2008 Trash Talk (open thread)

OK, if you want to promote your favorite Trophy candidate - or trash talk someone else's -- do it right here. Anything violent, racist, or otherwise uncool will be deleted. Run-of-the-mill idiocy will be allowed.

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Kari Chisholm | December 7, 2008 | Comment on This Post (281 so far)
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Kari, is there any reason why you waited until after all the games were played before you started up the site? According to many the race is all but over. Bradford has won.

Posted by: David | Dec 7, 2008 8:12:55 PM

Argh! Can't find O.J. Simpson's Heisman vote!

Posted by: Ryan | Dec 7, 2008 8:59:13 PM

Gator fan here... Hope Bradford or McCoy wins. I want to win our bowl game this year. Not something the winner has been able to do very much lately...

Posted by: Chris | Dec 7, 2008 9:32:20 PM

After what Sam Bradford has accomplished this year, he should win light years ahead of the others.

Posted by: Dr. Nick | Dec 7, 2008 10:58:32 PM

Hope Tebow sticks around for his senior year and a third Stiff Arm Trophy.

Posted by: D Mo | Dec 7, 2008 11:02:37 PM

A lot of writers that were pooling for Bradford are changing their tune and have been writing a lot on CBS, Yahoo, AP, and ESPN. They have been asking voters to look past the numbers and consider Tebow.

Tebow has been the best player this year. Out of the three, he really has. That promise that nobody would work harder than him will be remembered for all history of the game as one of the greatest quotes because he actually has managed to keep his promises.

The question a voter must ask himself is: What does the award stand for?

If it is because of stats, Vote for McCoy. I personally am a Gator fan, but I think that if the voters are going to go with a Big 12 vote, they should vote for McCoy. Don't get me wrong, Bradford is good, but Texas' only loss came from a miracle pass in the last second. Most people seem to forget that McCoy's team was losing and he brought his team back, and had changed the lead with 1:30 left on the clock.

Bradford did not change the face of the game. He did not break or make any new records that were created just because it was something he did, something that hadn't even been thought as possible before. Those were the qualities that allowed Tebow last year to break the age barrier for the stiff arm award. Bradford didn't do anything that was so completely outrageous that people compare him with stuff of legend, he will have the ability to repeat the majority of his stats next year, and if he doesn't... then he'll have another year to impress.

The stiff arm is an award that not only awards a great season but a great career, only once in a blue moon do winners even have a chance of going for a second one. Archie got two because he deserved two. He was THAT good.

Tebow already has his, but honestly... after what he did this season I think he deserves another. Maybe this season it's a little late for him to get the voters, but his team is young. He will have the opportunity next year if voters don't think he's worth his second this year. (that is if he doesn't jump to the nfl, which all analysts doubt)

For me, in the end it comes down to McCoy and Tebow, but if I were a smart voter, I'd put McCoy first. You cannot measure leadership, but you can measure stats.

Posted by: Luis | Dec 8, 2008 12:16:49 AM

"Kari, is there any reason why you waited until after all the games were played before you started up the site? According to many the race is all but over. Bradford has won."

Well, two reasons:

#1. Even as late as last week, there were almost zero firm ballot declarations. Folks wanted to see who was in the Big 12 game and how that QB did, and how Tebow would do against Alabama. Remember - this site lives and dies exclusively on firm ballot declarations. Yeah, I could have set things up earlier, but we'd have nothing.

#2. My day job is in politics. After a completely insane election year, my family (and I have a baby boy) needed a break from things - so we've been doing some traveling.

But now that the ballots seem to be coming in fast and furious, I'm all over it.

Posted by: Kari Chisholm | Dec 8, 2008 12:30:22 AM

p.s. I'm not at all sure that "Bradford has won."

Posted by: Kari Chisholm | Dec 8, 2008 12:30:50 AM

Kari... Bradford has won. You want reasoning? Barry Switzer says so.

Posted by: Jacknife | Dec 8, 2008 3:47:50 AM

Bradford currently has the highest quarterback efficiency rating in NCAA history - 186.3. He has the most touchdown passes of any quarterback in NCAA history in a season. He led his team to the first 700 point season in NCAA history. If anyone doubts his extreme value to the team, consider the game against Texas Tech last year, when he went out early in the game with a concussion, and OU lost as a result. Because of him OU blew out the number 7, 11, 12, 13 and 21 end of season ranked teams in the country this year. No other quarterback ever can claim anything close to those.

Posted by: John Barnes | Dec 8, 2008 4:20:05 AM

My vote (if I had one) would go:
1) Tebow
2) McCoy
3) Bradford

My reasoning behind the vote? First, Tebow really is ALL that. An amazing player, an awesome roll model, and an incrediable person. Nothing else I could say here could or would change anyone's opinion.

Second, I honestly feel that the three Big 12 South QBs that all had incrediable numbers prove one thing...that the Big 12 defenses as a whole are horrible, and if 3 QBs IN THE SAME CONFERENCE DIVISION can have numbers like this, way couldn't a whole bunch of other decent QBs?

They are all very good QBs, but there's one that is spectacular and sets himself apart from the others....maybe more for what he does off the field than on it, but I think that's part of what the Heisman is all about.

Posted by: Mich-Placed Gator | Dec 8, 2008 5:31:40 AM

i believe sam bradford should win,you say tebow your logic is he is the better qb i dont see that.his passing stats arent that good.bradford accomplished an incrediable stats as a sophmore qb.took his team to to the national championship.played while he was injured.won there big twelve championship.
and won all games 60 or more points after losing to texas.how many sophmpres can or have done that.look at how many opponents his team played rank.

Posted by: bobby | Dec 8, 2008 6:13:02 AM

Kari, What's this "politics" stuff you speak of... ;-)

Posted by: Chris | Dec 8, 2008 6:47:14 AM

anyone know the odds of a Sophomore winning it 2 years in a row after 72 years of "a Soph. can't win it"?

I'm guessing very, very slim.

Posted by: Mich-Placed Gator | Dec 8, 2008 7:26:58 AM

Nonsense Mich-Placed Gator.

Sam Bradford is every bit the "good person" that Tebow is. Just b/c YOU haven't taken the time to study up on him, doesn't mean it isn't so.

As for the Big 12 QB's beating up on weak Big 12 defenses, explain OU blitzing both TCU and Cincy? They don't play in the Big 12. TCU ended the season #2 in scoring defense. UT finished at 20, and Cincy around 25. That not quality enough for you? And TT's defense was pretty highly thought of until OU knocked the crap out of them.

I can point to the SEC defenses and say that they don't have the offenses to exploit the average defense.

Posted by: Stan | Dec 8, 2008 7:27:56 AM

After looking over some of the posts, I think that some people have the wrong idea about the stiff- arm trophy. It is a trophy that is awarded to best footbal player ON THE FIELD and it is for only the CURRENT season. It is not a cumulatory award that as you build up better stats in your career you should earn again and again. It is for only that current season. That being said, I don't think that Tim Tebow has a decent agrument. Yes, he is a great player and a wonderful role model, but we're talking about his actualy play. His stats are far below where they were last year with only 37 total td's, 2,515 passing yards, a 64.9 completion percentage, 564 rushing yards, and a huge loss at home to an unranked team. Sam Bradford would have my vote. He has put up some incredible (league leading) numbers like 53 total touch downs, 4,464 passing yards, a passer efficiancy rating of 186, and a completion percentage of 68.3%. His stats are far and above anything anyone else is bringing to the table. Colt McCoy has had an incredible season that is well derserving of a stiff- arm, but he was overshadowed by the kid from Oklahoma City. I think that when you get down and look at the true specifics of the trophy race, you will see that the only reason Tebow is still in contention is because he is riding last years wave. He had a great season as a Sophomore and was my pick last year as the winner, but he has not even come close to accomplishing what he did last year, this year.

Posted by: Paul | Dec 8, 2008 7:46:19 AM

I posted over in the voter tips my bad, you do a great thing for us college football fanatics and I just wanted to let you know it is appreciated.

Now, is there some sort of rule that if you become a convicted felon that you lose your right to vote in the Heisman race. O.J.

Posted by: Jason | Dec 8, 2008 8:11:22 AM

McCoy threw a huge pick six in that Tech loss. Mention that while you try to talk about his comeback.

Posted by: bob | Dec 8, 2008 8:55:14 AM


Top 10 Defenses Faced

Tim Tebow 2

Sam Bradford 1

Colt McCoy 0

Top 20 Defenses Faced

Tim Tebow 5

Sam Bradford 1

Colt McCoy 0

Top 50 Defenses Faced

Tim Tebow 10

Sam Bradford 3

Colt McCoy 0

Defenses Ranked Worse than No. 70

Tim Tebow 1

Sam Bradford 8

Colt McCoy 10

Tim Tebow has faced the following defenses (total defense):

No. 3 Alabama

No. 4 Tennessee

No. 11 South Carolina

No. 13 FSU

No. 16 Ole Miss

No. 24 Miami

No. 27 Georgia

No. 29 Vanderbilt

No. 37 LSU

No. 38 Kentucky

No. 59 Hawaii

No. 72 Arkansas

Sam Bradford has faced the following defenses:

No. 2 TCU

No. 24 Cincinnati

No. 50 Texas

No. 67 Nebraska

No. 71 Texas Tech

No. 85 Oklahoma State

No. 86 Baylor

No. 91 Missouri

No. 96 Kansas

No. 108 Washington

No. 113 Texas A&M

No. 117 Kansas State

Colt McCoy has faced the following defenses:

No. 66 Oklahoma

No. 71 Texas Tech

No. 72 Arkansas

No. 78 Colorado

No. 85 Oklahoma State

No. 86 Baylor

No. 91 Missouri

No. 96 Kansas

No. 113 Texas A&M

No. 114 Rice

No. 115 UTEP

Posted by: Tebow for Heisman | Dec 8, 2008 10:24:01 AM

Of course the SEC defenses look good, look at the craptastic offenses they go up against week in and week out. I'm sorry, but if that 1980's Alabama offense is the 2nd best in the conference, well.....that is funny.

The Big 12 defenses look worse statistically b/c they are going up against good offenses week in and week out. Arguably, the 6th or 7th best offense in the Big 12 is equal to the 2nd best in the SEC. You don't think that affects team defense numbers?

Look outside the conference, in OOC games. That is the best support we have right now.

Posted by: Lame | Dec 8, 2008 10:35:27 AM

If the defenses in the big 12 are horrible, how do you explain OU scoring 52 on Cincinnati (who won the Big East with an 11-2 record and has the no. 27-ranked defense), 35 on TCU (who has the no. 2 ranked defense), and another 35 on Texas (no 21-ranked defense)? The fact is, OU has blown out nearly every team they've played this year, and the person who gets it done for them is Sam Bradford. Even in the loss to Texas, he had 387 yards for 5 TDs. He is the most consistent and most productive player in the race, and he deserves it. McCoy and Tebow are also great, but Tebow's already won it, and McCoy's numbers aren't comparable to Bradford. Tebow's numbers are DOWN from last year - how do you reward him twice for producing less? Bradford will win it narrowly. If Tebow does, I hope it's a reenactment of the 2000 national championship, when Torrance Marshall told Chris Weinke at the coin flip "You stole my boy's trophy, and now I'm here to take it back and shove it up your...".

Posted by: Adrian | Dec 8, 2008 10:42:56 AM

tim tebow may not be the best QB in football but he IS the best college football player in the country. that is what this award is for right? the BEST college football PLAYER in the country. I'm not sure there is another player out there that can completely takeover a game, you stop the pass tebow will run it down yer throat, you stack the box to slow down the run & he will cut up your secondary.

Posted by: lennie | Dec 8, 2008 11:25:09 AM

oklahoma won't put 30 points on florida. but florida will definantly hang 30+ on oklahoma.

Posted by: lennie | Dec 8, 2008 11:29:30 AM

The award is not for the BEST college football PLAYER in the country. It is for the MOST OUTSTANDING college football player. The BEST player wins in the NFL draft. There is valid debate for any of three players (Tebow, McCoy and Bradford). On a statistical basis, it seems to me that Bradford has the edge. His job as QB is to put points on the board. He has led an offense that is prolific and balanced. His flawless execution has led his team to the championship game. Tebow is a true run/pass guy. His numbers are down from last year. Some in this board have pointed to the statistical rankings of the defenses he has faced. To me that is less telling than the quality of the opponent overall. Therefore, the ranking of the team means more than the statistics of the defense taken in a vacuum. McCoy basically out-Tebow'ed Tim this year. He was a better run/pass threat.

Bradford excelled against teams that ended up ranked: 3, 7, 11, 12, 13 & 21. He is the only one of the three to have faced and beaten two ranked non-conference opponents too.

Rank: Bradford; McCoy; Tebow

Posted by: Stang | Dec 8, 2008 11:58:12 AM

Lonnie, you want to bet on that? I don't see any way OU doesn't score 30. UF won't stop them. Heck, Bama scored 20, LSU 21, and Ole Miss 31. OU is so much better than those three teams it is silly.

Posted by: Stan | Dec 8, 2008 11:59:25 AM

You know... it really is not fair to compare "best offenses" against "best defenses". It really isn't. Why? because there are arguments for both. Until January 8, we won't really know one on one comparision of both, but the speed and the holes I have seen bradford play against... It just allows him to make quite a few extra plays that you don't really see in SEC play. Does that mean that their offense is any less scary? no, it doesn't. I give credit where its due and Bradford is an amazing quarterback, but I don't think he deserves it.

Last year Florida played against much better teams than this year, and he put up 55 total TD's. I know Bradford still has the national championship game to go, but Tebow put up those numbers on 13 games, which Texas has already played. Texas Tech played 1 game less than Bradford and Harell had more passing yards in 12 games than Bradford had in 13... Colt McCoy had almost 10% higher pass completion percentage than Bradford this year. Zack Robinson, Oklahoma State's QB had a higher yard per attempt than Bradford. Hell, there is not a single number that Bradford put up this year that wasn't better than numbers of the past. He's getting a chance to play 14 games this season, remember that when comparing with numbers from the past.

You can't tell me that I haven't done my homework, as it is obvious I have. I have watched Bradford this season and it's more his o-line than his actual passing ability that should be up for the prize. Maybe I'll have to eat my words, but I honestly doubt OU will put up 40 on Florida.

With all that said, I'm still leaning towards McCoy. You have no clue how impossible it is to go through 12 games and have a 77.6% pass completion, no matter how bad the defenses are. You have to expect that 1 out of 5 passes will either be thrown away, dropped, have a route error on part of the wide receiver, etc. If you take into account that 20%, then that means... he had a 2.4% error all year long... That's just beast.

Did I mention Bradford is a sophomore?

The stiff arm is an award given to "the most outstanding college football player". I got that from their website. Nowhere does it say that it is in a season or on the field. It basically is up to the voters to decide what they think it means to be outstanding. It's easy to see the stats, but other than trying to hate... can anybody really not see how much of a living legend Tebow is? Yes, one of the Big 12 QB's might win the award, but no other player right now will be remembered as much as Tebow.

He was the one that broke the underclassmen barrier, a barrier that had been there for 72 years. His will, his achievements in and out of the field have no match. For all the Tebow haters out there, all I have to say is research him. Vote for your Big 12 guy if you want to, but don't put the guy down. He volunteers his time when he's not practicing to speak to inmates or goes to third world countries as a missionary. When he plays, there is no person with more determination or passion than him on the field. He knocks down 300 lb defensive linemen. He stiff arms left right and center. He plays with a fire that has no comparison and is probably the best spokesperson college football could ask for. Oh, and did I mention he's humble? He never brags. He will dedicate his time to anybody who asks for it. As an alumni, my sister got a letter from the school that was given to every single alumni asking for people to stop asking for Tebow's time/autograph because the guy simply never said no. There was not a single hospital that he would not visit or a sick child he would not direct a prayer for.

It is up to the voters to decide what they want to use as criteria to vote, but I personally still believe that McCoy is the best this year to win it. Bradford is getting a lot of talk because the computers chose him over McCoy. Texas got burnt by the computers and I would hate that the same would happen with the stiff arm trophy. Just remember, it wasn't Bradford that brought his team to the national championship but the computer that put OU over Texas.

Vote McCoy or Vote Tebow. You know it's the right choice.

Posted by: Luis | Dec 8, 2008 12:21:16 PM

McCoy is the only QB of the three to put his team in a position to win the game the last time he touched the ball in every game he has played this year. Bradford could not put his team on his shoulders and get the scores his team needed at crunch time against Texas.

Tebow just hasn't had the same kind of year as McCoy and Bradford, and he lost at home to Mississippi.

Posted by: Steve M | Dec 8, 2008 12:22:26 PM


You say he never brags. How come mere hours after winning the SEC he was already running his mouth about how eager he is to face a Big 12 defense? I want a QB that is cocky, that believes in himself. What I don't want is a QB that needlessly runs his mouth.

As for Bradfords numbers.....all you have to do is look at his efficiency rating. That takes away the raw number vs number of games played argument. And what was his rating? The highest ever for a college QB. How can he NOT win the award?

Posted by: Stan | Dec 8, 2008 12:43:50 PM

And another thing, OU deserved to be in that game over UT for MANY reasons. One game, played in early October, doesn't trump the rest of the season. OU is better than UT. They weren't on that day in October (actually they were before the injury to Reynolds), but they are the better team today. We've beaten better teams, and we've done it more impressively.

Posted by: Stan | Dec 8, 2008 12:46:29 PM

The thing that separates Sam imo, is that despite having two tailbacks rush for over 1000 yds he still got his numbers, while leading the nation in touchdowns and engineering the best offense ever to this point. Though I think Tebow and McCoy, and even Harrell are equally deserving, I think it would be a sham for Sam not to win it...

Posted by: Chris | Dec 8, 2008 1:00:42 PM

Whoever claims that Sam Bradford has not posted historic numbers at least as impressive as Tebow's last year hasn't been paying attention. Bradford has broken the NCAA's single season passing efficiency record with a mind boggling 1.86.3 rating. He has led his team to a record setting 5 straight 60 point plus games, the last 3 of which were against ranked opponents. No QB in college football shows more poise in the pocket than Bradford and none I have seen throws the ball as well. I just hope that the conventional wisdom turns out to be true and Bradford wins the Heisman.

Posted by: gwsat | Dec 8, 2008 1:09:17 PM

My vote:
1. Sam Bradford
2. Colt McCoy
3. Graham Harrell

Posted by: Theo | Dec 8, 2008 1:16:38 PM

Bradford has the best stats of them all.

1. Bradford
2. McCoy
3. Tebow

Posted by: Dan | Dec 8, 2008 1:26:22 PM

Sam Bradford has WAY better stats than BOTH of those other selfish quarterbacks!!!!If Colt McCoy wins,I will be really mad because the Stiff Arm is suppose to be who has the better stats and who leads his team where. What has Colt McCoy done and where has he led his team? Sam Bradford also has WAY better stats than Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy. IF you look at facts on paper and not listen to people's opinions on the radio, you would see that Sam Bradford's stats are WAY better...in fact here they are

Sam Bradford #14 QB

2008 STATS
186.29 4,464 48

7,585 84

Colt McCoy #12 QB

2008 STATS
179.20 3,445 32


9,318 83

Posted by: Rachel | Dec 8, 2008 2:09:31 PM

My vote.
1) Sam Bradford
2)Graham Harrell
3) Colt McCoy

Posted by: Rachel | Dec 8, 2008 2:12:32 PM

The 2nd half of the SEC champ game should tell everyone why Superman should win the Heisman. He is the best/most outstanding player in college football.

And yes I GURANTEE that UF can put up 30 on OU and OU wont score 30 on UF.

Posted by: alex | Dec 8, 2008 2:22:48 PM

Is it safe to say who Steve'66,Danny'96 and Tim'07 are going to vote for?

Posted by: David | Dec 8, 2008 2:45:13 PM

Rachel, why do you say that the other two QB's are "selfish?"

Just curious.

Posted by: Assman | Dec 8, 2008 3:03:33 PM

Am I missing the way to see confirmed ballots? I know it was around last year.

Posted by: Chuck | Dec 8, 2008 3:11:04 PM

My vote goes to Colt McCoy because no player has meant more to his team than McCoy has. No way does Texas have the kind of season they had without McCoy playing at Heisman-worthy level. He doesn't have the same skill position talent around him that Sam Bradford does. He's his team's leading rusher, for goodness sake.

Not to mention the leadership and support he has provided other leading players NOT EVEN ON HIS TEAM! That's right, Colt has been on the phone with Mark Sanchez of USC after their Thursday night loss to Oregon St., encouraging Mark and telling him the team is depending on him for leadership, pumping him up, etc. Same goes for Colt's encouragement of Chase Daniel at Missouri. Colt not only has the complete respect of his team, he has the respect of other leading athletes outside the UT campus.

Vote for Colt!

Posted by: Calhorn | Dec 8, 2008 3:36:14 PM

Calhorn, the same can be make for Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow. You really think, that OU would be as successful without Bradford? Florida without Tebow? It's not just McCoy alone. All three has great leadership.

Posted by: Tam | Dec 8, 2008 4:14:39 PM

"Now, is there some sort of rule that if you become a convicted felon that you lose your right to vote in the Heisman race. O.J."

Not that I'm aware of. Of course, he may have trouble receiving and sending mail (or going online) - but that would be a prison rule, not a Trophy Foundation rule.

Posted by: Kari Chisholm | Dec 8, 2008 4:53:46 PM

Rachel, I like how you try to make your point by throwing career stats in that post too, yet you leave out Tebow's career stats. Maybe because they wreck the other guys'?

And for anyone who keeps saying this, Ole Miss was an unranked team AT THE TIME, but has since entered the rankings (AP #20, BCS #25) and will likely end the season at 9-4 and ranked around #15 after beating Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. They are going to be a force in the SEC West next year. Book it.

Posted by: Brad | Dec 8, 2008 4:59:44 PM

Kari, last year I remember that we could see how exactly each voter whose ballot was received voted..(i.e. Mark May votes McCoy #1, Tebow #2, Bradford #3) and it listed all the voters. Can we have that page back please?!

Posted by: Gator fan | Dec 8, 2008 5:06:39 PM

Brad they like to use stats as needed. If you tried to say LSU was ranked such-and-such when playing UF, they'd bust you for it...but have no problem going the other way for Ole Miss.

Posted by: Chuck | Dec 8, 2008 5:07:05 PM

Nobody has meant more to there team then Tebow. I bet if we did a college football fantasy draft and whoever on this board got first pick they would take Tebow. Just like Dan Mullen said. All you guys (and girls) know thats true too no matter what you say. Hes the best player in football easy. He is also the most deserving of the award.

Posted by: alex | Dec 8, 2008 5:21:18 PM

I beg to differ, I would probably take any of the 3 and be extremely happy. In my opinion, Colt McCoy has done more with much less, than Tebow... and if he played with the kind of talent that Tebow has... he would have a much more impressive resume. Tebow is a runningback that can throw... Colt is a QB that is mobile... and Bradford is a brilliant QB period.

Posted by: Jim Dickenson | Dec 8, 2008 5:54:14 PM

Check your stats Gator BRAD. By lifetime if you mean Bradfords first year(2007) and Tebows Stiff Arm year (2007). Then I'm sure you considered Tebows QB rating at 172.47 and Bradfords at 176.52 last year. That would prove that Tebow did not "WRECK" the competition but in fact should probably hand over his Stiff Arm Trophy from last year as well.

Posted by: chris | Dec 8, 2008 7:24:47 PM

I love the fact that people who don't respect Tebow's numbers this year say that he had more players than everyone else. THAT IS THE REASON HE DIDN'T THROW THE BALL AS MUCH AS THE OTHER GUYS AND HE DIDN'T RUN AS MUCH AS HE DID LAST YEAR.

Why do people insist on using the statistics to prove their point, but don't go for the raw date inside of those statistics? Of course Bradford has more yards, he throws the ball 50 times a game and they keep him in the game longer to get those stats.

I wouldn't say that McCoy or Bradford has not meant as much to his team as Tebow, the three of them are the exact reasons their teams have only 1 loss. Also, to keep mentioning that Tebow lost a game at home is ridiculous. They all lost on a football field that is 100 yards long and about 50 yeards wide. Who cares if it was at home or away. Tebow lost because their kicker missed 1 PAT all year - actually it was blocked - but the one that got away cost them a game.

To really look at numbers and stats, you should look at everything... including what Tebow did against the Alabama Defense on 3rd down! To really look at numbers, look at the average of those numbers - yards per play and yards per attempt. FLORIDA leads the nation in yeards per play!

The "Most Outstanding Player" in the country is Tebow. McCoy and Bradford are awesome QB's and should win the QB award - but, the most outstanding football player is Tebow - and if people were to vote based on that, he SHOULD win. If they vote on stats only, then he shouldn't win. Its really that simple!

Posted by: Joe O | Dec 8, 2008 7:36:16 PM

Tebow is a one trick pony... he runs the ball well, as a QB. Sure he runs around and gets all excited... but that doenst mean that he is a better leader because he can get a little worked up at times. What Colt McCoy did, with far less talent around him...(Tebow and McCoy have very similar stats, except that McCoy has a better pass comp. percentage) makes it very clear that McCoy has had a better year than Tebow. Now, Bradford on the other hand, has shown by the way that he doenst turn the ball over, and has total control on the field... that he is the most complete QB in college football. He can run, and if they wanted to... he could be a very effective running QB... but they dont need him to. (Bradford was a 3 sport athlete in high school)

All in all... Bradford and McCoy are going to decide the Trophy... no question.

Posted by: Jim Dickenson | Dec 8, 2008 7:55:11 PM

Herb Gould:

1. Tebow
2. Bradford
3. McCoy


Posted by: John | Dec 8, 2008 7:55:34 PM

Based on previous years and the stats that dazzle voters then Bradford should win. Last all we heard about was Tebow and his 51touchdowns. That being said why are Sam Bradford's stats and output this be minimized? Bradford has 53 total touchdowns and unlike Tebow last year, Bradford led his team to the title. Although Tebow did what he should have done and beat an Alabama team that played over their head in a down SEC conference, he was pretty average. Give me a break media on the shot of Tebow running into the kickoff team like a moron. If that wind you another heisman than the media needs to state this ahead as criteria. Any see Bradford fly through the air against Oklahoma State with torn ligament in his hand? McCoy is great, but doesn't have the stats.

Posted by: bman | Dec 8, 2008 8:00:43 PM

I certainly hope voters don't hand out the Heisman trophy this year purely as
pity hardware, because said team was "wronged" by the current system in place. Colt McCoy has had a remarkable season, but it's truly difficult to believe someone could honestly vote him ahead of a superior season long performance by Sam Bradford (see the countless reasons posted before this for supporting evidence). McCoy only outshines Bradford in one statistical category this year, completion percentage. Very impressive, but if you statistically want to break down a candidate into greater detail, Bradford is more impressive in nearly every other category conceivable: Total yards, total touchdowns, passing touchdowns, overall QB rating, number of 20+ yard receptions, more yards per pass attempt, fewer interceptions, fewer sacks, fewer lost yards, etc.). Those who do vote McCoy ahead of Bradford clearly haven't done their homework, and will hopefully feel a sense of wrongdoing when they are finally educated in Bradford's accomplishments v McCoy's during the trophy presentation.

Posted by: Matt | Dec 8, 2008 8:01:06 PM

Ok Gator Joe lets break this down........ Check Bradfords minutes played and you will find that he was pulled in many games this season, several being at the beginning or soon after the fourth quarter started. Ok now as far as
Tebow not making as many attempts. Percentages are exactly what they say they are.......PERCENTAGES........Tebows completion PERCENTAGE out of the three in question ranks THIRD according to ESPN. If you were to throw in Graham Harrell from Texas Tech he would rank FOURTH. I think Tebow is a very good quarterback as well as a person, but the truth of the matter is if you were to put Tebow on an above average 9-3 team with his stats then he would not be in this discussion. The other three especially Bradford are rewriting history books as far as college QB's are concerned. The fact remains that Herby, Corso, Fowler and the rest of the ESPN crew have a seious man crush on Tebow and want to try and push him all the way. They have put forth their effort let's just see How much pull with voters they truly have. IF HE PULLS THIS OFF IT WILL REALLY MAKE THE STIFF ARM TROPHY LOOK LIKE A COMPLETE JOKE.


TIM TEBOW GOOD..................................ABSOLUTELY


Posted by: chris | Dec 8, 2008 8:30:47 PM

archie griffin really didnt have that good of a year his 2nd year. stop acting like hes some kind of god the other OSU rb (sams or something) lead the team in touchdowns. i dont see bradford or mccoy having articles about them on si.com having "adding to legend" in the title. tebow is a college football god and the greatest ever. and the greatest ever should have 2 heismans under his belt. he will get that and another national championship on jan 8th.

Posted by: alex | Dec 8, 2008 9:45:09 PM

I said this last week before the conference championship games and I stand by my words tell me what you think:

Look at it this way from both offenses point of view. If a Florida or Bama team win the SEC Chapionship game and goes to the national championship, their offense would face an easier defense in the national title game against a Big XII opponent. Who ever it is that comes out of the South in the Big XII, their offense would be facing a much tougher defense in the national championship than in their conference championship game. To me that would tip the scales to the SEC side. I do not think that it would be a blowout because all offenses can score at any moment. Special Teams

Posted by: Jason | Dec 8, 2008 10:46:45 PM


TU lost to TT, period. Not only lost but were dominated by Tech in all the game stats. TU had the lead one time in the entire game; they held a one point lead for 1 minute 28 seconds. Mack says they lost on a freak "miracle" play by Crabtree but the truth is if Crabtree had not caught the ball or stepped out of bounds Tech would have kicked a field goal for the win anyway. Did you watch the game? If not for a couple "breaks" TU could have lost by two/three touchdowns.

Then that same TT lost to OU by 44 and never led. That made a 3-way tie and the B12 tie-breaker went to OU. The whole thing is so simple a cave man could understand it, so what does that say about Mack and his ESPN minions ability to understand such simple technical matters?

I can see TU fans being disappointed but Mack/ESPN need to step back and look at the facts and accept things for how they are. Live by the rules as they are this year and if they think the rules need to be changed for next year then try to get them changed. Besides, the three-way-tie breaker is B12 conference business, not up for debate by media who have an agenda to pad their pockets with millions.

Posted by: gyrene | Dec 8, 2008 11:03:08 PM


TU lost to TT, period. Not only lost but were dominated by Tech in all the game stats. TU had the lead one time in the entire game; they held a one point lead for 1 minute 28 seconds. Mack says they lost on a freak "miracle" play by Crabtree but the truth is if Crabtree had not caught the ball or stepped out of bounds Tech would have kicked a field goal for the win anyway. Did you watch the game? If not for a couple "breaks" TU could have lost by two/three touchdowns.

Then that same TT lost to OU by 44 and never led. That made a 3-way tie and the B12 tie-breaker went to OU. The whole thing is so simple a cave man could understand it, so what does that say about Mack and his ESPN minions ability to understand such simple technical matters?

I can see TU fans being disappointed but Mack/ESPN need to step back and look at the facts and accept things for how they are. Live by the rules as they are this year and if they think the rules need to be changed for next year then try to get them changed. Besides, the three-way-tie breaker is B12 conference business, not up for debate by media who have an agenda to pad their pockets with millions.

Posted by: gyrene | Dec 8, 2008 11:37:42 PM

how the hell is texas beating OU in october not relevant. everyone wants to poin to texas losing to tech & ou killing tech. looking at a shared opponent should only apply if the teams compared didn't play each other, but in this case they did & texas beat OU on a neutral field. it shouldn't matter whether its the 1st or the last game of the year texas beat OU & they get screwed out of the nat'l champ game.but no worries florida is gonna beat OU by 30, & tim tebow is gonna show why he won back2back "stiffarm" trophy. florida wins 47-17.

Posted by: lennie | Dec 8, 2008 11:46:18 PM

Ok, I get it, Oklahoma fans will try their hardest to say that Bradford is the best. I know that. Florida fans had the same mentality last year. The thing is... None of the stats that you are so proud of are actually what make or break the "most outstanding football player".

How many times did Bradford bring his team back from behind?

How many times TD's did Bradford account for in the last 3 games?

While his team did score 60 every time, he had a 4 TD's against Texas Tech, 5 against Oklahoma State, and 2 against Missouri.

Yeah, on the last game of the season, when he has to basically present his case in front of the Big 12 Championship, your champion threw 49 times... out of which 2 were Touchdowns. He was not the best player on the field that night. On the biggest stage of your conference, he was... good, not excellent, just good. Not outstanding... just good. He wasn't even MVP of the game. I am objectively saying that he was playing against a horrible defense and it showed. They kept trying to protect the deep ball leaving unmarked people underneath all game long. Can you, any of you sooner fans deny that about 60% of the passes were to completely unmarked receivers?

He put up a lot of yards, but when you pass almost 50 times... you should get at least 300 yards, more if you are an elite quarterback. Bradford is the QB of the future. It's scary to think that he can get better, but... he can.

I don't think he should win this year, and even though I am a die hard gator, I feel that the award should go to McCoy. I already stated the reasons why I think he should win it, but don't think Sooner Fan that if I am asking for Bradford not to win the award, that I don't like him or the Oklahoma program. I feel you guys have one if not the best team in the nation. I hope the gators are better, but that can only be decided on the field. Bradford is an amazing quarterback, but he was not the most outstanding player this year. He seriously wasn't. I know you want bragging rights, but give credit where its due and don't be blinded by your own fanatism.

Posted by: Luis | Dec 9, 2008 1:36:40 AM

Stats = Bradford
Wins and Losses = slight to McCoy
Humility = Bradford

Tebow's numbers don't add up. I think you are going to see that the best offense ever in NCAA Division I will score on the vaunted SEC defense. I also think that Tebow will have a tougher time scoring on the OU defense than the "experts" are predicting. Bradford's deadly accuracy is what allows the OU offense to roll. Hitting receivers in stride, in the seem in zone, and in the spot where it can't be intercepted.

We will see what the defensive coaches come up with the slow down both attacks, but OU will take what the Florida Defense gives up, they can't stop everything. OU by 14.

Posted by: Neil | Dec 9, 2008 4:48:20 AM

I think at the end of the balloting, Sam Bradford will come away with this but not for the obvious reason. Partisan politics works in sports media too. In theory Tebow has an advantage simply because the SEC fan base (16 teams) is larger and should be more solid, while the Big 12 base will be split between McCoy and Bradford. Both UT and OU have some that love em and some that hate em. I think the difference maker will be the second place votes. Many that vote McCoy #1 will vote Bradford #2 and many that vote Tebow #1 will vote Bradford #2. I suspect that coming in second more consistently with the partisan voters will end up giving Bradford the edge in the total point count.

Posted by: Roger | Dec 9, 2008 6:17:37 AM

I can't believe it is even close. Bradford has broken his own school records & shattered the NCAA efficiency record. Plus touchdown to interception ratio is unheard of. U can't tell me that Tebow has done enough both years to win the Heisman twice. Pretty much tells me where all the voters are biased. He had a great year but not good enough to win it 2x's. The second year always has to be something special & magical & while he played great it is not good enough to win the second time. We need to look around the country not because his team is winning & u want to talk about athletes surrounding a QB, Florida is loaded w/ speed & talent & he just has to throw the short pass & get it to them.

Posted by: thomas | Dec 9, 2008 6:44:14 AM

Let's face it, Bradford, McCoy, and Tebow are all worthy of the You Know What Trophy. In almost any other year, any one of them would have lapped the field and won in a walk. Unfortunately for the two who lose, this isn't one of those years. I am pulling hard for Sam Bradford because he is the most complete package of a pure QB I have ever seen. He is cool in the pocket, amazingly elusive, has a quick release and a strong arm, and maybe the greatest ability to find an open receiver of any college QB I have seen. No matter, the other guys have a lot going for them, too, so we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out.

Posted by: gwsat | Dec 9, 2008 7:12:46 AM

LOL.....NO way Tebow would be drafted first. Not in some kind of college draft, not drafting for the NFL, and not for a fantasy draft. If you draft Tebow, you can only run the offense that he is currently running. He can't do anything else. The guy will NOT make it as an NFL QB. How can he? He throws the ball and runs the ball worse than Vince Young, and he hasn't done squat in the NFL.

Bradford, on the other hand, is likely to be a top 10 pick, maybe top 5.

The Heisman is NOT an MVP trophy, so the "McCoy/Tebow means more to their team" argument goes out the window. It goes to the BEST player. And you don't have to lead comebacks to be the best player.

Posted by: Stan | Dec 9, 2008 7:13:37 AM

So if you calculated Tebow's stats and gave him the same amount of attempts that both McCoy and Bradford had he would dwarf the competition. Tebow would be better in every single stat.

Posted by: TallyGator | Dec 9, 2008 9:27:59 AM

I think all three players are very good, and all play an important part for their team. But, statistically Bradford has had the best year of the three. The trophy is not who means the most to their team but who has performed the best, and I think in that regard Bradford has shown to be out front, followed by McCoy, and then Tebow. Tebow is getting alot of press based off of what he did last year, while the other two are being judged off of what they have done this year. Lastly, I know it won't happen but wouldn't it be great for college football if they all came back next year.

Posted by: Beau | Dec 9, 2008 9:34:16 AM

Yeah considering McCoy and Bradford threw almost twice as many times as Tebow did, yes their numbers would look better. If Tebow threw 200 more passes like the others did he would have made McCoy and Bradford look pale in comparision.

Posted by: TallyGator | Dec 9, 2008 10:19:43 AM

"What I saw in Atlanta" by an Alabama Fan

I saw the third quarter. I saw Tebow get sacked. I saw Florida go 3 and out. I saw the Tide go 91 yards in workman like fashion. I saw a helpless UF defense. I saw Bama tie the game. I saw UF respond by missing their only FG of the season. I saw Bama march again. I saw a UF team that was beat. I saw a defense with hands on hips gasping for breath getting absolutely trucked. I saw an Alabama team rolling downhill through Gator players. I saw the UF players give all that they had left to keep Bama out of the end zone. I saw the Tide take the lead heading into the 4th quarter. I saw the end of a championship dream.

No way could the UF defense recover from the extended pounding they had just endured. With two DTs out there was simply no reserve left to call upon to stem the Tide. All that had been claimed pregame by the Crimson and White faithful about how their lines would wear UF down and control the game had come true. There was no hope.

And then things changed. I saw Tebow rally his offensive teammates and take them down the field. Run after run after run after run after run and they had Bama on their heels at their own 27. A throw a run and a throw and Tim has UF on the doorstep. Two more runs and Demps is leaping in the endzone. Florida has wrested the lead away and hope is reborn, dreams live again.

But this was not enough. Tebow leads this team, this university, not just its offense. He comes down the sideline toward the end zone where the Gator fans are thickest and exhorts them to cheer, to roar, to believe. He turns and runs to the special team players huddled for the upcoming kick. He slams into their huddle like a bowling ball knocking aside so many pins. He urged them to make the stop, to finish the play. And they did. He turns to the bench and gets in the face of his defensive teammates and makes his will theirs. He inspires them, he challenges them, he leads them. They face the same Bama players who had owned them in the third quarter, who had worn them down and controlled them. They faced those same Bama players and they stuffed them. Julio Jones who had tormented the Gators all afternoon saw a pass come his way only to have Joe Haden drill him so that the ball fell harmlessly to the ground. Julio would never see another pass. They held the line and stopped Coffee for a short gain. They crushed the line that had moved them at will and finally sacked Wilson. With the game on the line they had stuffed Bama for a 3 and out.

Then Tim Tebow went out to win himself and the University of Florida a championship. Two runs and it was 3rd and short. Tebow keeps it, meets Mount Cody in the hole and carries all 360 pounds of him for the first down. Tebow throws for 33, Tebow throws for 15, Tebow runs for 5. Bama is done. Tebow throws the last five yards to Riley Cooper on a pass that had no room for imprecision resulting in the TD that made dreams into reality. I have never seen a single player so impose his will on both his teammates, his opponents and the crowd as Tim Tebow did in that fourth quarter. I am in awe. His teammates understand. Carl Moore: "You knew he was going to lead us to victory," Louis Murphy: "I have never doubted him. He's our quarterback." Jeff Demps: "That's Tim Tebow. That's what he does, He's been putting us on his shoulders ever since the Ole Miss game, but I've never seen him like he was today." His opponents understand too. Rashad Johnson: "He kept those guys motivated. He kept them in the game when they had the opportunity to give up and wouldn't let them." Terrence Cody: "You give him a chance, and he's going to beat you,"

He's not Superman. He's not unbeatable. But he will never give less than everything he has and he will never shy away from a challenge. He is the best team leader I have ever seen in college sports. He willed a victory for UF, not on his own, but by giving his teammates the strength to believe and an example to follow. And that they did.

...and THAT is why Tebow should win the Trophy.

Posted by: BigPlayChad8 | Dec 9, 2008 10:28:33 AM

Tebow is the most outstanding player in college football this year. His stats are down largely because he was pulled from games much earlier than the other nominees (OU keeps in starters and throws the ball in the 4th quarter with a 30-point lead). If Tebow played as many quarters as Bradford, there wouldn't even be a debate.

Posted by: Matt | Dec 9, 2008 10:45:26 AM

When people say that Tebows stats wiill blow Bradford and McCoy out of the water with the same number of attempts. The stats I have been looking at do not reflect this.

Completion percentage
McCoy 77.6
Bradford 68.3
Tebow 64.9

yards per attempt
Bradford 10.1
Tebow 9.4
McCoy 9.2

Bradford 186.29
McCoy 179.2
Tebow 176.74

Based on 442 attempts which is the amount of Bradfords attempts
attempt completions yds tds
Bradford 442 302 4464 48
McCoy 442 343 4066 38
Tebow 442 287 4155 46

McCoy would have the most completions and Bradford would have the most yards and the most touchdowns.

Posted by: Jason | Dec 9, 2008 11:28:09 AM

Based on numbers it would not matter how many passed Tebow throws his completion percentage is the lowest and his yards per attempt were only second.

Posted by: Jason | Dec 9, 2008 11:34:31 AM

What I find so ironic, is that the Big 12 has nothing but stats in their corner... yet the biggest stat they fail to leave out is NO SOPHOMORE has ever won the Heisman UNTIL LAST year. Their cookie-cutter QBs wouldn't even be in the discussion if it weren't for what Tebow did for them.

The reality is this is not a STATS award - "most outstanding" can be translated many ways. Stats are certainly a part of it, but Big 12 honks only hope is to make it all about stats.

This is a very strong group of finalists, you can make a logical case for any of them to win and be 100% right in your analysis. In my very biased opinion, Tebow was the defending trophy winner, and did nothing but add to his own legend and put his team in a chance to win ANOTHER MNC. If the Cookie Cutters have the stats this year, Tebow has the intangibles --all of them.

But even if he doesn't win it, "MNC, Trophy, MNC" is a 3-year run Sammy and Colt will never sniff. Not bad for a "RB that can throw".

Posted by: JP | Dec 9, 2008 11:45:43 AM

Based on 442 attempts which is the amount of Bradfords attempts
attempt completions yds tds
Bradford 442 302 4464 48
McCoy 442 343 4066 38
Tebow 442 287 4155 46

...but you are forgetting about Tebow's 12 rushing Touchdowns. Tebow would have almost 60 total TDs if he had the same attempts as Bradford.

Posted by: BigPlayChad8 | Dec 9, 2008 12:29:26 PM

What do expect from Oklahoma fans? Hillbilly math for the loss.

Posted by: TallyGator | Dec 9, 2008 1:07:04 PM

Just for the guys in the south, who dont watch OU games... Sam Bradford MISSED a total of 2 entire football games, because of the time he has missed in 4th quaters of games. Not only that, but in games that he HAS been in in the 4th quarter, OU has been outscored, because OU was content to RUN the ball, and the clock, to get the game over with. In no way has Oklahoma padded stats to make Bradford look better, until last weekend, when they were going for a record that not even your beloved Florida Gaters will sniff... 5 games over 60 points.

National media, and those in the SEC know... if you wanna talk about running up the score... and padding stats... you gater fans need only to look at your own coach. he is great at it.

Colt McCoy had the same numbers, with far less talent... what part of that do you Tebow fans find hard to understand? He is a better passer, has the same number of rushing yards... and without him, Texas is an average football team. That being said... what Sam Bradford meant to Oklahoma and its 11-1 record is immeasurable.

"most outstanding player" this year... is Sam Bradford... he has almost 30 more TD passes in his 2 year career, than any other SOPHMORE in history! Nuff said.

Posted by: Jim Dickenson | Dec 9, 2008 1:47:38 PM

but you are forgetting about Tebow's 12 rushing Touchdowns. Tebow would have almost 60 total TDs if he had the same attempts as Bradford.

Bradford has 5 rushing touchdowns in only 40 attempts. Tebow has 12 in 154 attempts. So per rush Bradford scores more rushing touchdowns per attempt than Tebow. So once again his stats are better.

As far as hillbilly math... sorry if the numbers keep favoring Bradford, attempt for attempt rushing or passing he scores more touchdowns than Tebow.

So given if Bradford had as many rushing attempts as Tebow he would have 19 rushing touchdowns plus his 48 passing touchdowns for a total of 67 which even in hillbilly math still beats 60.

Boomer Sooner

Posted by: Beau | Dec 9, 2008 2:28:39 PM

Tebow and the Florida starters have BARELY played in the 4th quarter all year.

Hawaii--Tebow pulled prior to 4th quarter
UT--Tebow pulled 4 minutes into 4th quarter
Arkansas--Tebow pulled a few minutes into 4th quarter
LSU--Tebow pulled 1 minute into 4th quarter
UK--Tebow pulled halfway through 3rd quarter
UGA--Tebow pulled 2 minutes into 4th quarter
USC--Tebow pulled in 3rd quarter
Vandy-- Tebow pulled into 3rd quarter
Citadel--Tebow pulled 2 minutes into 2nd quarter
FSU--Tebow pulled 2 minutes into 4th quarter

That's 10 of 12 games...

So please refrain from saying crap about "us southern guys" not watching football. Tebow hasn't played the fourth quarter of a game all but three games this year. So spare us your drivel about us "gater" fans running up the score when Tebow hasn't played a fourth quarter for OVER TWO MONTHS prior to the SEC Championship game.

Also, us "gater" fans do not understand that if you extrapolated the same passing attempts for each of the players Tebow would have 2 less TD passed but 12 more rushing TDs than Bradford.

If all you are talking about is stats, then maybe we should have given the trophy to Timmy Chang or BJ Symons a few years back. I mean they threw it a hundred times a game like Bradford.

Tebow is the personification of the Trophy, he is by far the "MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER" in college football in every aspect of his game, character, and attitude.

Posted by: BigPlayChad8 | Dec 9, 2008 2:39:06 PM

Hey oklahoma fans!!!!! Tebow is a man he plays at a real college. Sam Bradford is still a boy and plays for a BCS joke of a coach. What kind of redneck logic are figuring your stats from? How did you okies figure out how to work a computer? Bradford has no chance to win. Only men can receive the heisman! Tell ur wives to quit typing it in for you and go plow your fields!!!!!

Posted by: tebow rules!!!!!!!! | Dec 9, 2008 2:46:27 PM

How can you compare character and attitude, when you do not know any of the other candidates other than Tebow, and what you have seen on TV. I do appreciate the fact that Tebow seems to be a quality young man, but so are Sam and Colt.

Like I said earlier if you give Tebow the same number of passing attempts he still falls short of Bradford, and if you give Bradford the same number of rushing attempts he still beats Tebow. Bradford would have 19 rushing touchdowns and Tebow 12. As far as how much they each played in a game given the same attempts Bradford has done more with the opportunities.

Posted by: Beau | Dec 9, 2008 2:56:30 PM

Well according to this site Bradford is in the lead with Tebow second, so it seems that Bradford has a chance to win. As far as Tebow playing at a real college it seems that Oklahoma has a higher winning percentage and more national championships than Florida. It wasn't too long ago that Florida was the 3rd best football school in the State of Florida. Bradford may be young but if they both go pro Tebow will be looking up the draft board to see Bradfords name way above his.

Posted by: Beau | Dec 9, 2008 3:07:26 PM

Hey ou fans,

How do you know anything about Tebow and Mccoy? Do the rabbit ears on your black and white tv pick up those games? Anyone that lives in a state that has tornados and lives in tralers should be exempt from this website. The heisman embodys a leader and that is Tebow! He wills his team to win. Bradford takes signals from four people on sidelines. Take your stats and figure them out in the dirt in your driveway and then line up and take ur beating. Plus didnt ONE OF your HEISMAN WINNERs SIMS JUST SALE HIS HEISMAN ANYWAY!!! wHAT IS A SOONER ANYWAY?

Posted by: tebow rules!!!!!!!! | Dec 9, 2008 3:10:49 PM

If Tebow is "Superman", and the Best Player in the country... Then ask yourself???

How'd Superman lose to Unranked Ole Miss @ Home?

1. Sam Bradford (The best passing efficiency in NCAA for the past 2 years, Incredible passing stats/ despite sharing the ball with (2) Thousand yard rushers)

2. Tim Tebow (As a former Heisman, you have to consider him lethal, Great leader, and motivator... Probably should be a "fullback", but team filled with talent, and the fastest team in the nation... They should be undefeated.. Right?

3. Colt McCoy(People claim, he has no help... What happened to the the great recruiting classes he's had the priveledge to be a part of??? Where's all them 5 star players? Oh, yeah.. Their still there, Texas went 11-1.. They are a very talented team.. It's not just McCoy

Posted by: Coach K | Dec 9, 2008 3:10:55 PM

It is what it is. Extrapolated or not. Hillbilly math or Gator math. It all comes out the same. Seems like Tebow fans are out of facts to justify why he should be the winner. Bradford is better in every category, the numbers are the facts. The hillbillies didn't come up with the numbers. Sam just happened to do better than Timmy, that's all. Both players have spent their equal time on the bench. So there's not an arguement there.

Posted by: Leck | Dec 9, 2008 3:17:00 PM

Been to Florida actually went to college in Gainesville, yes at the University of Florida. They have trailers in Florida also, as many as I have seen in Oklahoma. Also we may have tornadoes but you have hurricanes and sinkholes, so what does that have to do with Bradford outperforming Tebow. It doesn't matter how I watch the game I will just enjoy watching Bradford tear up the gators. Seemed Tebow had a little trouble willing his team to win against ole miss. Yes Oklahoma lost to Texas at a neutral site, but that doesn't compare to getting beat at the swamp by an unranked ole miss team.
1 Bradford
2 McCoy
3 Tebow

Posted by: Beau | Dec 9, 2008 3:22:07 PM

I just hope the heisman curse doesnt hit Tebow. He is the next Steve Young in the nfl. Bradford and Mccoy will be lucky to hold the ball on field goals. Now starting for the Toronto Arganauts Sam Bradford!!!!!!!!! Go GATORS!!!!!!

Posted by: tebow rules!!!!!!!! | Dec 9, 2008 3:22:35 PM

hummmmmmmmmmmm lets just look at the facts...... Who has more passing yards? Who has thrown more touchdowns? Who has the higher QB rating? Who has led their team to more points than any team EVER in the history of college football? Most of you have a beef with Oklahoma because they have more NC than you will ever see. The ones that are voting for Tebow are crazy to even mention his name against McCoy and Bradford. If McCoy wins it will be because of a sympathy vote here and there. There's noway he should win it over Bradford. LOOK AT THE NUMBERS, YARDS< QB RATING AND THE POINTS FROM THIS YEAR!!!! IT"S NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!! IF BRADFORD DONT WIN IT"S RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: rod | Dec 9, 2008 3:29:46 PM

Did you go to school at florida? Yea right, Cause if u did then you would be smart enuf to know that Tebow has more game changing plays than bradford and mcccoy combined. Bradford is only as good as players around him. Tebwo can carry his team. OU keeps putting out average qbs. WHITE

Posted by: tebow rules!!!!!!!! | Dec 9, 2008 3:29:54 PM

Does anyone else find it surprising that Colt McCoy has so few advocates on this thread? Even if no one else loved him, I would have thought Mack Brown would have some public relations major pumping out hype for McCoy.

Posted by: Roger | Dec 9, 2008 3:30:04 PM

Florida is going to smash OU. OU better just concede right now on there best day they couldn't beat Florida. My pick 52-38 Florida-I'm trying to be generous here OU fans.

Posted by: Darin | Dec 9, 2008 3:33:35 PM

OK, OU fans I'm sorry to have to say this but Florida is going to stomp OU into the ground. Sam Bradford hasn't seen DEFENSE the whole year and he is going to choke in the championchip. OU will need to have so much luck, the best game they've ever played and maybe Tebow injured to win this game. Otherwise we will hear about bad refs for the rest of our lives. My pick- 52-38 Gators. Sorry OU fans maybe next year. LOL

Posted by: Darin | Dec 9, 2008 3:44:27 PM

No way that Florida smashes OU just won't happen. On Oklahomas best day they blast Florida on a mediocre day its a close game. There is no need to be generous to OU fans, we will hang our eighth national championship in football on January 9th. We will add another Heisman tropy winner this Saturday night.

Posted by: Leck | Dec 9, 2008 3:45:28 PM

OU will win 39-33 that way it will sting Florida and also Texas, since that is the score of the game that cost them their shot at the National Championship. It is good to be a Sooner.

Posted by: Beau | Dec 9, 2008 3:49:50 PM

Rachel, you say Sam Bradford is the best, but he hasn't played a REAL defense all year. Florida is #2 in the country in int's and just wait till the national championchip. Bradford will be lucky to throw 1 int and 200 yards. Face the facts Bradford has been well protected all year long and not had to worry about defense. Florida will eat him alive.(: Like I said the score OU will be lucky to score 40 point and their defense couldn't hold Florida under 50.

Posted by: Darin | Dec 9, 2008 3:56:22 PM

TCU had a pretty good defense also and Oklahoma scored 35 on them. Oklahoma just has too many weapons for Florida to hold them under 40. Should be a good game can't wait for it to start.

Sunday Morning Headlines

Bradford wins Heisman

Posted by: Leck | Dec 9, 2008 4:01:35 PM

Actually Darin. When we played TCU they had the #1 defense in the nation. You say Florida is going to thomp us, who is a REAL team that they have played all year? and how many of the teams that they have played is in the top 25? OU has 6 that they have played. Just shows you Sam Bradford is a little bit better than Sam Bradford. Here let me prove it.

Sam Bradford #14 QB

2008 STATS
186.29 4,464 48

7,585 84

Tim Tebow #15 QB

2008 STATS
176.74 2,515 28

6,159 65

Next time you say something to me about Tim Tebow and his gators being better than Sam Bradford and his sooners...look at facts

Posted by: Rachel | Dec 9, 2008 4:50:46 PM

Brad, I have put Tim Tebows stats now because my cousin Darin seems to think that there is something to compare

Posted by: Rachel | Dec 9, 2008 4:53:17 PM

Man, everyone seems to think that Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow are good. That must mean that Sam Bradford is OUTSTANDING!

Posted by: Rachel | Dec 9, 2008 4:56:18 PM

Why don't you post ALL the touchdown statistics.

Tebow rushing touchdowns = 2007 (23) 2008 (12)

Bradford rushing touchdowns = 2007 (0) 2008 (5)

Posted by: Kevin | Dec 9, 2008 5:01:51 PM

Does it not surprise anyone that no one has bothered to try and temper Bradford's numbers with the argument that he was in the game in the 4th quarter when they had comfortable leads many times. Colt is getting punished because Mack Brown called the dogs off and pulled McCoy out early in the 4th quarter all the time. He was comfortable winning by 30 instead of running up the score. I find it disgusting that no one has had the gumption to criticize Oklahoma more openly for their lack of class and sportsmanship. But I guess it worked. Running up the score and not having class got them to the Championship Game and will most likely land Bradford the Heisman. I can't wait to coach my son and teach him its okay to run up the score and that winning by 40 is the way to go. Also amazes me that folks conveniently forget that Oklahoma played a good game in Dallas and got handled 45-35. Not a let down game, they just flat out got beat.

Posted by: Joel | Dec 9, 2008 7:03:04 PM

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