state of Florida when he graduated, which is one of the reasons many of us just smugly laughed when he was called a "fullback" last year (they didn't understand what was coming).

As far as Taylors opion... assuming for a second he isn't biased out of necessity (uh huh), it has been almost two years now since Tebow stepped on UF's campus early. He is a workaholic and has been using everything from film to a virtual mapping, full body simulator to work on his mechanics with Mullen since he arrived. As good as he was coming out of high school, there is a night and day difference (release point, quickness, arm angle, foot placement, etc).

If you don't understand how accurate he is, and his #2 QB rating (ahead of Colt) isn't enough, then go look for one of many examples. Watch the throw against FSU that he made to Murphy. The coverage was 'maybe' one step behind, and the throw was so perfect that it was the equivalent of dropping the ball in amoving trash can from 40 yards away.

And if you look at the still shots of that throw, he made it with DT Guion one step from hitting him.

As for Colt, and the pros? I don't doubt that he is accurate, but ...

Arm strength? he throws an arcing pass even at 20 yards, and guys like Tebow do have much stringer arms, that would be a concern.

Durability? If he thinks those guys that knocked him out of comission hit hard .. wait for Sundays. He's never made any of those throws with multiple guys the talent level of Dorsey and Jackson two feet from laying into him. It is a whole different world .. one Tim has already proved himself in.

Mechanics? Colts release point is almost below his chin. He might as well be 5'9". They get around that by having like 3 ft splits on their O line to create wider passing lanes. But Colt won't have that comfort in the NFL. It WILL be a big issue if he doesn't fix it.

Posted by: Doug | Dec 5, 2007 3:43:20 PM

Not taking anything away from Colt...why is he playing at Hawaii and not Florida or some other big time program! He isn't that good! All those who rave about him have only looked at his statistics and watched him play the 118th strongest schedule in division I! I bet you Tebow's Nease HS team could beat them. Don't hate on the 2007 Mr Heisman.

Posted by: Al E Gator | Dec 5, 2007 3:53:31 PM

So this guy is comparing Tim Tebow in High School with Colt Brennan, the fifth year senior? I've heard of handicapping a race, but this is ridiculous!

Posted by: John | Dec 5, 2007 4:38:19 PM

If Tim Tebow played the schedule Brennan played there is no telling how many TD's he would have accounted for. If Brennan played Tebow's SEC schedule I will guarantee you his numbers would be drastically lower. The average pass efficiency defense ranking that Brennan faced was 83.7. By comparison the defenses Tebow faced had an average rank of 36.6...HUGE difference.

Lets compare the respective schedules: UF - Hawaii:

W. Ky (7-5) - No. Colorado (1-11) Div. II
Troy (7-5) - La. Tech. (5-7)
Tennessee (9-4) - UNLV (2-10)
Ole Miss (3-9) - Charleston Southern (5-6) Div. II
Auburn (8-4) - Idaho (1-11)
LSU (11-2) - Utah St. (2-10)
Kentucky (7-5) - San Jose St. (5-7)
Georgia (10-2) - New Mexico St. (4-9)
Vanderbilt (5-7) - Fresno St. (8-4)
South Carolina (6-6) - Nevada (6-6)
Florida Atlantic (7-5) - Boise St. (10-2)
FSU (7-5) - Washington (4-9)

Overall record of UF opponents: 87-59 (includes 4 Top 25 teams and 8 bowl teams)
Overall record of Hawaii opponents: 53-92 (incl. 1 Top 25 team and 3 bowl teams)

If Florida had played Hawaii's schedule they would also be 12-0. If Hawaii had played UF's schedule I'm guessing they go something like 5-7, maybe 6-6.

Not only is Colt Brennan a product of the Hawaii system he's also a product of the Hawaii schedule.

Posted by: GATORooski | Dec 5, 2007 4:40:46 PM

Hawaii played only TWO teams with a winning record!

Posted by: GATORooski | Dec 5, 2007 4:42:27 PM

So this guy is comparing Tim Tebow in High School with Colt Brennan, the fifth year senior? I've heard of handicapping a race, but this is ridiculous!

Posted by: John | Dec 5, 2007 4:42:39 PM

Does character count? Tebow is NOT a convicted felon. Colt? Oops!

Posted by: Ideal | Dec 5, 2007 4:50:30 PM

We'll see how it goes in the Sugar Bowl. 121 TDs in the WAC means squat to me. Play some real competition, Colt. Oh, Hawaii can continue to dig itself a grave for August 30, 2008.


Posted by: Jon | Dec 5, 2007 5:26:43 PM

Why are people getting upset by Brennan apologists? The only reason this "pro-style" QB (not even on Mel Kipers top 5 senior QB list) is even going to NY, is they had to fill some seats! Tebow may not win, but Brennan's not really even in the discussion!

Posted by: ST | Dec 5, 2007 5:30:05 PM

so you are calling bama, purdue, and arizona state high school teams steve? get real.

too bad that teams dodge hawaii all the time. when a team travels over FIVE TIME ZONES to play....you dont think that affects them? when they practice in sunshine at sea level--then go to clement weather and travel thousands of road miles....you dont think it affects them?

hawaii has the most road miles of any team in the nation.

dude all i am saying is that tebow played d-II teams as well and still cant break colts record. last year colt played big ten and sec teams. so stop the hate.

ask all players....and if you have ever playeed you know....that travel has a HUGE affect on your game.

look if schools dodge us....how can you fault colt?

if the athletic director is a total idiot and cant schedule games, what can you do?

shows your maturity saying that WAC are high school teams. if so, why did the wac win every bowl game against other conferences last year?

Posted by: c | Dec 5, 2007 6:07:18 PM

Amen Gatorooski! 'Nuff Said!

Posted by: Shannon | Dec 5, 2007 6:07:29 PM

Brennan wasn't convicted of a felony or he wouldn't be allowed to play college football, NCAA rules prohibit player's that are convicted of felonies, he plea-bargained the charges down to misdemeanors and the sexual assault was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Posted by: Barbara DeMonte | Dec 5, 2007 6:16:39 PM

also, there are a lot of walk-on players that have been great. there have been even great walk ons in the NFL. like gates and warner.

no one thought brady would be that good...but look at him.

where is chris leak? danny weurfel?

Posted by: c | Dec 5, 2007 6:18:53 PM

For C:

First, Tebow had a lower interception percentage ... so .. no he wouldn't have more Int's than Colt with the same number of attempts.

And, competition does matter. Every year, when top talent players sign with us they site things like wanting to play and test themselves aginst the best. That is what you go to a major school to compete against other elite players for.

The fact is we have no basis for saying Colt would be the same guy at that level. He can garner praise for the things he accomplished ... but nothing he has ever done is the same as receiving over 10,000 hate voicemails on your leaked cell phone number before travelling to play in LSU at night in Death valley, with the ground literally shaking from the noise.

People have said "well, Colt plays lesser competition, but he also doesn;t have the same level of athletes around him"

Well, again, it doesn't work that way. If it did, then what a guy did in college would be directly translatable to the NFL. After all, the defenses in the NFL are infinitely better, BUT you have equally better talent around you as well. The truth is, the higher the level of play, the higher the level you need to play at to be successful and stand out. As an example mentioned before: having guys like Dorsey and Highsmith coming to try and take you out while trying to thread the ball past a guy like Xenon, with Steltz playing over top ... is a totally different world.

Playing for Hawaii, and against who Hawaii generally plays, is NOT the same as being a starting quarterback in the SEC. It just isn't.

I will grant that you can;t automatically say that Brennan couldn't do it. But at the same time, you can't automatically assume he could. And you certainly can;t assume he would have the same results as he did at Hawaii.

He will have his shot to prove his equality/superiority in the NFL.

Posted by: Doug | Dec 5, 2007 6:41:35 PM

[Homophobic comment deleted. -editor.]

Posted by: Johnny | Dec 5, 2007 6:45:57 PM

Agree 100% with what Doug just said... so, I won't repeat everything! WAC and SEC is like the USA vs Iraq - they just don't match up at all, in any category. That is a fact that can not be denied even by the "C's" of this world... who has his head so far up that he just doesn't see it. I don't care what Tebow's high school coach says about him, or Colt. Where is Colt and where is Tebow? No one EVER in college football has gotten the pre-college hype as Tebow. No one EVER had the MANIA or hype that Tim had coming into college, nor the expectations. No one ever had an ESPN documentary called "The Chosen One" while still in high school. And, no one EVER has lived up to such great expectations as TEBOW has done. This was his first year as a starter... and I hope that Meyer unleashes him next year - because he was held back as a passer in my opinion this year.

When Colt came out of high school, what was expected of him? Where was the COLT-mania? There was none... except after he had to leave CO and get away to the Islands. Hey, I don't want to knock Colt - but some of you are about to compare his FUTURE NFL CAREER with Joe Montana for crying out loud. You guys are insane! Let's see if he lives up to even the little hype that his coach and a few crazy people are saying about him now once he does get to the pros.

Posted by: California Tebow Fan | Dec 5, 2007 6:57:56 PM

Man...If Brennan is even a concern the Odds makers are going to be upset saturday night.

Posted by: SG | Dec 5, 2007 7:00:45 PM

Wac's bowl games last year...

San Jose State (9-4) 20,
New Mexico (6-7) 12

Hawaii (11-3) 41,
Arizona State (7-6) 24

Miami, Fla. (7-6) 21,
Nevada (8-5) 20

Boise State (13-0) 43,
Oklahoma (11-3) 42 (OT)

First of all, the WACK didnt win all their bowl games. Second, the only impressive win was Boise State vs OU.

If SOS doesnt matter answer me one question.
If Brennan plays high school teams (real high school teams) and Tebow plays against the SEC who's stats are going to be better?

Posted by: gators0607 | Dec 5, 2007 7:11:27 PM

Wac's bowl games last year...

San Jose State (9-4) 20,
New Mexico (6-7) 12

Hawaii (11-3) 41,
Arizona State (7-6) 24

Miami, Fla. (7-6) 21,
Nevada (8-5) 20

Boise State (13-0) 43,
Oklahoma (11-3) 42 (OT)

First of all, the WACK didnt win all their bowl games. Second, the only impressive win was Boise State vs OU.

If SOS doesnt matter answer me one question.
If Brennan plays high school teams (real high school teams) and Tebow plays against the SEC who's stats are going to be better?

Posted by: gators0607 | Dec 5, 2007 7:11:37 PM

C - Hate to break it to you, UF did not play any D-II teams this year. The closest was W. KY which is new to D-I this year, and even they were 7 - 5 at the end of the season... I don't recall, did Hawaii beat Alabummer when they played a couple years ago?

Posted by: Pres | Dec 5, 2007 7:16:20 PM

Hey, here's an article from the coach of Tebow at Nease. He knows Tebow, the father of the player in the article, and June Jones. A pretty good read and some good chuckles in the story for calling it like it is.


Posted by: SG | Dec 5, 2007 7:44:14 PM

Here's what another expert (defensive technical genius "Brother" Bill Oliver) has to say about it on Paul Finebaum's radio show:

"Colt Brennan is not anywhere near as good as Tim Tebow" and "Tim Tebow is in a class by himself".

Just click on the icon from 12/04 entitled "Oliver" on the link below and listen to the interview.....


Posted by: Jeff | Dec 5, 2007 8:12:58 PM

The only thing people have a problem with Hawaii and the Heisman is their schedule. Let me ask you all this, if Hawaii beats UGA in the Sugar Bowl, are you going to be first one in line to apologize to him for giving the Heisman away because of speculation and hype. This is Tebow's first real year, the reason they don't give it to sophomores and freshman is for a good reason, consistency...Colt was great is sophomore year at Hawaii, broke enormous amounts of records his Junior year and he toned it down a notch this year, got smarter threw the ball less and put up smaller numbers but used the rest of his team in situations instead of making plays and they're 12-0. That's NFL style, you can't argue with that. Mark my words, Tim Tebow had a badly bruised shoulder and had to take numbing shots to play through the game and now his hand is broken, this is only his first real season. a good heisman quarterback doesn't take a team that ONLY relies on him and puts himself in bad situations all the time that could injure him, great example, Dennis Dixon, look where he is at now........vote Colt Brennan.

Posted by: Doug | Dec 5, 2007 9:53:14 PM

Jeff....That's just ridiculous. By your logic half the NFL would be on the bench. The NFL will and does play injured players. Low and behold we'll all mark your words as well as the NFL analyst with many rating him at the top of the draft. Of course they'll be waiting a couple more years.

Posted by: SG | Dec 5, 2007 11:04:54 PM

fist of all...the high school comments were in regards to people calling the WAC high school teams.

oh yeah...nevada lost in OT. they were up a ton i and lost in the end. oh well. im fine with losing just one.

CONSISTENCY DOES MATTER. Tebow has had one good year....granted I like the guy--but will be hold close to 30 D-I records when his career is over.

Its funny no one has responded to Meyer's repeated calling on Tebow's number in the RZ.

Hawaii was on the half yard line with seconds to go against the most hated rival Boise St...(well some would argue BYU is their biggest rival but that is beside the point)...and what did June do? He kneeled it.

Man, most coaches on rivalry night would have ran the ball in. All i am saying is that Tebow gets a lot of the calls on the RZ (passing and rushing). Brennan hands the ball off.

Hey, all I am saying is that if colt broke every record last year---how did he not win it? His team had 2 losses. They played decent schedule...with ASU,Bama,Purdue, Boise...

This year Tebow has 3 losses, isnt in a BCS, and is a SOPH.

This breaks all Heisman traditions!!!

Not only that but Tebow has only 5 more TDs in 3 more games played.

Look you can say SEC this, SEC that....but the thing with the SEC is they say "we are the best league"...and dont play anyone else but yourselves. Why do you think you get knocked on the BCS computers?

Hey man, all I am saying is that Colt deserves a little respect.

Its funny, no one respones to the miles traveled....time zone points.

Nor the 3 losses, and non-BCS points.

I mean ya, Tebow is good. I've never knocked him. I'm just saying ATHLETES dont necessarily translate into the best NFL players. Look at Daunte. I mean yeah he had years of lobbing to Moss, but teams all say he can't read defenses.

The difference is that Tebow is a runner Jamarcus type. Colt is a P Manning type. Thats all there is to it.

At the end of the day....everyone is going to say the WAC sucks. The judgemental elitist attitude of schools who get millions and millions of dollars for recruiting and their programs stinks. I hope that we can get more respect because it means a lot to the state.

Hawaii's budget stinks. They get less than a mil, while programs like Florida get 10-20k a year. Look at U of Oregon. They get Phil Knight (NIKE) Money. Hawaii cant even get any soap in its showers consistently.

Kids can have things to look forward to in Hawaii--not dreaming to get off the rock to play for a better life. Hawaii is #1 in cost of living and domestic violence....also we get the lowest wages. There are even hobos camping out in tents on the beaches. I mean seriously if anything, Hawaii deserves respect for what it did. And Colt definitely does to.

Hey, just give the guy his due. He may not be your Heisman pick....but dont diss on him.

How can you knock on a guy that holds almost every QB D-I record in the book. I mean he was 42-50 with no INT's againts UW. He almost broke another record of 23 straight completions. Give the guy his DUE.

Posted by: c | Dec 6, 2007 12:15:44 AM

Quote: "The only thing people have a problem with Hawaii and the heisman is their schedule,..."

Your wrong, I have a problem with the character issue of Colt being expelled from the BCS school Colorado for sexual and alcohol misconduct while he was a freshman on their football team. That is also part of his football college career record even if you don't want to address the matter. That character flaw alone should prevent he from ever receiving the highest individual honor for a college football player--THE HEISMAN TROPHY. I don't recall any heisman winner with that on their resume. Colt seems to have straightened out his life and had a great career at Hawaii, but he doesn't deserve the Heisman.

Posted by: Barbara DeMonte | Dec 6, 2007 12:34:57 AM

What a joke! You get a guy in Hawaii to comment on a QB playing for the University of Hawaii and a guy in Florida, Gosh! let me see who will I favorably comment about?

The fact is one team plays in the SEC and another in the WAC; its like the NFL vrs the European football league.

Hawaii DID NOT play a top twenty or bowl team this YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tebow played and scored touchdowns both running and passing against 5 bowl teams and one playoff team!!!!!

Tebow played LSU who is playing for the NATIONAL TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tebow has played against highly recruited NFL type players!!!!!!!!

Colt got ALL of his yards against "undersized, slow, average football players who will never see the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Georgia PLANTS Colt in the Sugar Dome and JUNE JONES (the washed up has been coach) is crying WE'LL be laughing and waiting for Hawaii to invade Gainesville next season and Tebow THE HEISMAN WINNER will have another Heisman opening day as the Gators beat the islanders by 40 points!

Posted by: John | Dec 6, 2007 3:20:40 AM

Barbara: According to this Sporting news article, Colt was convicted of a burglary and trespassing. The jury also convicted him of the sexual assault, but the judge threw that one verdict out Of course, he wa kicked out of school over this as well. http://www.sportingnews.com/yourturn/viewtopic.php?t=260812

Posted by: Ideal | Dec 6, 2007 4:37:33 AM

That's great that Colt has had a nice career at Hawaii. And he and the Hawaii fans should be proud of that. Now, maybe I'm wrong but isn't the Heisman awarded for the Most Outstanding Player of the YEAR? Therefore what Colt did a year or two ago against whatever competition and broke whatever records is meaningless (for this years award) ....... unless it was done this YEAR.

Having said that I'm guessing there are some voters that will look at someone's overall collegiate career and give a vote for recognition of that person's achievement.

And if you're looking back at past achievements, then I think you should consider the play of Tebow (as a freshman backup quarterback) in last year's NC game against the (then) #1 team in the nation. Didn't Tebow throw a touchdown pass and run another in as he helped his team win the National Championship? It's hard to beat that stat.

Posted by: sj727 | Dec 6, 2007 4:40:24 AM

My mother could play against idaho, utah state, charleston southern ,what a joke. Grow up Hawaii play somebody week after week after week and see how you do. June was a bad coach in the pros. Thought Farve wouldnt be a good qb so much for his opinion. Gators will score 70 on them next year rainbows lucky if they score 14.

Posted by: scott | Dec 6, 2007 5:57:45 AM

Colt won't finish the game against UGA-they will break him in half.

Posted by: ron | Dec 6, 2007 6:50:50 AM

1. Tebow isn't a system QB. Tebow IS the System.

2. Colt plays against Defenses that I could play for.

Nuff said.

Posted by: GATORDUN | Dec 6, 2007 8:17:48 AM

as if you even know who plays in the WAC. there are defenses that will have severl first round picks.

you guys are clowns. michigan state paid 250k not to play hawaii. michigan didnt even let us travel thousands of miles to play them. usc didnt take 500k to come to hawaii. shut your damn mouths and make the trip. thats why we had to schedule those schools. FLORIDA SCHEDULED HAWAII AFTER COLT GRADS...hmmmmmm. SCARED? And actally that was an open date--not one schedule years in advance.

do you realize how far hawaii has to travel to make that sugar bowl trip?

you guys just hop on a damn greyhound. what a bunch of interstate, close county, elitist clowns. man up and take on a challenge. georgia beat florida. so the margin is there.


I was cherring for LSU, but I hope now that the Buckeyes clown the whole SEC with their big boy, im a better athlete than you attitude.

its funny because big boys fall all the time. the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

it will be very tough for the Warriors because i feel that Georgia is the BEST team in the country right now, besides USC.

Posted by: 808 | Dec 6, 2007 9:15:42 AM


Check out the web address for wikipedia I posted above, their information will tell you the original charges against Brennan. He plea-bargained down to those misdemeanor charges so that he would still be NCAA eligible to play football. Regardless, this is a major character flaw, he was an adult when he made those choices. He has made great strides in turning his life around, he was fortunate that Hawaii overlooked his problems from Colorado and gave him a chance to play for them. He has had a great football career at Hawaii and will probably do well and make a lot of money in the NFL. But, IMHO, he doesn't deserve the heisman because of the problems he created at Colorado over bad choices that he made. And please don't give me the peer pressure junk, leaders don't cave in to peer pressure.

Posted by: Barbara DeMonte | Dec 6, 2007 9:18:29 AM

I think it's great, Georgia's in a lose/lose/lose situation in their bowl game. They are expected to blow Hawaii out and in doing so, it doesn't benefit Georgia. If it turns out to be a close game, they are going to be critized for being overrated. If they lose, they never live it down. I'll bet they are really wishing they were playing at the Rose Bowl. The Sugar Bowl should prove very interesting.

Posted by: Barbara DeMonte | Dec 6, 2007 9:26:52 AM

Jackass. If Brennan is so great, why is he playing at Hawaii and Tebow at UF? And I'm sure you aren't biased in the least, what with your kid playing at the school you coach at!

I'm a stay-at-home mother of 3 and could probably put up impressive numbers against the mickey-mouse teams Brennan played against. I'd like to see Brennan's numbers if he played against a real team, like, say, ANY team in the SEC. Oh! That's right! Ol'Coltie gets to play Georgia in January. I am gleefully anticipating THAT game! He's gonna get a** handed to him.

Tebow plays in the SEC, which is without a doubt the toughest conference. And his record-breaking, never-been-done before stats are simply incredible. His amazing season was accomplished playing the toughest teams in all of college football. Brennan's toughest opponent has a 4-9 record. Are you freaking kidding me? How are you even mentioning this guy in the same breath as Tebow!

Posted by: Amy | Dec 6, 2007 9:58:32 AM


I'm sure UF took Colt's graduation into consideration while scheduling them. Guess what? You just lost all credibility.

Come on down to the Swamp next year. I'm sure it is going to be a real good time.

We win by 50. BOOK IT.

Posted by: Gatordun | Dec 6, 2007 9:59:36 AM

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall"???

Funny, isn't that what Florida State's defense said right before Tebow sent them home crying? lol

Tebow has this thing won. Enough said.

Posted by: Steve | Dec 6, 2007 10:17:02 AM

Brandy: Read these articles. Brennan was convicted of second degree burglary and was sentenced to 7 days in jail and 4 years probation. Second degree burglary is a felony under Colorado law and that is a felony sentence. The trespassing charge was a misdemeanor.



Posted by: Ideal | Dec 6, 2007 11:58:42 AM

Folks its real easy -- In his career at UH, Brennan has only played against 5 teams that were ranked at the time UH played them. Brennan's record against the ranked opponents is 1W-4L, 154 att/228 comp, 1863 pass yds, 15 TDs, 7 INTs, 38 rush attempts, 21 yds, 1 rush TD. Only victory was this year against Boise State.

Posted by: LorenS | Dec 6, 2007 12:39:55 PM

wow amy great analysis. still no great points made except immature "we are better than you comments".

these schools suck. that school sucks. we are better!

look i like tebow, but my main problem is respect. SEC people just say anything like i could play against that defense. dude the guy was playing on an 8-week injury. high ankle sprain.


Hey all I am saying is SEC gets millions of dollars every year for recruiting and facilites. Hawaii aint got NOTHING. You gotta give it up for what we did with what we had. Just say that you are fanboys and HATERS.

See the thing is Hawaii fans dont say Tebow isnt good. We just look at the numbers....195 rushes vs 50 rushes....and say...."how can people call Colt a system but not Tebow when he rushes that much?"

Ya Tebow is good. But dont start saying BS like we play high school teams.....you guys have no class.

Oh now i lose credibilty because i said that big people take harder falls. wow. i have no good points at all. sec is the best. you guys make such great comebacks.

I could play here, I could play there....my grandma could do this and that.

Thats funny cause thats what OKLAHOMA fans were saying. I hope you guys eat a fat humble pie!!!!!

Posted by: laling | Dec 6, 2007 12:48:15 PM

Shouldn't the fact that they live in HAWAII!!! make them more used to traveling than others? If I read another post complaining about "p-p-poor t-t-traveling" Hawaii, I'm gonna puke. You like out in the middle of the Pacific!!! Get over it. Would you EXPECT Florida to cross more than one time zone to play its opponents? Get real, would ya?

Look, you can complain all you want, but we played who we played and you played....nobody. And Colt is a good quarterback.

But the award is given to the greatest...Tebow.

Posted by: Steve | Dec 6, 2007 3:01:31 PM

hawaii played nobody? boise is a nobody?

wow. shows the ignorance you have about how travel affects you.

yeah we live out in hawaii.

last time i checked hawaii was considered paradise. that is WHY people WANT to go there. teams would rush to plays us because they knew they'd be seeing fine women, good food, beaches, and they would beat someone down.

now we cant even OFFER money to people to come to PARADISE because they know we are pushovers.

are you going to say that miles travel and time zones dont have an effect? then you get real. you act like you know a thing or two about it, but almost every analyst has said that is a major factor!

you need to check yourself and travel more. maybe see how you feel when you your time zones away.

its like when people play the broncos in the nfl....dont they have to account for change in altitude? dont people have to adjust when they play NE or GB in the winter? say that doesnt matter is ridiculous.

you played who you played, and you lost three games. we played who we played and we are undefeated.

we played without out starting QB who accounts for almost as much offense as Tebow does....and we still won.

did the ducks win without dixon? oklahoma without bradford.


i mean most of the voters are asleep before they can even see him. Most of the country is. I mean how can you compare him to any other candidate? There isnt one candidate that has more against him.

If you really got to see Colt play, you would know that he has great passing ablilty. Tebow's arm is stronger i agree. But colt is more accurate. Last time i check 74% is better than 63%

Posted by: shakabrah | Dec 6, 2007 3:41:05 PM

I saw Colt play. And the truth is, you're right...Hawaii did just fine without him.

GREAT impact he has, lol.

Dude, Hawaii isn't the only team that can beat your schedule. And college teams can handle travel. It's their duty to. I've traveled plenty and I know that adjustments can be and are made.

Tebow's passing percentage should have "SEC" next to it. It would compute to be higher than Colt's if you converted it to "WAC" units, lol.

But it's okay, I understand you're upset because I don't consider ONE game against Boise State to equate to a full, tough schedule. One season of Tebow's proves himself more than every season Colt played. Sorry, bub.

Posted by: Steve | Dec 6, 2007 4:27:32 PM

It's over. Stiff Arm just hasn't called it yet. Brennan's good and has had a great career, but the lack of any decent competition killed him. When your signature win is against a 4-9 PAC-10 team and 20 or so DII teams play a tougher schedule than you - the numbers don't matter. We should start offering it to DIII players then.


Posted by: Jon Logan | Dec 6, 2007 5:07:59 PM

The numbers don't lie: Brennan had more interceptions against laughable "competition" - that means he's not the more accurate quarterback.

How ignorant do you have to be to believe that he would have been better playing against real defenses? He wouldn't even start at a school like Florida.

Posted by: Dawg1 | Dec 6, 2007 5:48:31 PM


colt played against bama, purdue, oregon state, arizona state.

what are you talking about?

hate all you want, but you will respect him. he will make you in the game against georgia.

signature win? no my friend. that isnt even close.

we beat arizona state when they had zach miller....and they were ranked as high as 6th.

i guess the jury is out.....but i say look at his game against bama and see that he still puts up the same numbers against sec teams.

Posted by: 808 | Dec 6, 2007 11:24:19 PM

what i mean its that essentially same team....probably worse arizona state team talent wise....is ranked 6th this year.

he's played against pac-10, big 10, and sec before....and the numbers are there consistenly.

not only that but he has played through injuries all year. he had a few bad games...but his completion rate is 74 percent. I dont care what league you play in....but that is good.

Posted by: 808 | Dec 6, 2007 11:27:30 PM

what i mean its that essentially same team....probably worse arizona state team talent wise....is ranked 6th this year.

he's played against pac-10, big 10, and sec before....and the numbers are there consistenly.

not only that but he has played through injuries all year. he had a few bad games...but his completion rate is 74 percent. I dont care what league you play in....but that is good.

Posted by: 808 | Dec 6, 2007 11:27:31 PM

Watched the college football awards show last night. Saw Tebow picking up some hardware. He got the Maxwell for outstanding player, and Davey O'Brien for Outstanding National QB. Brennan didn't even get best Senior QB (Matt Ryan). He must have been bummed watching those gys pick up all the hardware...on TV...since he didn't even warrant an invite! At least he'll get to see Tebow pick up the Heisman in person. There is also one more honor Tebow has taken that no one has mentioned...Academic All American 1st Team. Since this is COLLEGE football, that should mean something too! To bad there isn't a felony all american squad. Anyway, good luck in the Arena League Colt!

Posted by: ST | Dec 7, 2007 6:12:07 AM


Are you seriously going to pretend like Alabama was even DECENT in the recent years before Saban?

Alabama went through coaches like I go through socks. And do you know why, 808?

It's because they lost to BS teams like Hawaii and had a sad record.

Oh, and wait, PAC-10 wins are now quality too? Have you SEEN the PAC-10 this year, 808? C'mon, Shelly, c'mon! You're killing me, Smalls!

Posted by: Steve | Dec 7, 2007 9:10:35 AM

well....gotta give it to tebow. we all like him....i mean he's a high character guy that did, or does a lot for the community.

i just wanted colt to get some love. hey, he got invited--i guess thats good enough.

you just gotta give it up for all that hawaii DOESNT have to work with, and we came through.

Posted by: 808 | Dec 7, 2007 9:29:27 AM

I keep reading "If this" and "If that": "If Colt played in the SEC..."; "If Tebow played Hawaii's schedule...", blah blah blah. And, what a high NFL draft pick McFadden will be. WHAT THE CR&P DOES ANY OF THAT HAVE TO DO WITH WHO THE BEST PLAYER WAS THIS YEAR????

Come on man, it's TEBOW or as a long shot McFadden. And, why would you give an award to a really good TRANSMISSION (McFadden), when the ENGINE was TOTALLY DOMINANT (Tebow). (Colt would be real sticky TIRES in my scenario)

Posted by: Jeff G. | Dec 7, 2007 11:38:17 AM

808 ... Florida plays Tennessee, FSU, Georgia every year, this LSU, Auburn & Kentucky; Next year Miami, and you think Florida is SCARED to play HAWAII. Come on man.

Posted by: Jeff G. | Dec 7, 2007 11:42:42 AM


Your last post shows more humility, maturity, and respect than any of your other posts or those of other Colt supporters. I have stated numerous times above that Colt IS talented and that his numbers ARE impressive, but I stick to my guns when describing why he didn't beat Tebow out this year: schedule, schedule, schedule. I know that isn't his fault. But it still can't be ignored. Perhaps if he would've played in a better conference he would've put up the same numbers and won it. I'm not so sure. I do know this: Tebow's numbers were against the Dorsey defenses of the SEC.

Colt will be great in the NFL. And I'll probably become a fan.

But for now, I'm a Gator, and even my unbiased side says Tebow is the right pick for Heisman this year.

Best of luck with Hawaii next year.

Posted by: Steve | Dec 7, 2007 1:41:20 PM

I, for one, watched a couple of Hawaii's games (including the exciting win over Washington) and can honestly say that he is a very talented qb.
However, he will not get the Heisman, just because he has not proven himself deserving of it... and it's for the same reason everyone is touting--schedule.
The Heisman is supposed to go to the Best College Player of the year (and yes, I know some years it seemed questionable), and can anyone honestly say it was Colt Brennan this year?
Maybe he is better than Tebow. Maybe he is the better college player... but we won't really know for sure, because he was never tested the way Tebow was. Watching them both play this year (and yes, I am an avid Gator fan), Tebow has definitely proven himself to be the best player in all of college football.
It's similar to if the fastest man in the world (although no one knew it yet) consistently won races against really slow runners--no one is going to give him any props for that, because he has not yet proven himself. That's all the schedule argument really means--that people are uncomfortable giving Brennan the award for the greatest player in college football, because we don't really know for sure. And they've seen what Tebow can do against more respectable competetion--and he dominated over players (let's leave team records out of this argument, because anyone who watched the Florida losses knows that it was the defense that lost those games, for the most part).
And as for the "system" qb's argument, if you had that many passing attempts, how can you not have that many yards? However, I am still impressed by Brennan's accuracy, save for the interception percentage.
However, to say that if Brennan were put in the red zone, he would score touchdowns as well, that is simply not true.
First of all, not all of Tebow's touchdown runs were under 5 yards--ten of them were 5 yards of more. Secondly, if you're going to make the point that under 5 yard touchdown runs aren't worth anything, then you can't count 8 of McFadden's touchdown runs (also a Heisman contender). Most teams just don't try to run for a touchdown for longer than ten yards back--that's just stupid.
Also, when Florida is two yards away from the goal line, everyone and their grandmother knows that Tebow will run it. I know it, you know it, the coaches know it, the opposing team knows it, the entire stadium knows it. So why can't they stop him?
Because Tebow is just that good. He's proven his talent, and he is more than deserving of the Heisman.

Posted by: moira | Dec 7, 2007 2:38:41 PM

brennan career int rate is outstanding.

playing on a high ankle sprain isnt the smartest thing...and it hurt his rate.

but look at TD to int on a harder sched last year without injuries. it is outstanding.

herm frazier should be fired. first he schedules nobodys for hawaii...then he asks for 5 housand less tickets for uh because he "thinks they wont sell out".

it sold 13 thou in 2 days just to alum and season tix holders. sugar bowl tix havent even been sold to the public

the above comments by moira have been really the most valid, point making arguement out here.

not just immature "colt plays high school teams" comments.

blame the AD Frazier....not Hawaii or Colt.

Had he scheduled USC and Mich we'd be playing for a title.

Well....IF we had beat USC. hey if stanford did it.

and dont even get me started with Mich, they lost to app state.

which proves that lowly teams cant beat ANY team on ANY GIVEN DAY.

Posted by: c | Dec 7, 2007 4:44:54 PM


Heisman is a yearly award based on THAT YEAR!

Best wishes,


Posted by: Steve | Dec 7, 2007 4:53:39 PM

By Matt Hayes - SportingNews

When the Heisman Trophy voting card comes in the mail, there are no specific procedures. You just vote. So naturally, I have my own idea of what makes a Heisman Trophy candidate, and it includes:

• Overall numbers.
• Performance in big games.
• Team championship.

I try to weigh all three equally, but performance in big games usually inches ahead when breaking ties. That said, here's this year's vote:

1. QB Colt Brennan, Sr., Hawaii. His numbers are impressive (more than 4,100 yards passing, 38 TD; 8 rush TD), and breaking an NCAA record every time he steps on the field helps, too.

But here's what matters: Four times this season Brennan led his team to come-from-behind wins in the fourth quarter. The last was against Washington -- with everything on the line -- when Brennan completed a staggering 42-of-50 passes and threw five touchdown passes that accounted for all of Hawaii's points.

If you don't think there was pressure in that Washington game, ask LSU if there was pressure in the Arkansas game with everything on the line. Or West Virginia with Pitt coming to town. Or Missouri against Oklahoma.

Hawaii was down 21-0 in the first quarter, and Brennan kept chipping away.

Just like when the Warriors were down 14 points with four minutes to play at San Jose State -- and Brennan was playing with a high ankle sprain.

I don't care that Hawaii's schedule was one of the weakest in the nation -- it's all relative, people. Florida's schedule is tough, but Florida has significantly better players than Hawaii and should be able to compete with anyone in the nation.

Hawaii's recruiting budget is $65,000; Florida's is $600,000. The Gators likely spent $65K alone recruiting Tebow.

Why penalize a player because he doesn't play in a BCS league?


Yes, Steve I realize that.

I am merely trying to quiet the talk of Colt's int rate.

He was injured period.

Posted by: c | Dec 7, 2007 5:04:18 PM

Matt Hayes is the only person I have read that actually justifies his vote not being for Tim Tebow.

And you know what, I can actually see his point of view.

That being said, I have my own opinion based on my own statistics and having seen both play. And while I may not have the same opinion as Matt Hayes, at least I can agree that he has arguing points that make sense.

Posted by: Steve | Dec 7, 2007 8:07:17 PM

Florida this, florida that, Tebow this, Tebow that! This is all great for the games and the hype. What is and what is not, will be answered when we play each other! Calm the hell down! Hawaii will show up to play and both games (Georgia & Florida) will be competitive! Both QB's have done great things for college football.

Posted by: LocalBoy | Dec 8, 2007 1:03:07 AM

steve...i am c!

congrats to tebow.

Posted by: 808 | Dec 9, 2007 10:51:44 PM

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surprised at how little you have.
-- Ernest Haskins


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