John Lindsay: "couldn't be more confusing"

Writing for the Scripps-Howard News Service, who has done their own weekly Trophy poll for years, John Lindsay takes note of the confusion this year:

In a season that has defied belief, why should the Heisman Trophy race be any different? ...

But this year's field couldn't be more confusing. According to this week's Scripps Howard poll, the leader (Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon) is a guy who was benched late last year, dabbled in minor-league baseball over the summer drawing the ire of his coach and right now might be hurt. In second is a talented sophomore (Florida QB Tim Tebow), which is big considering no sophomore (not even the great Herschel Walker) has ever won the Heisman.

In third place, there's the guy (Arkansas' back Darren McFadden) who is single-handedly bringing the single wing back, to the tune of an SEC-record 323 yards rushing in Saturday night's win over South Carolina.

Fourth-place belongs to a QB (Chase Daniel) who wound up at Missouri because all the big Texas schools thought the 6-foot junior was too small.

Last week's leader, now in sixth, (Boston College QB Matt Ryan) entered the season with a not-so-stellar touchdown-to-interception ratio of 27-to-18 and currently ranks 55th in the nation in passing efficiency behind such obscurities as Buffalo's Drew Willy and Temple's Adam DiMichele.

On the other hand, those practically needing a miracle to even get an invitation to New York for the announcement Dec. 8 include the soon-to-be all-time NCAA leader in TD passes (Hawaii's Colt Brennan), the QB on the No. 1 team in the nation (Ohio State's Todd Boeckman), another sophomore QB many thought would be a backup (Kansas' Todd Reesing) and the gaggle of fallen preseason favorites (Michigan RB Mike Hart along with QBs Brian Brohm of Louisville, John David Booty of USC and Pat White of West Virginia).

OK, but how is he going to vote?

Right now, our ballot is Dixon, Tebow and McFadden. Four weeks from now, the final one could just as easily read Daniel, Brennan and White. Or maybe if Kansas and Ohio State finish unbeaten, Reesing, Boeckman and Ryan.

When it comes to the Heisman, confusion can be a virtue.

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Kari Chisholm | November 7, 2007 | Comment on This Post (1 so far)
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When the Heisman award start to represent what it is/was truly meant to be, the best college player whether at a small college, big college, defense or offense player, that I will take an interest. As it is now it just a popularity award going to the most glamouous QB at the most prestegious school. No way the award is presently being award as it was intended to be awarded. Let's see it revert back to its original intent.

Posted by: POPPY | Dec 6, 2007 3:43:37 PM

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