63 ballots: Still very close...

Well, in our early-morning Tuesday update, we're now up to 63 ballots - and Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford are still very, very close, with Colt McCoy right behind.

We're also now seeing the appearance of wide receivers Michael Crabtree and Percy Harvin for the first time.

I'm traveling home today from Los Angeles (where I was at the USC/UCLA game), so updates will be sporadic mid-day -- but sending out an email to a bunch of voters right now, so expect a big bump tonight.

Oh, and we've now posted our Big Chart on every vote that we've found. Let us know if we've missed any!

Kari Chisholm | December 9, 2008 | Comment on This Post (37 so far)
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This is unbelievable. Tebow is an annoying fullback who lobs ducks to wide opened receivers thanks to Meyer's brilliant gimmicky schemes. Bradford has already set the ALL-TIME NCAA record for pass efficiency, led his offense to be the highest scoring EVER, leads the country with 48 TDS (almost twice as many as Tebow) against only 6 picks, and does it in a pro-style (i.e., non-gimicky offense where he doesnt get to run the easy jump pass play on the goal line).

This is absurd. Bradford's stats dwarf the last 10 heisman trophy winning QBs, and dwarf Tebows even more. He stands out in the SEC because the offenses in that league are pathetic, just like these votes for him.

Posted by: J G | Dec 9, 2008 10:37:43 AM

I am surprised Tebow is this close to Bradford. Tebow's stats are about half of what he accomplished last year. He is an exceptional player but to leave Bradford off the Heisman ballot like some voters are doing is criminal.

Posted by: David | Dec 9, 2008 11:37:51 AM

Tebow is a hell of a player, and saying otherwise is simply ignorance. Calling Tebow a product of the system, yet Bradford isn't? He has all day to throw thanks to the best offensive line in college football, has two thousand yard backs in Murray and Brown, and has the best TE in the nation on his team in Gresham.

Numbers aren't everything, and it's clear as daylight that nobody in the Big-12 plays defense.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 9, 2008 11:52:41 AM

How about Harrell? Bradford has 100 less attempts & Graham has a better completion percentage (71%) vs. Bradford (68%). Toughness- breaks two fingers in 17 places in the 2Q of Baylor & tapes up at the half to lead the team to a win in the 2nd half.

Posted by: okredraider | Dec 9, 2008 12:32:55 PM


Pass Efficiency Defense - 110th (149.11)
Total Defense - 111th (442.50)
Scoring Defense - 112th (37.92)
Pass Defense - 62nd (202.00)


Pass Efficiency Defense - 28th (112.92)
Total Defense - 26th (316.08)
Scoring Defense - 26th (20.15)
Pass Defense - 68th (212.08)


Pass Efficiency Defense - 115th (155.64)
Total Defense - 110th (451.75)
Scoring Defense - 116th (38.58)
Pass Defense - 66th (211.17)


Pass Efficiency Defense - 4th (96.61)
Total Defense - 2nd (215.08)
Scoring Defense - 2nd (10.92)
Pass Defense - 9th (166.42)


Pass Efficiency Defense - 87th (137.16)
Total Defense - 87th (393.17)
Scoring Defense - 85th (29.33)
Pass Defense - 102nd (255.25)


Pass Efficiency Defense - 59th (124.88)
Total Defense - 50th (339.92)
Scoring Defense - 20 (18.58)
Pass Defense - 109th (266.33)


Pass Efficiency Defense - 73rd (129.92)
Total Defense - 94th (402.17)
Scoring Defense - 87th (29.50)
Pass Defense - 113th (275.50)

Kansas State

Pass Efficiency Defense - 93rd (138.27)
Total Defense - 117th (479.08)
Scoring Defense - 110th (35.83)
Pass Defense - 105th (261.42)


Pass Efficiency Defense - 89th (137.54)
Total Defense - 66th (361.50)
Scoring Defense - 83rd (29.17)
Pass Defense - 90th (235.67)

Texas A&M

Pass Efficiency Defense - 107th (144.41)
Total Defense - 113th (461.92)
Scoring Defense - 114th (37.42)
Pass Defense - 93rd (242.67)

Texas Tech

Pass Efficiency Defense - 69th (127.46)
Total Defense - 72nd (371.58)
Scoring Defense - 68th (26.25)
Pass Defense - 91st (238.08)

Oklahoma State

Pass Efficiency Defense - 77th (131.01)
Total Defense - 86th (392.25)
Scoring Defense - 70th (26.92)
Pass Defense - 110th (268.50)


Pass Efficiency Defense - 81st (133.07)
Total Defense - 99th (414.23)
Scoring Defense - 75th (27.54)
Pass Defense -117th (285.31)


Pass Efficiency Defense - 132.15, approximate NCAA rank: 81st
Total Defense - 389.08, approximate NCAA rank: 82nd
Scoring Defense - 28.32, approximate NCAA rank: 79th
Pass Defense - 223.78, approximate NCAA rank: 83rd

You can argue that offenses in the SEC are poor this year. There are SEVEN teams replacing QBs, from last year, and FOUR teams installing new offensive systems. That said, there have been FIVE teams consistently in the top-25 in DEFENSE over the past 10 seasons (2007 - 5, 2006 - 5, 2005 - 5, 2004 - 5 ..etc..). There are FIVE again this year.

You will not see any first-year QBs catching a break against the defenses in the SEC. So while SEC offenses are down this year (look at the numbers last year -- 2007 FOUR SEC teams in the top-15 of scoring offense), the likelihood of defenses being down is not sane. The reality is defense in this league has always been high and it's harder for new QBs to look good against them.

I think Bradford is a good QB, but his numbers are HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.

Posted by: gatorpower | Dec 9, 2008 12:46:48 PM

please gator. Its clear that this year's Big 12 is one of the most prolific offensive conferences in history (actually THE MOST PROLIFIC, as BRADFORD is setting all kinds of records). Thus, of course the Big 12 defenseive numbers are skewed. By the same token, as you mention, the SEC big bad defenses are average ones that look great thanks to absolutely pathetic offenses and QBs. In fact, the whole SEC sucks this year. 2 ranked teams? Thats embarassing. Your duck-throwing fullback who is always yelling at people is just as surrounded by talent as Bradford is. You think he could make those JUMP PASSES if it wasnt for Meyer's schemes and the great blocking up front? Do you see Bradford throwing easy jump passes?? Please. Tebow is a joke! I will be embarrassed for college football and lose all respect for this award if that clown wins it.

Posted by: J G | Dec 9, 2008 1:10:41 PM

"This is unbelievable. Tebow is an annoying fullback who lobs ducks to wide opened receivers thanks to Meyer's brilliant gimmicky schemes."

I'm sorry, but that's just an ignorant comment from an OU homer. Have you ever even watched Tebow play? Did you see the SECCG? As a Bama fan, it broke my heart, but Tebow made 3 PERFECT TD throws. All of them were well covered and he still made the play. And he was under pressure all game long. Bradford is a fine player but everytime I watch him he has so much time in the pocket, he could make cocktails for the whole OL and still make the throw. We'll see how he does when he faces a pretty tough Florida front 7. Let's not forget what happened when Troy Smith finally faced an SEC defense.

Posted by: RollTide | Dec 9, 2008 1:12:09 PM

Efficiency...Comp / Att ....Pct ....Yds ... TD .. Int

Sam Bradford-2008 186.29* ..... 302 / 442 ... 68.3 .. 4464 .. 48 .. 6

*all-time NCAA record

Past 10 Winners ....Pass.Eff......Comp / Att .... Pct ..Yds ... TD .. Int

Tim Tebow ----- 2007 172.46 .... 234 / 350 ... 66.9 ..3286 .. 32 ... 6
Troy Smith ----- 2006 161.91 .... 203 / 311 ... 65.3 ..2542 .. 30 ... 6
Matt Leinart ---- 2004 156.54 .... 269/ 412 ... 65.3 ..3322 ... 33 ... 6
Jason White ---- 2003 158.11 .... 278 / 451 ... 61.6 ..3846 .. 40 .. 10
Carson Palmer -- 2002 149.08 .... 309 / 489 ... 63.2 ..3942 .. 33 .. 10
Eric Crouch ---- 2001 124.31 .....105 / 189 ... 55.6 ..1510 ... 7 ... 10
Chris Weinke --- 2000 163.09 .... 266 / 431 ... 61.7 ..4167 .. 33 .. 11
Danny Wuerffel - 1996 170.6 ...... 207 / 360 ... 57.5 ..3625 .. 39 .. 13
Charlie Ward --- 1993 157.84 .....264 / 380 ... 69.5 ..3032 ... 27 ... 4
Gino Toretta --- 1992 132.8 ...... 228 / 402 ... 56.7 ..3060 .. 19 ... 7

Thats all.

Posted by: J G | Dec 9, 2008 1:12:50 PM

Nobody cares what Tebow's passes look like. The fact of the matter is that he beat the #1 team in the nation on a neutral field without his best playmaker (and one of the best in the entire nation). He single handidly led Florida to victory in that game and was deadly accurate on all his throws.

Yeah, Bradford isn't a product of the system he's in. Give me a break you friggin' homer.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 9, 2008 1:13:25 PM

At the end of the day.... Bradford will be the only star NFL player of anyone of these other guys up for the trophy.

Posted by: daddy | Dec 9, 2008 1:38:35 PM

J G,

I thought you were being sarcastic at first, but it's clear you're delusional. There are SIX QBs from the Big XII in the top-15 for passing efficiency. Now, you can convince me that Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford are good QBs, but you CAN NOT convince me that Zac Robinson or Joe Ganz are.

Iowa State sucks. Their only wins came against Division IAA teams. They are 2-10. Conventional logic suggests that their team sucks, but by your logic, I am not allowed to say that.

How can a team that sucks have the 29th-ranked passing offense? How can a 5-7 team (with three wins against North Texas, Montana St. and La.-Lafayette) have the 19th-ranked passing offense? That's Kansas State, btw.

How can they lose to Oklahoma by 3 touchdowns and still PASS for 478 yards against Oklahoma's defense? How can Texas give up 415 yards of offense to UTEP? Or Missouri give up 500+ yards PASSING to a 5-7 Illinois team?

If you take away EVERY CONFERENCE GAME AGAINST top-25 offenses, the Big XII defense is still giving up 350+ yards on defense.

At some point, you have to concede that Big XII teams statistically suck at defense because they realistically suck at defense.

Posted by: gatorpower | Dec 9, 2008 1:40:19 PM

Something that is over-looked in declaring all these SEC defenses superior to the Big XII, and that is the yards per play. Actually, when you look at that stat...the Big XII is better than the SEC. The only reason the total yards are so high is that the Big XII (and compare this in non-conf. games for both as well) has the most prolific offenses in history this year. This is not the result of weak defenses (again, compare non-conf. games of both), rather, the offensive totals are more the result of a huge number of possesions. When you score a point a minute, as does Oklahoma, the opposing team has many more possesions and therefore more total yards by far. However, look at what they get per play and you'll see that the "weak defense" story is just a mere myth.

Posted by: Jack | Dec 9, 2008 1:55:57 PM

The QB at Rice has better stats than the duck chunker at Florida.

Posted by: daddy | Dec 9, 2008 2:01:23 PM


Some numbers for you. Yards-per-play:

1 - 4.07, Tennessee (SEC)
2 - 4.21, Alabama (SEC)
3 - 4.40, Florida (SEC)
4 - 4.54, Mississippi (SEC)
5 - 4.70, South Carolina (SEC)
T6 - 4.91, Auburn (SEC)
T6 - 4.91, Vanderbilt (SEC)
8 - 5.02, LSU (SEC)
9 - 5.06, Oklahoma (Big XII)
10 - 5.10, Kentucky (SEC)
11 - 5.12, Mississippi State (SEC)
12 - 5.14, Georgia (SEC)
13 - 5.21, Texas (Big XII)
14 - 5.30, Baylor (Big XII)
15 - 5.33, Missouri (Big XII)
16 - 5.43, Oklahoma State (Big XII)
17 - 5.46, Texas Tech (Big XII)
18 - 5.48, Colorado (Big XII)
19 - 5.57, Arkansas (SEC)
20 - 5.65, Kansas (Big XII)
21 - 5.86, Nebraska (Big XII)
22 - 6.21, Kansas State (Big XII)
23 - 6.46, Texas A&M (Big XII)
24 - 6.72, Iowa State (Big XII)

Posted by: gatorpower | Dec 9, 2008 2:22:59 PM

I didn't know the Heisman Trophy was for the "best pro prospect" or "who throws the prettiest ball", but thanks for clarifying that.

lol @ comparing some QB from C-USA to Tim Tebow. Some people on here truly are clueless about football.

Tebow = duck throwing FB who is a product of the system and the SEC offenses suck. Bradford = greatest QB in collegiate history and throws a pretty ball. Also, Big-12 defenses don't suck, their offenses are just that good.

I can't wait until Florida destroys Choklahoma in the title game. Maybe then you'll give Tebow the respect he deserves.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 9, 2008 2:41:13 PM

Tebow will get respect when he earns it. Not by throwing up jump passes to wide opened tight ends on gimmick jungle ball plays that only one team in the history of football has ever run. I'll give all the respect in the world to Meyer for being a brilliant x and o scheme guy, but Tebow is a fullback who throws ducks to wide opened receivers in a league where all you need to win is score 2 TDs against teams that aren't even close to being ranked.

I cant wait until all of your alleged 4.1 speed thugs and duck-throwing fullback/QB meet the best college offense of all time and discover that your defense is just an above-average one in a pathetic league (this year).

We can meet back here January 9th. Until then, believe whatever helps you sleep at night and keep dreaming about jump-passes.

Posted by: J G | Dec 9, 2008 3:08:30 PM

Yeah, Tebow is merely a product of the system. That's why he was a 5-star recruit in high school and had USC, Michigan, Alabama, and LSU all recruiting him heavily as their QB of the future. You're right, though, he can't throw the ball.

Just because he doesn't always throw a pretty spiral doesn't mean he can't throw the football. I'd put his deep ball up against any QB in college football, including the almighty Bradford.

And, for the record, Oklahoma has lost its last four BCS Bowl games, two of which came to West Virginia and Boise State. Gator fans aren't worried in the least about the Sooners.

In addition, Tebow doesn't need respect because he's already earned it. He was the best player in college last year, and one of the best this year. People will remember him for his greatness in college while Bradford, unless he wins this game, will fade into oblviion. Thanks for playing.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 9, 2008 3:22:57 PM

J G says, "We can meet back here January 9th. Until then, believe whatever helps you sleep at night and keep dreaming about jump-passes."

If Tebow does NOTHING more than throw jump-passes against your wretched defense, he'll finish the night with over 500 yards passing. I still remember Pat White bringing the option game into the Fiesta Bowl WITHOUT A HEAD COACH and torching you guys. LOL

Posted by: gatorpower | Dec 9, 2008 3:24:56 PM

How will Bradford fade into oblivion when he is playing in the NFL. It seems that he is a hotter prospect than Tebow. The past does not ensure your future if it did Florida would still be the 3rd best team in the state of Florida. So what Oklahoma has done in the last four BCS games has nothing to do with the whooping they will put on Florida.

Posted by: Beau | Dec 9, 2008 4:09:39 PM

Why dont we look at performances versus top 25 teams? Oh wait, I forgot, T-bag and Florida only played one, and didnt even throw for more than 216 yds due to Florida's gimmicky easy short slants, stops, shovels, and screens to little shifty guys who get him yards by YAC... and lets not forget about this game:

Ole Miss (Sep. 27) 38 24 63.2 319 1 0 8.4 142.4

Florida lost because of Tebow, and he did nothing to help Florida from being dominated at Tennessee, who almost doubled florida in yards and first downs, as he was a very impressive 8/15 for 96 yds... please.

Im sure you will bring up Texas so here ya go: One of Bradford's best games of the year:
Texas (Oct. 11) 39 28 71.8 387 5 2 9.9 187.2

Also, Bradford smoked two defenses that are better than the best defense Florida faced all season long (Bama) in TCU and Texas for 800 yards passing and 9 TDs. I can go all night, but I'll stop here and rest easy until January 8th. Then you and all your other Tebowner friends will have to wait all offseason to try and take out your frustration on the pathetic SEC again...

Posted by: J G | Dec 9, 2008 4:29:11 PM

J G,

Florida played 5-ranked teams when the game was played (LSU #4, Georgia #6, South Carolina #25, Florida State #20, Alabama #1). Some of those teams were peaking when Florida played them, like LSU & Georgia. The losses dropped those teams, some out of the top-25 entirely (a blowout victory tends to do that).

Currently, in the BCS poll, Alabama is #4, Georgia is #15, and Mississippi is #25.

I also generally laugh at people who think Cincinnati and TCU are respectable teams because of their statistics. TCU would go .500 in most of the power conferences, as would Cincinnati. They are both well-coached teams and fundamentally-sound, but their players are mostly 3rd-tier. They can play 'tough' for a game here-and-there, but do not have the stamina for an entire season with strong opponents. They're ranked for the same reasons Utah, Boise State and Ball State were ranked: a good record against meaningless opponents.

And it's funny that you believe Florida was dominated at Tennessee, then you clearly have not seen the score or understand the defensive personnel that the Vols have. They're ranked 4th in total defense in the nation and Florida was up by 4 touchdowns to end the first half. Tebow then spent the entire second-half handing the ball off and then sitting on the bench unlike some Big XII teams who leave their starters in the entire game, whether they're up 35 points or not.

Posted by: gatorpower | Dec 9, 2008 5:09:33 PM

"5-ranked teams when the game was played"


Those are pretty accurate now huh?? Jeezus man. Get a hold of yourself.

Cinci and TCU alone beat every team on UF's schedule except Bama.

That really is funny though to include LSU, SC and FSU. Thanks for that laugh. I needed that after how saddening it is to see people actually voting for T-bag above legitimate QBs like Bradford and McCoy.

Posted by: J G | Dec 9, 2008 5:23:28 PM

J G,

I guess you lied when you said you were going to duck off this board until January 9th. lol Maybe you will in a couple hours when it's past your bedtime and your parents turn off your internet privileges. The fun part of all this for me is Florida will actually PLAY Chokelahoma in about a month so all your fantasies can be put to bed then.

If you have a message board you are a regular on, we can continue this there. Otherwise, you bring nothing to this discussion about the He15man.

Posted by: gatorpower | Dec 9, 2008 5:32:37 PM

Yep. Big fat liar. Good one. (I said we could meet back here Jan. 9th, not that I would "duck" off this board.) The only "duck"s are T-bags passes.

Just waiting for the updates to this thing (if they ever happen). Until then, enjoy the only stats needed:

Efficiency...Comp / Att ....Pct ....Yds ... TD .. Int

Sam Bradford-2008 186.29* ..... 302 / 442 ... 68.3 .. 4464 .. 48 .. 6

*all-time NCAA record

Past 10 Winners ....Pass.Eff......Comp / Att .... Pct ..Yds ... TD .. Int

Tim Tebow ----- 2007 172.46 .... 234 / 350 ... 66.9 ..3286 .. 32 ... 6
Troy Smith ----- 2006 161.91 .... 203 / 311 ... 65.3 ..2542 .. 30 ... 6
Matt Leinart ---- 2004 156.54 .... 269/ 412 ... 65.3 ..3322 ... 33 ... 6
Jason White ---- 2003 158.11 .... 278 / 451 ... 61.6 ..3846 .. 40 .. 10
Carson Palmer -- 2002 149.08 .... 309 / 489 ... 63.2 ..3942 .. 33 .. 10
Eric Crouch ---- 2001 124.31 .....105 / 189 ... 55.6 ..1510 ... 7 ... 10
Chris Weinke --- 2000 163.09 .... 266 / 431 ... 61.7 ..4167 .. 33 .. 11
Danny Wuerffel - 1996 170.6 ...... 207 / 360 ... 57.5 ..3625 .. 39 .. 13
Charlie Ward --- 1993 157.84 .....264 / 380 ... 69.5 ..3032 ... 27 ... 4
Gino Toretta --- 1992 132.8 ...... 228 / 402 ... 56.7 ..3060 .. 19 ... 7

Posted by: J G | Dec 9, 2008 5:46:52 PM

Those statistics only help Tebow's cause. He had a better passer rating than Ward, Wuerffel, Weinke, Palmer, and Leinart? Since he can't allegedly throw the ball yet has better numbers than all of those "pro-style" QBs, how can that be? And, please, don't even say Tebow's players get him all these YAC because that is a ridiculous notion of someone who has not seen Florida play. He throws the ball deep with regularity, and hits hits receivers deep with regularity. Whether his passes quack or not is irrelevant... they're accurate.

Furthermore, any QB with a pulse would look good behind that O-line, with those weapons and those RBs. It's hilarious that you cite Tebow as being a product of the system, yet Bradford isn't? And, unlike Bradford, Tebow doesn't stay in late in games that are 30+ point blowouts to pad his stats.

Tebow will go down as a far superior college QB (and one of the best ever) and Bradford won't. That's the reality.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 9, 2008 6:02:16 PM

Florida and Oklahoma are overrated along with their quarterbacks. McCoy deserves the Heisman. It shouldn't be just about stats. He has played with more heart and done more for his team than any other quarterback in the NCAA and put up amazing numbers.

The national championship will blow. Texas beat Oklahoma and Florida lost to Ole Miss. A rematch of the Red River Shootout would have been a game worth watching.

Posted by: HookEm | Dec 9, 2008 6:47:56 PM

Is there going to be an update tonight?

Posted by: CJ | Dec 9, 2008 7:45:43 PM

Hey Killa. Welcome to reality buddy. Here is the first thing you need to know: Bradford works out of a pro-style offense. Can you say pro-style? Good. Next you need to know that the crap Meyer runs (while effective) is called gimmick. Can you say gimmick? Good job. Have you ever seen the gimmicky double option shovel or jump passes in major college football before? Or a QB that fakes QB dive/sneaks and then drops back to throw? No. Because it is a mickey mouse offense. It works, and thats great for meyer. He is brilliant. But it allows for lots of open receivers and easy stats(jump passes) and shovels.

Posted by: J G | Dec 9, 2008 8:09:20 PM

People thought Ohio State/Michigan would be a great rematch, too... until Florida bitch slapped the Buckeyes back to Columbus.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 9, 2008 8:40:21 PM

Too bad gimmick implies that a fad or something that works on occasion. Since Meyer's offense is one of the best in the nation, we can safely assume that it's not a gimmick. Learn the definition next time.

Secondly, Leak ran this same offense with Meyer there, and had moderate, but underwhelming success. If it can make any QB look good, why did Leak struggle so mightily in it? Tebow is the engine that makes that offense go, and it wouldn't be nearly as good without him.

OTOH, Bradford in his "spread" pro-style offense, where he has time to drink a cup of tea behind that massive offensive line he has, is much more of a product of the system than Tebow. Anyone with a pulse can dominate with the type of offense Oklahoma runs and with all the time to throw he has.

Furthermore, I reiterate for you, since you think Tebow can't pass and is a product of the system: why were Pete Carroll, Lloyd Carr, Mike Shula, and Les Miles, who all run conventional offenses, after him as their QB? Answer that and then get back to me.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 9, 2008 8:51:25 PM

JG, two words...BOISE STATE.
Wait. Two more...WEST VIRGINIA.
Wait...a few more BIG GAME BOOB.
Wait, wait...55-19 (USC).
Wait, 45-35.
Wait, wait...you lost to COLORADO last year.
Uh, oh...Sooners get their pants pulled down on National TV again Jan. 8!
Bradford is a boy...Tebow is a man. That simple.
Watch those ducks quack for about Fiddy on your ass.

Posted by: Teebone | Dec 9, 2008 9:25:06 PM

Teebone (Teebag wannabee groupie). You can put your Teeboner away dude. Real intelligent arguments. What are you in 3rd grade tough guy. Please. We are talking about who is more deserving of the award not wins and losses over the years. Florida and its gimmick offense have lost to plenty of sh1t teams over the years. Tebow was even dominated by horrendous Missippi and Tennessee. Im not going to catalogue all of his losses because I dont care. I do know that Bradford dominates every defense he plays against and Tebow runs a gimmick scheme pretty well. Any astute CFB watcher knows that Bradford should be the winner. You dont have to acknowledge it. I could run through the holes Tebow gets and throw those pathetic jump passes he does to wide open TEs in the end zone. He is a product of a great system with a great coach and supporting cast. Ask the scouts who are projecting Bradford to go #1 who is a better QB you Florida homers. Step out of warcraft and into reality you losers.

And to the other douche, gimmick can be short term or long term. Jeezus, where do you Florida homers come up with this crap? Meyer has gone on record to address he gimmick claims, further proving it.

Posted by: JG | Dec 10, 2008 12:55:08 AM

Hey, JG. The only douche on this site is you.
First, learn how to spell. "Missippi"??? what are you, retarded? Obviously from reading your arguments, you are. And Mississippi is horrendous? Aren't they going to the Cotton Bowl? When did Tennessee dominate Tebow or anyone on the Florida roster? How can a gimmick scheme win a National Championship...twice??? The reality here is you are a mad, jaded OU fan who stupidly believes his team is superior and trying to forget the facts:
1. Your team is CHOKELAHOMA.
2. You got hooked by the horns.
3. You haven't won a meaningful bowl game in nearly a decade.

Just make us all a promise...be back in Jan. 9 so you can admit what an Okie idiot you really are after the Gators and "horrible" Tebow jam the ball up your bogus defense's a$$. You are like every other OU fan. You have an excuse for all your big-game losses. You can never admit the other team is better. And believe me...the Gators are better. Texas kicked your ass. Period. And so will Florida, only worse.

Florida 49, OU 24 - Game MVP? Take a wild guess...start thinking of excuses.

Posted by: SECdominance | Dec 10, 2008 1:19:48 AM

You can talk all you want about the National Championship game which Oklahoma will win. The real topic is that Bradford dominates Tebow in every category imaginable. Tebow is a great player but this year he ranks third behind Bradford and McCoy.

Posted by: Beau | Dec 10, 2008 7:15:03 AM


I think the MNC is going to be a great game, but why are you and so many other people here fixated on numbers? If you scroll to the top, you can see the defensive numbers for every opponent Bradford has faced this year.

The average is this:

Pass Efficiency Defense - 132.15, approximate NCAA rank: 81st
Total Defense - 389.08, approximate NCAA rank: 82nd
Scoring Defense - 28.32, approximate NCAA rank: 79th
Pass Defense - 223.78, approximate NCAA rank: 83rd

The numbers for Pass Efficiency Defense is the SAME formula they use for QB rating, but interpreted as how the average QB performed against that particular defense during the year. Anything above 120 is HORRIBLE. And his numbers were against teams giving up 132. And most of those numbers are being 'held up' by TCU and Cincinnati. If you only averaged the numbers against conference foes, then the approximate NCAA rank dips into the 100s. There are only 116 NCAA teams!

So yes, his numbers are outstanding, but why are you ignoring how poorly his opposition is?

Posted by: gatorpower | Dec 10, 2008 8:10:12 AM

As an aside, I do hope Bradford wins it. Historically, the player who wins it plays lousy in their bowl game and their team loses. I don't want Tebow facing any distractions. Then, when Bradford bombs in the title game, everyone will see who truly deserved to win it.

So go Sam Bradford.

Posted by: killa3312 | Dec 10, 2008 8:48:23 AM

I am just going by his statistics and his passer rating. Aside from that he just seems to get the job done no matter who we are playing. The Texas loss hurt but, it was no fault of Sams he played one whale of a game. As far as Bradford bombing in the title game I do not think their is any way that will happen. Should be a good game but I still think the Sooners win in a high scoring game.

Posted by: Beau | Dec 10, 2008 9:56:29 AM

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