June Jones campaigns for Colt Brennan

Wow. There's some hard language from Hawaii coach June Jones about Tim Tebow:

I said this on ESPN Today: The media picks the Heisman Trophy winner. No longer will it go to a guy like it did years ago on a 3-8 team. It just doesn't happen. My point was that my quarterback has been labeled a `system quarterback' for three years. He is the best passer in college history. He is. There is no question about it.

Tim Tebow is in a system. The last quarterback who was in that system, if you had asked me about Alex Smith, he was a system quarterback I thought when we were watching him. Talented. But I didn't see him in an NFL passing (system). Colt Brennan plays in an NFL passing game. You can dial it up and see that it is not a system. Tim Tebow's system is a college system. He is a great quarterback who'll probably win a national championship. He's competitive; he's all those things. But a lot of his stuff comes off little dives, fades, things he is not going to do in the National Football League. That's my point.

I think Jake Locker (from Washington) is a great athlete. I'd love to be a part of coaching a kid like that. But I said what I said and I mean it. I said this too on national radio today and probably take some heat from it.

On ESPN GameDay, they are promoting Tim Tebow to win the Heisman, which he'll probably win. My quarterback is the best player, trust me. But they (ESPN GameDay) said, and we watch at the hotel and listening to it for last six weeks, they said as they were going off the air 'Tim Tebow has accounted for 53 touchdowns in one season, the most in college football history.' I said you guys just told a lie. Last year, my quarterback threw for 58 touchdowns and ran for another (five). I got my point across. You guys ripped me a new one yesterday, and I'm going to say it again and stand by what I said, my quarterback is the best college football player in America.

I did not add Tebow's team has three loses or is not in a BCS game. I wish I had that info, why didn't you call me? The bottom line is I irritated them because they knew I was right. But I did get a whole bunch of emails and calls from Florida State people that said 'Thanks for finally saying that.'

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Florida State people have no room to talk: 45-12

June Jones is pissed because his boy isn't getting any respect because of the weak schedule they play.

Jones will be seeing a "system" QB rip him a new one in about 8 months. Not to mention in about a month as well.

Posted by: chris | Dec 3, 2007 6:29:48 PM

No offense to Colt Brennan, he's a great QB and all, but honestly...he plays in the WAC. Look at Tebow's strength of schedule then look at Brennan's. Florida ranks about 6th and Hawaii is around 117. Now before anybody gives me crap about people being afraid to play Hawaii, I know it's not Brennan's fault he plays who he plays, but it is what it is. Not to mention, while we all celebrate Brennan's great TD record against nobody teams, we fail to mention his large amount of interceptions in contrast to the other great QBs playing right now. His efficiency is not close to Tebow's. Hell, with only 7 more TDs than the sophomore, he's already thrown double the amount of picks. And thanks for bringing up Tebow's losses. Even when he lost, he had a great game. Against LSU, he had his worse game of the season, no doubt, but he still had a decent game. Look at his efficiency rating against GA and Auburn and show me where he played poorly. At anything, UF's young defense is who the losses should be attributed to, not Tebow. Nobody said Tebow had more TDs than anyone ever, but he is the first to have 20 rushing and 20 passing touchdowns, an unimaginable feat as there are teams in the top 25 who total less than his rushing TDs. The trophy doesn't go to the best QB or the person who will play the best in the NFL (where's Peyton Manning's trophy?). It goes to the best play in college football. And if you can pass for 31 TDs and run for 22 TDs in a single season or better yet, account for 7 TDs yourself in a single game, then yeah, my vote goes to you.

Posted by: Sean | Dec 3, 2007 6:38:31 PM

Tim Tebow should win the award. No question.
My question though is to June Jones....if you are so good and your team and players so strong..why are you 12 - 0 and ranked 10th Why are you not playing in the BCS championship game? Well the answer is the SOS and anyone can tell you that it is much easier to rack up high numbers when the caliber of team you play is weaker than the best. The SEC is the toughest conference; Tebow - and McFadden for that matter - are tested stronger. This is not to say that Brennan is not good or capable of greatness. But the proof is in the pudding and unfortunatly, he plays for a conference that is not often tested like that of the SEC. For June Jones to go on national television and trash another player is wrong. He ought to be ashamed of himself. He is the head coach and should be a role model of good sportsmanship for his players. If you must elevate yourself by putting others down you really leave yourself in the gutter.
Congratulations Colt Brennan on a fantastic season...impressive. 12 wins is awesome.
Congratulations Tebow on the 51 touchdowns combined rushing and passsing. You deserve a stiff arm!
Coach Jones...Miss Manners has an opening in her class this January after GEORGIA beats you in the Sugar Bowl. Bless your heart, you are from the South but some where between Georgia and Hawaii lost your manners!

Posted by: Shannon | Dec 3, 2007 7:11:59 PM

June Jones is an idiot, he is playing the Gators in the first game next year, and oh yea...we're not Florida State you idiot!

Posted by: Drew | Dec 3, 2007 7:35:50 PM

Somebody may want to alert Jones that Tebow already has won a national championship...He scored 2 TDs last year against Ohio State.

Good logic right there: I think my QB is going to be better in the NFL so he is the best college player.

Also, if you see Timmy Chang flag him down, I think he forgot to give us our order of mozzarella sticks.

Posted by: BIGMIKE | Dec 3, 2007 7:55:09 PM

Everyone above has basically already said my piece on this. What a moron Jones is. Hey, June, what was it you said about Brett Favre? Some evaluator of NFL talent you are.

It's inexcusable to disparage another team's teenage player just to build up your own. And the fact that he doesn't see anything wrong with it is ridiculous.

And yeah, those e-mails from bitter FSU fans REALLY validates your opinion on Tebow. Because they have perfectly objective opinions, LOL. And Tebow only "dove and faded" to a 45-12 victory against the Noles while playing with a broken hand.

But sure. Totally proved your point. ;)

Posted by: Another Shannon | Dec 3, 2007 8:29:06 PM

To add another point the SEC has 9, yes 9!! teams in the conference going to bowl games. The sorry WAC only has 4. Again, the SEC has more teams in bowls than any other D1-A conference in the country. Oh by the way how many ranked teams did Hawaii play this year???

Also, I look forward to the first Gator game next year when the Mighty Gators make mince-meat out of the Warriors and their coach!!!!!!

Posted by: Wayne | Dec 3, 2007 8:46:50 PM

Colt Brennan is playing in a system that failed in the NFL, the run and shoot. June should know that as he was a part of some of those failed experiments. On the other hand the first NFL team to experiment with the spread offense is the New England Patriots. Granted they spread to pass first rather than run but so far it's been pretty effective June. Maybe you should get off the island once in a while and catch up in some games.

Whether Brennan amounts to anything in the NFL is by no means certain. Even if you forget about Timmy Chang how can we forget the great NFL careers of David Klinger and Andre Ware who tricked us all with those inflated run and shoot stats in a system that just won't work in the NFL (defenses are too big, too fast).

Since more teams are moving to the spread in college (Oregon, Illinois, WVU, Missouri) and one team is experimenting with it in the NFL (and you can expect a number of teams to mimic the Patriots) and NOBODY is installing the run and shoot in college or the pros . . . which is the REAL gimmicky offense here? Yep Junes, it's your junk offense.

Posted by: KG | Dec 3, 2007 8:54:01 PM

June Jones = Douche

Posted by: Kevin | Dec 3, 2007 8:57:47 PM

June Jones = Douche

Posted by: Kevin | Dec 3, 2007 8:57:56 PM

First of all I must say that this has been a wild year in college football. Every week we thought a team was #1 and the next week it changed. I mean no disrespect to any player of any team. But I am so tired of hearing about our Colt Brennan being a "system" quarterback and I guess so is June Jones. The reason is that Colt is not respected as much as a "Tim Tebow", because he is in a "system". Now I hear comments like "All quarterbacks play in a system". So why say Colt is great, but it is because he plays in the system? I'm also tired of hearing about our "weak schedule" I have to thank Northern Colorado, UNLV, Charleston Southern, Washington and the WAC teams for playing us. Its funny that we have to go undefeated to (maybe)earn respect. And others get respect just for who they are. "Nobody teams" will bite you. Just ask Oklahoma or Michigan. Remember Boise they are from the WAC, this conference is getting better every year! The reason Hawaii is so good this year is that we have Colt as the leader and he has a team that believes they can win and they never give up. Even as fans in the stands when we were down 21 points (against Washington) we believed that we weren't out of that game, all we had to do was score and get back on track. Note: two of our games Colt couldn't play and Tyler Graunke stepped in and won those games, good job Tyler. Bottom line is that we are already winners for what our team has accomplished...BCS Sugar Bowl. And our team from the WAC got us there. Good luck to the WAC teams going to bowl games - UH Warriors, Boise State Broncos, Fresno State Bulldogs, and Nevada Wolf pack!!!

Posted by: Lee-Anne | Dec 3, 2007 9:43:37 PM

Why does Coach Jones feel the need to make negative comments about another teams QB in order to build up his own QB? Why not just make the case for his own QB's attributes? This really makes him look petty, because he knows that if UF were playing in your conference they would be undefeated too. Don't count on an undefeated season next year since UF has you scheduled for their 1st. game. June Jones will get a first hand taste of the QB he is running down today and he might walk away saying the same things Bobby Bowden did this year.

Posted by: Barbara DeMonte | Dec 3, 2007 10:04:27 PM

Personally, I don't get all this "system quarterback" bullshit.

Every quarterback is in some kind of system. Or are we supposed to believe that there are coaches out there who hand the ball to the kid, pat him on the ass, and say, "Run out there, son. Y'all figure it out in the huddle."

Every coach has a system that they use. But that doesn't mean that anyone can do equally well in that system.

I'm 5'6", 215 lbs, and I run the 40 in about 8 seconds flat. Make me the quarterback at Florida, and I'm pretty damn sure I wouldn't score a single touchdown in a season of games.

Take a look at Oregon. They run a similar system there, but Dennis Dixon goes down and the #2 team in the nation turned into an intramural flag football team. (Personally, I think that also proves Dixon deserves consideration for the Trophy - but that's neither here nor there.)

A "system"? What the hell does June Jones call the "run and shoot"? Or the "West Coast Offense"? Unless you're drawing up plays in the dirt in the huddle, you've got a system.

Posted by: Kari Chisholm | Dec 3, 2007 10:34:08 PM

Actually, it is Colt Brennan's fault that he plays in the WAC for a team with a terrible strength of schedule. If I must, let me remind everyone that at one point in time, Colt Brennan was on a BCS team. As a member of the Colorado Buffaloes, Brennan was charged with unlawful sexual conduct and dropped out of school.

As for June Jones saying Colt Brennan is not a system quarterback? Give me a break! Does he not remember the ALL-TIME PASSING YARDS LEADER who PRECEEDED Colt Brennan at Hawaii, Timmy Chang? I think Chang setting the yard mark and then Brennan setting the all-time TD mark EPITOMIZES a system qb. Trust me when I say that the best athletes DO NOT end up at Hawaii. It's a good thing June Jones is at Hawaii, because fortunately, most of his retarded comments don't even make the mainland. I do, however, look forward to seeing him in Gainesville Spetember 2008.

Posted by: brian | Dec 3, 2007 10:43:11 PM

It amazes me how people can cut down June Jones for criticizing the labeling of his qb by attacking the character of Colt. That young man has done nothing but good for Hawaii and bringing up a non-football related incident is uncalled for. There are many people in football programs across this country who have done bad things in their past. This young man has made sure that he did not get into trouble in Hawaii (even visiting the local youth prison regularly to encourage others not to go down that path). His character speaks volumes. How dare you people target him in that way.

And, before people continue to talk about the weak schedule, let's see if their schools were willing to play Hawaii this pass season. I believe there were SEVERAL schools whose coaches said "no way". They did not want to make the long trip to the islands-too difficult trip for their players, they didn't want to "risk" losing to Hawaii, etc. Do people forget how much travel Hawaii does to play teams on the continental US? Try flying 5-10 hours just to get to a game. Then, play in weather you rarely experience. Given the "schedule" the Hawaii team had, it is amazing that they were able to run the table.

Posted by: stacyj | Dec 3, 2007 11:08:46 PM


You bring up a lot of good points on why it's not good to criticize athletes for giving it their all on the football field and trying to help their team win.

Please forward your message onto June Jones and substitute "Colt Brennen" for "Tim Tebow" and "Hawaii" for "Florida". Thanks. You seem to understand something that your coach does not. Good job.

Posted by: Gatorpower | Dec 3, 2007 11:23:21 PM


People do not fear playing Hawaii: see UF, who opens with Hawaii next season. BUT, big schools generally do not want to use a non-conference game to travel that far to play a mid-major team who they should beat, it's that simple. Hawaii is a good team in an awful conference. Amazing that they ran the table??? They have the 3rd easiest schedule in the country. We'll see if Hawaii can hang with the big boys next year in the SWAMP. I hope June sticks around next year and doesn't bolt to the NFL before Tebow gets a chance to show him what a real Heisman winner from a real conference looks like.

Posted by: Paul | Dec 4, 2007 12:27:00 AM

Visit Heisman Watch on the ESPN web site and you'll find descriptions of nine fantastic college football players, six of whom are quarterbacks. Missing from the list, however, is one player who, by any standard of measurement, should also be included as a serious candidate for the award. That player is Sam Bradford.

As a redshirt freshman, he lead the Oklahoma Sooners to an 11-2 finish, capped by a sound 38-17 thrashing of then-top rated Missouri, a Big 12 Conference title and an opportunity to play #9 West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl.

A look at the quarterbacks stats page on ESPN shows Bradford finished the season as the highest-rated passer (180.5) in Division 1, in part, by completing a best-in-the-nation 70.1 percent of his passes. But that's not all:

~~ Bradford also set an NCAA record for touchdown passes (34) by a freshman;

~~ Only three top 10 quarterbacks -- Texas Tech's Graham Harrell (45), Tulsa's Paul Smith (42) and Hawaii's Colt Brennan (38) -- threw more TDs than Bradford; and

~~ Bradford's team lost only one game (Colorado, 27-24) in which he played more than three plays. In a Nov. 17 loss to Texas Tech (34-27), he suffered a concussion on OU's first play from scrimmage and had to leave the game soon after.

To some, it might seem Bradford is following in the footsteps of former Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson. Now setting records as a Minnesota Viking in the NFL, Peterson finished second in the Heisman Trophy after a remarkable freshman season during which he gained 1925 yards and led the nation in carries with 339.

The difference, however, is this: Thanks to sites like ESPN's Heisman Watch, it seems as if Bradford isn't even receiving consideration alongside quarterbacks like Florida's Tim Tebow, West Virginia's Pat White, Brennan and, most importantly, Missouri's Chase Daniel, whom the Sooners QB defeated and outplayed twice.

When awards like this are given based on popularity and marketing ability rather than performance and talent, the trophy begins to appear tarnished.

Posted by: Bob | Dec 4, 2007 6:26:02 AM

What is this system quarterback stuff? Apparently Jones never got up early enough to watch the Florida play, either last year or this. Was Chris Leak a system quarterback? The same system that Tebow mindlessly runs?

Hey, June: If you're not a Gator, your Gatorbait. See you in Gainesville in 2008.

Posted by: John | Dec 4, 2007 9:06:20 AM

He mister jones....thanks for motivating Tebow for ur visit next year, good job buddy. Tebow's going to put 70 on ur little wac program. Hope the gator fans forget about this, we have a history ~ just reminding u.

Posted by: Sean | Dec 4, 2007 12:18:45 PM

oh btw ur qb has 15 picks....no heisman for turnover man. Oh and if what tebow does is "so easy", then why when brennan tryed to run a few weeks ago did he get knocked the hell out?

Posted by: Sean | Dec 4, 2007 12:23:00 PM

This is hilarious... I have copied most of your comments because they are so good and so true. I really like the comment that simply states...
"June Jones = Douche" Not one college football analyst actually agrees with anything June (nice girly name, by the way) has said and especially in the manner in which he says it. Its like Tebow is running for President and the political idiot who is pushing for his guy is trying to tear him down instead of build his candidate up. You gotta love Urban Meyer who completely stayed out of it until he actually had time to think about it. Then he came out and said Tebow is the greatest player. He's a finalist for EVERY award... Colt isn't! He's first team All American... Colt wasn't. He was SEC Player of the Year... Colt couldn't. And he's gonna win the Heisman... Colt can't!

Any way, stacyj and all you wanna-be-a-major-college-program people... it doesn't matter what June Jones says - its all done by this Saturday. Colt walks from the NCAA holding records but no trophies. Awwwww...

By the way... character should have something to do with winning such a prestigious award. And off the field, Tebow wins that category HANDS DOWN! (With Colt's hands somewhere where the lady said, "NO!"

Posted by: Joe O. | Dec 4, 2007 2:51:15 PM

Tim Brown says: "Everybody has been on me because Tim Tebow is not even on my list," said Brown, the former Notre Dame wide receiver who gets a vote as the 1987 Heisman winner. "Look, if you're a quarterback, in my mind, you've got to be playing for a national championship. I can't take a quarterback who has lost three games.
"Everybody wants to talk about his numbers. But it's like he's running quarterback sneaks from the 5-yard line. I don't necessarily find that as impressive as everybody else."

Eddie George, winner of the 1995 Trophy, announced his pick on Sunday night on FSN's BCS Ratings Show:
Darren McFadden, hands down. I like Tim Tebow, but as a quarterback you have to have your team in the national championship hunt. There's no other player more dynamic or more explosive than Darren McFadden.

Chris Fowler ESPN analyst says: I don't know where I will rank Tim Tebow, but I do know it will have nothing to do with the fact that he's a sophomore. Voters who weigh that factor miss the point.
Traditional thinking goes like this: "I will wait until he is a junior or senior to reward him for what he's done." Except, I doubt Tebow will have a year like this again.

How about you Gator fans comment and attack other individuals instead of using June Jones for attacking the Warriors program with mindless opionionated chat!

Posted by: Jerry | Dec 4, 2007 4:34:03 PM

Pathetic - Possibly the most pathetic schedule of ANY top 10 team in history:

Northern Colorado (1-AA 1-11)
LA Tech (5-7)
UNLV (2-10)
Charleston Southern (1-AA 5-6)
Idaho (1-11)
Utah St (2-10)
San Jose St (5-7)
New Mexico St (4-9)
Nevada (6-6)
Washington (4-9)

That's a WL record of 35-86 with TWO DII schools included. Two games in that farce of a schedule went to overtime. The fact Jones can show ANY pride in playing that schedule shows what a clown he is.

The best part - the Georgia Bulldogs are going to kill them in the Sugar Bowl and June Jones just set his quarterback up to be the laughing stock of NCAA football. He should have kept his mouth shut and hoped no one watched. Nice job JJ.

Posted by: Dawg1 | Dec 4, 2007 10:31:05 PM

Brennan did out-duel Tebow for numbers last year accounting for 63 touchdowns people. Where was the love for his "Superman" nubmers and records and all that media love. Just shows the class of the media.....pretty "WAC" when you think about it. One other thing is that Voters for the Heisman and Rankings were cast before Hawaii finished the firs half of the Washington game.....thanks media and East Coast, you really made a hero and a villain for 2 awesome QB's, not to mention their teams and coaches.....sad.

Posted by: freeman | Dec 5, 2007 12:23:54 AM

June was just stating that it was a little unfair of the media to "Crown" Tebow as "Superman" or the Heisman winner already, when Colt was a Heisman candidate last year as well. The media really killed the "System" QB thing and June was trying to tell everyone that Colt was great last year, this year, and has shattered numerous records no matter what conference. Why would the media want to give a little school or Brennan and respect when the money comes from the "Big Boys?"

They are both great QB's, the 2 best in college hands down. I'd take either on my team.

Posted by: freeman | Dec 5, 2007 12:29:24 AM


3 Best in College this year.

Posted by: freeman | Dec 5, 2007 12:31:43 AM

63 TD's for Colt Brennan

53 TD's for Tebow

If Tebows numbers are so staggering........Look at BRENNAN'S


Posted by: freeman | Dec 5, 2007 12:34:46 AM

Sorry, but the competition you play does matter, and should matter more. Against that sad competition Colt would have to have had 100 to even be close to "staggering", and even then it would be more of a novelty than an athletic feat.

More than half the teams they played only won 4 games in a less than great conference and the saddest part ONLY ONE HAD A WINNING RECORD. Just one... wow.

That, by definition, means all but one were losers. It's almost impossible to believe that 3 or 4 teams actually played a weaker schedule.

If this season was JJ's crowning moment then he has had a very sad career. Its good he didn't miss his 15 minutes of fame at this pinnacle, it's just a shame that as a coach he had to resort to some cheap jabs at another player to do it.

I wasn't going to watch the Sugar Bowl, but now that we have all been told the greatest future NFL quarterback will be playing, who can resist.

Posted by: Dawg1 | Dec 5, 2007 2:11:50 AM

If Brennan was QB for the Gators they would probably be undefeated and Tebow would be a running back. Seriously, Brennan is a good passer even though he plays in the WAC. I watched the Washington game (of course Washington blows, but they do have some talent) and Colt was amazing. If he plays like that against Georgia and their defense plays decently, the Bulldogs are F'd.

Posted by: jim | Dec 5, 2007 6:48:38 AM

Tim Tebow put up amazing stats while playing the 9th toughest schedule in the country (Sagarin rankings thru Dec 1, 2007). In contrast, Colt Brennan put up big numbers while playing the 137th most difficult schedule. 137th is laughable because there are only 119 teams in Div I-A (FBS), or 120 teams if you count transitional Western Kentucky. This means that quite a few Div I-AA (FCS) teams play a tougher schedule than Hawaii.

Florida played a more difficult schedule this year than LSU, Ohio State, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Virginia Tech. Oregon's schedule is ranked #7, which is why Dennis Dixon got so much well-deserved attention by the Heisman voters. Kevin Smith at UCF has put up huge record-breaking rushing numbers, but UCF's SOS is rated #105. When looking at big numbers, you have to take into account the competition.

Hawaii fans, start bragging! You can now brag that Hawaii plays a more difficult schedule than.....drum roll please....Towson, Youngstown State, Indiana State, and Illinois State. In fact, the only Div I-A school with an easier schedule than Hawaii is Western Kentucky, and they are transitioning from Div I-AA to Div I-A (FCS to FBS, in the new terminology).

Comparing Sam Bradford to Darren McFadden - Oklahoma's strength of schedule rating is #59, and Arkansas is #64, so their schedules are comparable, but Oklahoma has fewer losses. I agree that Bradford deserves equal mention with McFadden. D-Mac had a couple of sub-par games where he rushed for under 100 yards, and Bradford had a couple of games where his QB rating slipped below 100, but they have both had some great games too. Bradford had some games where his QB rating was over 200, and Oklahoma's 2 losses were close ones on the road (and I think that Bradford was injured for one of those?) If I were a Heisman voter, I'd be taking a serious look at Bradford.

My opinion is that Tim Tebow is the most deserving this year, based on impressive, consistent performances against tough competition.

Posted by: DGator | Dec 6, 2007 6:57:06 AM

With twice as many picks as Tebow against that incredibly weak schedule - if Brennan had been playing for the Gators, they wouldn't have made a bowl.

Remember Georgia didn't even make it to the SEC championship, technically making them #3 or #4 in the SEC. Georgia didn't play one team as bad as the BEST on your schedule.

When he fails miserably against Georgia, it will not be because he had a bad game, it will be because they finally played a top 25 team.

Posted by: Dawg1 | Dec 6, 2007 5:37:15 PM

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