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Kari Chisholm | November 1, 2007 | Comment on This Post (36 so far)
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I like to promote the candidate that is most deserving. Tebow has been incredible for Florida. Missouri QB Chase Daniel. is no doubt the #2 fav behind Tebow for the Heisman trophy. He must beat Kansas or its goob-bye for his hopes.

Posted by: Dave | Nov 23, 2007 1:28:15 AM

How could the H----- Trophy go to anyone else but Tebow. In spite of a three losses this season, look at his performance all year even in those three losses, some of those games played with injury's. I watched all of the Nationally televised games with Tebow in them & have been an avid College Football fan for over 40 years. I am very impressed with his passing & great running ability. Just for the record, I am not a Florida {Gator's} Football fan but I do know & respect "Great" tallent when I see it. VOTERS, GET IT RIGHT & VOTE FOR THIS BIG {TEBOW} GATOR!

Posted by: Louis Tijerina | Nov 24, 2007 7:27:54 AM

"Consider that USC's Matt Leinart won the H------ in 2004 with 28 touchdown passes and teammate Reggie Bush won the next year with 15 touchdown runs.

Tebow has more than both of them, in each category, in one year -- a H------ year."


Posted by: Richard T | Nov 26, 2007 2:09:48 PM

Chase Daniel just stated on the Dan Patrick show that if he had a vote he would vote for TEBOW

Posted by: Richard T | Nov 28, 2007 9:46:37 AM

Tebow is unreal. He has done something that no other QB in the HISTORY of college football has ever done (20 running and 20 passing TDs). Yes, he's only a sophomore, but this trophy should go the best player in the country, period. This year, Tebow is that person without a doubt and he has proven that each and every week. Even when the Gators lost. Do not assume that he will have his time and place later because you don't know what the future holds.

Posted by: Jason | Dec 1, 2007 9:36:10 PM

If the trophy goes to the toughest football player, then Tebow is that guy (either him or Jacob Hester of LSU). Tebow played all of the second half of the FSU game with a broken hand...and he still threw for a TD and ran for another.


Posted by: brian | Dec 1, 2007 9:39:46 PM

HE15MAN!!! No longer when, but rather how many?

Posted by: kevin | Dec 4, 2007 12:45:19 PM

Consider this.. McFadden had 15 rushing touchdowns, 1 receiving touchdown, and 4 passing touchdowns. That equals 20 total touchdowns. Now, I know running backs don't put up nearly as many touchdowns as quarterbacks, but honestly, McFadden's 20 is over 10 less than even half of Tebow's 51 touchdowns. Tim Tebow, in reality, has just about half of the rushing yards McFadden has, and he's a quarterback.

You can't overlook what Tebow had done. Plain and simple.

One more thing.. in three of McFadden's loses (I even took the three "best" loses -- I didn't take the one in which he had 47 rushing yards), he averaged 176 yards per game. Tebow averaged 246 yards per game in Florida's three loses.

Give him the trophy, Sophomore or not.

Posted by: Cody | Dec 4, 2007 4:55:43 PM

I thought that the Heisman Trophy was for best player? Why is Ray Rice at the bottom of the list? Consider his consistent stats over the past three years and tell me he belongs at the bottom. Rutgers did not have a great year but Rices'stats speak it loud and clear he is at the top of the running back game!

Posted by: fair4all | Dec 5, 2007 2:00:58 AM

fair4all, it doesn't matter what Rice did in his three years, it matters what Rice did this year. They don't look at his stats for the past years. In that case, Tebow wouldn't be on the list. It's given out every year to the most outstanding player in that college season.

Posted by: Cody | Dec 5, 2007 3:35:47 AM

We've seen some outstanding runningbacks and quarterbacks over the last 20 years but there is NO ONE that has put up the numbers that Tim Tebow has. He is, perhaps, an anomaly...I don't know that we'll ever see another like him. He's going to fun to watch over the next 2 years. Shoot, Tebow is one of the best runningbacks in the country! Just don't think you can overlook him this year, sophomore or not! That's not in the rules BTW.

Posted by: oldtimer | Dec 5, 2007 7:53:25 AM


If Brennan is a finalist, guess who goes with him. June "My system works" Jones. If Tebow wins I have a feeling Jones my get up a leave with disgust.

Posted by: chris | Dec 5, 2007 1:57:14 PM

If you produce "heisman like numbers" in every category you should recieve a " heisman like trophy."

51 22 29 838 3,132 6 217 317 68.5

So therE ya have it folks, i just have one thing to say: HE15MAN

Posted by: g8or4ife | Dec 6, 2007 12:21:21 AM

Note to Tim Brown:

1) You obviously didn't watch Tebow play at all this year. Not all of his TDs were 2 yard sneaks.

2) Even if they were, tell me how insignificant they are after watching Chase Daniel in the Big 12 Championship.

Posted by: MMG | Dec 6, 2007 5:49:24 AM

The most amazing thing to me is the clear and abundant "Homerism" that is shown in the voting for this word. Obviously, I feel that Tim Tebow is the number one candidate. I admit to being a "Homer". However, I can accept others seeing him as the second or third best player. The true "Homers" are those who have left Tim Tebow completely off their ballots. How far embedded does your skull need to be in your arse to fill out a ballot without Tim Tebow!

Posted by: G8rAlumz | Dec 6, 2007 8:47:32 AM

I have sat in the same seats in the swamp for 38 years and in my opinion Tim Tebow is by far the best college football player i have EVER seen.

Posted by: Lance Rickerson | Dec 6, 2007 3:16:58 PM

I have sat in the same seats in the swamp for 38 years and in my opinion Tim Tebow is by far the best college football player i have EVER seen.

Posted by: Lance Rickerson | Dec 6, 2007 3:18:08 PM

I have sat in the same seats in the swamp for 38 years and in my opinion Tim Tebow is by far the best college football player i have EVER seen.

Posted by: Lance Rickerson | Dec 6, 2007 3:23:13 PM

Troy Smith's ballot doesn't even list Tebow. Guess he's still ticked about getting punked out of the National Championship by Leakbow and Co.

Get over it, bitterman.

Posted by: Brent | Dec 7, 2007 8:16:33 AM

Im pretty sure that any other QB would have done the same in the Florida system and lost 3 games.. put other players in the other systems and the clear winner of the Heisman shouldnt be Teblow or Brennan or McFadden... Chase Daniel did the most with the least out of any of these teams and lost to the same team twice...
My ballott would be 1.) Chase Daniel 2.) James Laurinaitis 3.) Todd Ressing

Posted by: Ben | Dec 7, 2007 9:04:30 AM

Ben, you are clearly what I would classify as a "Homer". If anyone could perform the same as Tebow in the "Florida system", then what was Chris Leak's problem? He, and "any other QB" would NOT have done the same in the "Florida" system, as evidenced last season. Regardless, Tebow IS one of the top three players in the country this year and your proposed ballot exposes you as a "Homer". Finally, the award isn't for doing "the most with the least", it is for "the most outstanding player". Chase may be the most outstanding booger eater this year and possibly the most outstanding football player, but leaving Tebow off your list completely makes you ignorant AND a "Homer".

Posted by: G8rAlumz | Dec 7, 2007 11:57:17 AM

Ben, you are crazy. Good thing you dont have a vote. Daniel?? Did you not watch the last game he played when he threw to the sidelines more then to his players?? Please...I wish he could have played the SEC defenses all year! If so he would not have over 4,000 yards passing or over 30 TDs thats for sure. Quit being a HOMER! Tebow will win the Heisman cause he was the best player for all 12 weeks.

Posted by: Scott | Dec 7, 2007 3:12:25 PM

TEBOW FOR HE15MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will win in a landside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: J.T. | Dec 7, 2007 5:26:50 PM

I love this site... wish I woulda found out about it before this year.

Eitherway, I'm all for Tebow for the win. If he for some reason does not receive it than McFadden better win it.

Screw Colt Brennan and his cocky head coach June Jones... he plays a weak schedule, and his coach had to open his fat mouth and call out another heisman contender.

Enjoy Sept. 30th June Jones, Tebow will be waiting for you.

Posted by: Jeremy | Dec 7, 2007 8:04:13 PM

Tebow deserves the trophy. His number speak for themselves. Brennan doesn't deserve it, Hawaii had the weakest schedule (119th) you could have. Put him up against SEC defenses and see how he does.


Posted by: Matt | Dec 7, 2007 9:19:49 PM

Tebow gave Florida a stiff-arm on a return trip to the National Championship as he lead them to a 3 loss season in defense of the National Championship. I do love his stats...especially the ones in the L column!

Posted by: Kirk | Dec 8, 2007 5:47:37 AM

All I can say is becareful of another Jones trying to pass out koolaid.

Posted by: Vaughn | Dec 8, 2007 6:51:04 AM


Posted by: Gary | Dec 8, 2007 10:21:58 AM

Kirk, your take on Tebow giving FL the stiff-arm is crazy! The reason FL didnt repeat is all the Defense left!! Defense wins Championships. I believe the Gators proved that last year...at least Ohio St fans believe that.

Posted by: scott | Dec 8, 2007 11:04:33 AM

Why the hell does O.J. Simpson get a vote? This is most certainly a privledge that should be taken away from that son of a bitch! Does anyone know if there is a way to contact the H------- people and request that this stupid murderous bully be excluded completly from the process. I don't think college football wants to have anything to do with such a scum bag, much less a signifgant award like the H------- Trophy!

Posted by: Adam | Dec 8, 2007 11:23:53 AM

Tommy Tuberville - "You can score 20 [rushing] touchdowns if, every time you get the ball inside the five, they call your number."

This comment has been typical from the anti-Tebow crowd, claiming that since he scored many or most of his rushing touchdowns in goal-line situations, they don't mean as much. What people should be focusing on is that the guy was so damned *efficient* at scoring from there. People act like Urban Meyer called Tebow's number and risked his starting QB's ass over and over again inside the five yard line this season just to pad his stats.

The real reason Meyer kept calling Tebow runs is that a touchdown from five yards out or less in 2 or 3 tries with Tim Tebow is probably about as close to automatic as Florida's place kicker hitting the extra point afterward. And for most of the season, this was with the entire opposing defense KNOWING IT WAS COMING!!! I don't know of many other quarterbacks in recent memory who have been able to do anything similar.

Next year, even with a talented tailback to carry more of the rushing load, I expect Tebow will still be Florida's goal line back.

Posted by: Joe | Dec 8, 2007 1:02:47 PM

33 of 41 years going back to 1967 the Walter Camp Award winner won the Heisman. No double Doak Walker Award winner was shut out of the Heisman, in history.
From 1990 through 2006 the Heisman was won 13 of 17 times by the candidate that won the Walter Camp Award. From 1990 through 2006 the Heisman was won every time a candidate won both the Walter Camp and the Doak Walker Award except in 2002. In 2002 Larry Johnson won the Walter Camp, Doak Walker and the Maxwell awards but did not get the Heisman. They gave it to Carson Palmer who also did not win the OBrien Award. From 1990 through 2006 the Heisman was won only twice with a single OBrien award (Chris Weinke 2000 and Jason White 2003). From 1967 through 2006 the Heisman was won only once after winning the OBrien and Maxwell only (Ty Detmer 1990). Ty Detmer did not go up against a winner of both the Walter Camp and Doak Walker awards. I watched Ty play. Tebow is no Ty Detmer, yet. No underclassman has ever won the award before 2007. McFadden’s awards (Doak Walker Award winner, the Walter Camp Player of the Year, the SEC Coaches Offensive Player of the Year and an AFCA, Sporting News Player of the Year, Walter Camp and Rivals first-team All-American, plus more). Summary: The journalists, sportscasters, and sportswriters gave the wrong player the trophy. Each region has 145 media votes, for a total of 870 votes. They created or followed a storyline and avoided talking about Darren (while hurt) during mid-season so Tebow could build steam.
In 1997, Charles Woodson only won the Walter Camp Award and beat out Peyton Manning who won both the OBrien and Maxwell awards. Matt Leinart did the same thing again to Jason White in 2004. Anyone with a clear conscience should be ashamed to cheat Darren McFadden out of a well deserve award. Three years of performance to Tebow’s one. Darren should have won it in 2006 but again a storyline for Troy wouldn’t die. The Hesiman trust should have verified all the votes with a little more scrutiny and avoided bias. The Heisman is a little weaker without Darren McFadden. Since this was such a historical vote the Heisman trust should have realized the same thing we did. Any journalist, sportscaster, and sportswriter voter that placed Darren McFadden off the list as a 3-2-1 candidate is suspect. Based on all the awards he got you should question those that did not vote him #1 or #2. By making the process more transparent it can only enhance the prestigious award.

Posted by: Phil | Dec 10, 2007 9:51:59 AM

When you read these Tebow posts it is clear my posting bears out the truth. Sheep following a blind leader. They get behind misleading stats and disrespect the other players at Florida. 12 TDs inside the 3 yardline. QB sneaks at the goal line doesn't impress me much. Half the amount of TDs and Colt. Get off the crack.

Posted by: Phil | Dec 10, 2007 11:17:31 AM

well ya'll can say all you want...bottom line is TEBOW WON! No go cry else where.

Posted by: scott | Dec 12, 2007 10:21:56 AM

Tebow won but he was not the best player. McFadden is the best player in college football in many, many years, not just this one.

You also can't discount what Tuberville says. He is an SEC coach. He sees both of them. Granted maybe not all of Tebow's td runs were under 5 yards but most of them were. The coaches were more worried about McFadden than they were Tebow.

Plus you have to look at Florida apparently paying for the services of ESPN to constantly talk about Tebow. It was just sad. ESPN basically won the Heisman for Tebow.

And, you want to talk about "HOMERS". Sissy Spurrier didn't even vote for McFadden even though he got whiplash watching him run up and down the field against him on his way to an SEC record 321 rushing yards. Could little Timmy do that? I doubt it.

Finally, you can't compare the total yards of a qb to a rb and if you do, you are just stupid. Tebow played well into the second half of his blow out wins against their cupcakes. McFadden was usually done by halftime. If you want to compare something, Tebow was involved in around 75% of Florida's offense to McFadden's 35% or so.

Just face it, McFadden lost because he plays at Arkansas plain and simple. Not because Tebow was better!!! Chalk yet another one up for ESPN.

Posted by: Joe | Dec 12, 2007 9:07:31 PM

Hello? Bueller? Are you doing it this year?

Posted by: Ms. A | Dec 3, 2008 4:50:27 PM

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