Dennis Dixon: Vote for McFadden

At the Eugene Register-Guard, the hometown paper for the Oregon Ducks, voter George Schroeder decided to put Dennis Dixon down as his #2 pick. And then, he asked Dennis Dixon who should get the #1 pick.

Both guys are spectacular. Tebow threw 29 touchdown passes, ran for 22 more. McFadden piled up 1,725 yards and 15 touchdowns, threw for four TDs, caught a TD pass. As important as the stats, both guys make you go “wow.”

But who’s No. 1? I can’t decide. So finally, I turn to someone else.

Fifty-four Heisman winners were eligible to vote this year. If Dixon had won, he’d have started voting next year. So he might as well get a chance now.

What do you think, Dennis?

His answer is immediate: “Darren McFadden.”

What about Tebow?

“McFadden, he brings so much to the game,” Dixon says. “He can run the ball, he can throw the ball. He’s a tremendous athlete. ... Everything that you want in a player, he’s got.”

Good enough. With Dixon’s help, my ballot: 1. Darren McFadden. 2. Dennis Dixon. 3. Tim Tebow.

Kari Chisholm | December 5, 2007 | Comment on This Post (14 so far)
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Tebow can run and throw the ball, too, Dennis.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 5, 2007 11:32:06 AM

George (and D. Dixon) Tebow can also bench press over 400 lbs, and played in HS with a broken leg, and in his most recent game - against FSU - with a broken thumb/hand.... Lets see you (Dixon) or McFadden do that.

Oh, and IF either breaks the Tebow record of 29 pass TD/22 rush TD in a single season...we just wont use that stat when suggesting you win the Heisman, because obviously its totally worthless. Good god, what an idiot.

Posted by: Trail | Dec 5, 2007 12:33:10 PM

Somebody is jealous!

Posted by: Daniel | Dec 5, 2007 12:47:08 PM

So George can't decide whether to pick McFadden or Tebow for his number one spot - the winner gets his #1 slot while the loser gets the #3 slot? Does that make any sense? Hmmm. Let's see - the top two guys are M and T, so if I put one of them at #1, the other obviously falls into the #3 slot. Makes sense, right? Uh, no.

There's got to be a better way to select who votes on the Heisman, just like there's got to be a better way to run the BCS (LSU jumping from #7 to #2 is ridiculous! But, it happened because the talking heads on ESPN made it happen).

Dixon's choice is interesting, too. Don't pick Tebow for Heisman, cuz that means that I wasn't the best quarterback in the nation. If Tebow wins, I'm no better than the 2nd best QB.

Posted by: Cub Fan | Dec 5, 2007 1:04:35 PM

Using Dixon's rational would lead to picking Tebow - maybe Dixon IS an idiot & actually spelled Tebow wrong in his head & when it came out of his mouth it sounded like McFadden...

Posted by: Mike | Dec 5, 2007 1:15:26 PM

I dont think Tebow should win the Heisman when he didn't even win offensive player of the year in his conference.

Posted by: Brandon | Dec 5, 2007 2:06:17 PM

The coaches felt bad for DMAC so they give him a parting gift. Anyone who leads arguably the #1 offense in the nation and accounts for 51 TDs and doesn't win OPOY in his league is a joke.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 5, 2007 2:11:55 PM

Hmmmm...Tebow led the SEC in Total Offense, Scoring and TD's Accounted For and isn't the Offensive POY?


Posted by: GATORooski | Dec 5, 2007 4:59:47 PM

The offensive player of the year is different from the most outstanding player of the year (Heisman). Tebow brings so much more to the game than McFadden does. People compare Tebow to Daniel/Brennan or Tebow to McFadden, and that's just it - Tebow is as good as either one of the top QB candidates or the top RB candidate. We haven't seen someone like this since Hershel Walker.

Posted by: Mike | Dec 5, 2007 5:09:24 PM

Im sorry but I guess just dont get it...why does a person have to be stupid or idiots because they dont agree with you on Tebow for the Heisman? Everybody is not blinded by this man love you Gator fans have for Tebow! He didnt get the SEC player of the yr by the coaches because THEY understand that the DEVIL is in the details!! He played behind a great OFFENSIVE line in a spread offense, with physical ability it vry difficult to tackle him one on one. He is tough in short yardage situations if not unstoppable...with just enough elusiveness to be great on the run. Cause he isnt that fast!! While your other key players WR and RBs did the grunt work Tebow got the short yardage and the glory (TDs). I do think his passing yards and (passing)TDs are good show of his ability. However again those short yardage TDs (<5) Percy or any of the RBs you have could have walked into the endzone behind your O-Lines. Its easy for the QB or coach to call your play after your OTHER team mates get you the redzone to the goal. You did the same crap when you would pull Chris Leak out in the red zone last yr. Why because he is most effective on short yardage situations. If you really want to WOW folks outside of Florida, have him break a few runs for 60 or 75 yards then maybe the rest of the world would be impressed with his 4.3 speed (joke), so all you flipping gator FANs quit your whining its just a discussion forum their is enough of you (see Gary Danielson) voting that may feel like you and GIVE it to him. If he is really as good as you THINK he is then lets see him do it next yr...LIKE Darren McFadden his numbers went up every year even while sharing the glory.
Oh please do not put him in the same catagory as Hershel, because he doesnt have the kinda speed nor your RB arguement wont fly, DUDE! (see Darren for that comparison)!

Posted by: SECfan | Dec 5, 2007 11:59:29 PM

So Tebow ran a bunch of quarterback sneaks. How many 70 yard runs did he have? Or how many 320+ yard rushing games?

Posted by: Servius | Dec 6, 2007 12:43:13 PM

What? Say that again?

McFadden has completed 6 of 9 passes this year; so that is good enough to qualify him as a complete all around player in 12 games?

Then, to vote Tebow third tells me only that this voter never watched any films, and is casting a ballot based on bias and misinformation.

What a joke. A joke.

Posted by: Art Skeels | Dec 6, 2007 8:05:07 PM

If George Schroeder has to consult a player on how he should vote, the Heisman Committee should question George's qualifications for being alloted a voting privilege in the first place. I'm certain there are many well qualified students of the game that could objectively follow the season and make reasonable judgments without having to ask for help with the decision.

Posted by: youknowwhoiam | Dec 6, 2007 9:41:45 PM

So Dennis likes McFadden because he can run and throw? Tebow has run for more TD's than McFadden. Tebow has thrown for more TD's than McFadden. Oh, and Tebow has also done it in the mighty SEC, conference of all conferences,so the McFaddenites can't play that card. Looks to me like Tebow is the better player. I hope the majority of Heisman voters agree.

Posted by: Will | Dec 8, 2007 8:39:00 AM

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