What's the Trophy worth?

CNBC's Darren Rovell takes a look at what winning a H------ Trophy means in autograph signing cash:

The Heisman will be worth more than $100,000 in autograph signings alone over the course of their lifetimes. McFadden's earning potential will start at $100,000 and will go up depending on his NFL career, according to Jeff Rosenberg, president of Tri-Star. Tebow obviously can't earn a dime until his college eligibility expires, but the Florida quarterback could be worth more than $500,000 in Heisman-related autographs if he wins this year and follows it up next year with another Heisman and a national championship. Rosenberg said the highest earning Heisman winner has been Reggie Bush, who Rosenberg says will clear $1 million in signings alone.

Kari Chisholm | December 4, 2007 | Comment on This Post (0 so far)
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