Whoa! That can't be right!

I can hear you now... "Wait a minute! Those numbers are wrong! You suck!"

Just so everyone's clear here: These numbers are completely WACK right now. They're very early projections - based on just a handful of votes. It's kind of like a political election projection when the first three counties have come in - but the major metro areas are still out.

Hang in there, folks. Once we get upwards of 50 ballots, it'll start to take shape. Once we're over 100 ballots, it'll start to look real. We'll be happy once we're over 150 ballots - and the last two years, we've had a total of 249 ballots.

Some voters will vote this week. Most will vote after the final weekend games. The deadline, though, isn't until Monday, December 7.

Kari Chisholm | November 30, 2009 | Comment on This Post (1 so far)
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I am sorry but until this past weekend I had never heard of Gerhart. He also I have found out gets all the carries on his team while Ingram has shared with Richardson and Upchurch. If he had Gerhardt's carries then he would be so far ahead it would not be funny.

Go Mark Ingram

Posted by: G. Powell | Dec 9, 2009 9:19:10 PM

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