Bobby Bowden on Tim Tebow

Here's what Florida State coach Bobby Bowden told reporters after the UF/FSU game:

“You know, he’s always been better than I thought. I saw him in high school. I knew he was good. I’ve seen him in college and he’s better than I thought. I knew before we played against him tonight that he was good, but after we played against him, he was better than I thought. We could not get him down. If he doesn’t win the Heisman Trophy, it’s because of the sophomore thing. But if he doesn’t, he should win the next two years.

If Tebow wins, could he be a two-time - or even three-time - winner of the Trophy? Hard to imagine, but then 51 touchdowns in a season also seems pretty hard to imagine.

Kari Chisholm | November 25, 2007 | Comment on This Post (0 so far)
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