How tough is this 2007 vote on Trophy voters?

Here's Mike Sorenson of the Deseret Morning News in Utah:

And finally, I've got to get my Heisman ballot in this week but have no idea how to vote. Right now my top candidates are Missouri QB Chase Daniel, Hawaii QB Colt Brennan, Arkansas RB Darren McFadden, West Virginia QB Patrick White and Florida's QB Tim Tebow. If you have any advice, let me know.

And the same consternation from Tom Luicci at the (New Jersey) Star-Ledger:

Q. Did a clear-cut Heisman front-runner emerge from last week's big games?

A. Hardly. Arkansas' Darren McFadden, Florida's Tim Tebow, Missouri's Chase Daniel and West Virginia's Pat White all gave strike-the-pose performances.

Tough choices for all but the hometown writers. And, even, some of them. After all, ya gotta vote your top three.

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* First ever 20/20 rushing/passing TD’s
* Only 23 of the 119 offenses scored more TD's then Tebow!
* Broke Rex Grossman’s single season yardage record
* Broke the SEC Rushing TD record
* Tied all time NCAA rushing TD record
* 13 straight games with at least 1 TD both Rushing and Passing
* Second best QB Rating in the nation 177.8
* Only 6 turnovers (McFadden=11, Daniels=13)
* 51 TD’s (McFadden=20, Daniels=36)
* 375 points (McFadden=140, Daniels=252)
* 72% of Offense (McFadden= 41%, Daniels=69%)
* 511 touches and ZERO fumbles
* Ran for more TD's in a season than Heisman-winning running backs Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, George Rogers and Archie Griffin the year (in Griffin's case in either year) they won the award
* 30 plays against Florida State with a displaced fracture and was 9-of-13 for 123 yards and a touchdown and also ran six times
* Played second half of season with a shoulder contusion which required him to receive a shot before each game
* Ark and UF played six common opponents. In those games, Tebow accounted for 25 touchdowns and McFadden accounted for 7
* Tebow has more rushing YD's than McFadden, despite 110 fewer carries
* Daniel has thrown for 4 more TD's than Tebow this season but needed 178 more passes to get to that total (Daniel has three rushing touchdowns).
* Tebow has put up his numbers despite having his three big weapons — Andre Caldwell, Percy Harvin and Cornelius Ingram — missing significant time with injuries.
* Character? You want character? How about a missionary who spends much of his free time in hospitals talking to sick children?
* 9 new starters on defense
* 15 games missed by Bubba, Parcy, James and Cooper
Tebow is HE15MAN

Posted by: Mel Barrett | Nov 29, 2007 11:23:12 AM

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