ESPN says it will be five, exactly five, finalists

Over at ESPN, they're reporting that the H------ Trophy Trust will name five finalists. (Announcement expected at 3 p.m. Pacific.)

In the last few years, we've always seen five. But in years past, it's varied from three to six. And our count here at seems to suggest that it should either be four finalists - or six.

So, either the ESPN television producers are insisting upon five finalists to meet the needs of a pre-written show script - or they're about to get a big last-minute curveball from the Trust.

Stay tuned.

Kari Chisholm | December 5, 2007 | Comment on This Post (1 so far)
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ESPN is well known for misinformation. Just last Saturday ESPN reported Les Miles had accepted the head coaching job at Michigan. Les Miles had to hold an impromptu press conference to refute the story.

Posted by: Dave | Dec 5, 2007 7:17:15 PM

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