Dear Husker Fans: Stop hassling Johnny Rodgers!

So, it's come to my attention that folks in Nebraska -- apparently suffering from serious cabin-fever brought on by massive snowfalls -- are up in arms, with the mistaken impression that Trophy winner Johnny Rodgers put Ndamukong Suh third on his ballot.

In fact, Rodgers simply stated that he has Suh somewhere on his ballot. For the purposes of our projection math, we count a statement like that as a #3. But doesn't mean that he voted #3.

Rodgers even went so far as to call in to a local Lincoln Omaha sports talk show to set the record straight. Listen here.

Kari Chisholm | December 10, 2009 | Comment on This Post (55 so far)
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So when are you gonna fix the fact that you have Eddie George as voting Gerhart #1? Even though on CBS he clearly states that he voted Ingram 1 Gerhart 2 and Suh 3...

Posted by: Kyle | Dec 10, 2009 10:01:51 AM

Suh is fantastic. He had what maybe some might possibly think about calling the greatest game in the whole history of football this past Saturday. But he was good all season. Look at the rest of his games this year. He averaged .625 sack per game. Think about it. He was able to average over a half sack per game. OH MY!!! Will there ever be another like him? This guy is incredible. Suh #1.

Posted by: td | Dec 10, 2009 10:09:10 AM

That's hilarious. Husker fans are nothing if not passionate. This tight race is fun to follow, but Johnny know's the love the state of Nebraska has for him.

Seriously, it's good to clear it up for those that don't understand your process (or refuse to read the explanation of the process).

Posted by: CK | Dec 10, 2009 10:09:28 AM

George is an idiot...only voted RB's first beacause he was one. Probably cant even read the ballot!! He's one of those that shouldn't have won it in the first place..everyone knows that Tommie Frazier was the best college player that year!!

Posted by: Jessie James | Dec 10, 2009 10:11:11 AM

He has Suh number one. Listen to the interview....he basically says so without saying it. No doubt. Suh is most deserving so that helps.

Posted by: JP | Dec 10, 2009 10:21:37 AM

td, calm down with your sarcasim. The funny thing about your comments is that you don't take into account the fact that he is a DT, and was double/triple teamed on 80-90% of the snaps he was playing. So please stop with all your sarcasim crap it's really getting old.

To give you perspective here are the total stats from Alabama's, Texas', and Florida's ENTIRE DL'S for this past season with Suh's season stats listed last:

Alabama Season Totals
98tkl - 23.5tfl - 9.5sk - 20qbh - 5pbu - 0int - 1ff - 3bk

Florida Season Totals
112tkl - 33tfl - 14sk - 48qbh - 5pbu - 0int - 1ff - 0bk

Texas Season Totals
116tkl - 25.5tfl - 15.5sk - 10qbh - 7pbu - 0int - 2ff - 0bk

Suh Season Totals
82tkl - 23tfl - 12sk - 24qbh - 10pbu - 1int - 1ff - 3bk

As you can see Suh's stats, by themselves compare favorably with those 3 teams ENTIRE D Lines. So please just stop making yourself look dumb.

Posted by: Trevor | Dec 10, 2009 10:36:59 AM

You also have Spencer Tillman as voting McCoy #1, when he clearly stated on an Alabama radio station(Finebaum Show) that he had voted Ingram #1.

Posted by: Stacy | Dec 10, 2009 10:38:46 AM

Johnny Rodgers WB Nebraska 1970-1972
Tommie Frazier QB Nebraska Born 1974

Who is the idiot?

Posted by: Chris | Dec 10, 2009 10:39:50 AM

Problem is there have been DT in the past that have put up the same kind of numbers as Suh, and got no votes.

Suh is product timing. He had a big game in a year when most voters are not over whelmed by one of two players.

You also have to be very careful when trying to compare numbers like this.

Florida, Alabama, and Texas(not 100% about them) have a ton more depth at the DT spot and rotate players a lot more than Nebraska.

No way Suh should be in the running for this, and wouldn't be most years.

That said it will not be too much longer before Suh is getting paid a lot of money to play football. His great size and quickness makes him a top 5 pick in the draft.

Posted by: Chris | Dec 10, 2009 10:48:31 AM

Good grief - I want SUH to win as bad as the next guy. But hassling Rodgers because of his vote? Come on Husker Nation.....

Posted by: Chad | Dec 10, 2009 10:55:21 AM

Chris, you are the idiot. Who cares how much depth the other teams have? The statistic isn't titled "Alabama's starting four" or "Texas's starting four."

Posted by: Apu Chakraborty | Dec 10, 2009 10:58:31 AM

Thanks for posting the stats for the DL's vs Suh. Hearing Suh's stats need context around them as most people don't understand definisive tackles statistics the way they would a 2,000 yard rushing stat or 25 td's....Those really blew me away seeing in comparison to an entire DL!

Posted by: Mike | Dec 10, 2009 10:58:32 AM


You are obviously an ignorant subscriber to the "offensive skill player" award. Suh was 10X as dominant as Ingram. Ingram had FIVE games under 100 yards. No Heisman winner should ever have that many games under 100 yards, especially running behind that line. What a joke.

Posted by: Mike | Dec 10, 2009 11:01:48 AM

Chris, name the DT's that had Suh's numbers in the past.

Posted by: Paul | Dec 10, 2009 11:02:36 AM

Nebraska's DL has more depth than any of them.

Posted by: dallas_TheFan | Dec 10, 2009 11:05:15 AM

Suh is a great player but he also played on a defense that centered around the d-line making plays. Alabama used their NG to take up multiple blocks to free linebackers to make plays. You can't compare the stats that way. I believe Texas was the same way with a really good DE and LB making plays no the center of the d-line. It is like comparing passing yards between Tebow and McCoy they played on completely different offenses and were asked to do totally different things for their teams.

Posted by: RTR12 | Dec 10, 2009 11:06:46 AM

Chris I feel like the following is in regard to my post about Suh vs. the ENTIRE DL's from Texas, Alabama, and Florida (three teams that were considered 3 of the best throughout the year w/ 3 of the best defenses as well).

"Florida, Alabama, and Texas(not 100% about them) have a ton more depth at the DT spot and rotate players a lot more than Nebraska."

Again your above post doesn't matter because my stats were for the entire lines of those three schools. So the fact that they rotate a lot more and have a lot more depth doesn't make sense because if that's so true then the entire DL's numbers for those three teams should be super rested thus producing higher tackels, tfl, sacks etc.

Nebraska also has great depth and Suh was rotated, not as much as the next guy though because he didn't need it because he is so conditioned he could play every freakin' play.

Posted by: Trevor | Dec 10, 2009 11:09:43 AM

RTR12 -

Your comments have some merit, but I think you are overlooking the fact that the Pelini boys built a defense around their strength - Mr. Suh. No other team in the country had such a special talent like Suh that they could design a scheme like Nebraska. You want other evidence of Mr. Suh's dominance - just take a look at the overall defensive improvement from 2008 to 2009. Last year NU's offense was pretty respectable and their time of possession was great. This year, NU's offense was, at times, pathetic and could not keep its own defense on the field. In some respects, NU's defense should have taken a step back, but Suh prevented that from happening.

In a year where there is no clear cut front runner, Suh stands out as the most dominant player in the country. NFL owners and scouts recognize that and that's why he will be selected #1 in next year's NFL draft. It's time the Heisman recognizes excellence on both sides of the ball.

Posted by: don | Dec 10, 2009 11:23:06 AM


Then we are left with being unable to make comparisons among players at all, if we have to consider every conceivable minor difference in the coaching styles, because we then also need to consider differences in weather conditions, opposition styles, playing surface by game, player health, and on and on. It becomes more and more like baseball where the situational statistics become so focused as to be useless. If that is the case, then why even give awards? Aren't they all really about the same, but only differ due to circumstance? However, in Suh's case, he was just awarded the Bronko Nagurski trophy for most outstanding defensive player, so someone apparently feels that he performed quite well relative to his peers, in whatever system they used.

Posted by: JR2 | Dec 10, 2009 11:26:13 AM


"Alabama used their NG to take up multiple blocks to free linebackers to make plays".
Nebraska's DT took mutiple blocks (Up to 3) and freed up the linebackers, but the man named Suh still dominated. You logic doesn't make sense?!

Posted by: SUH93 | Dec 10, 2009 11:27:21 AM


I would like to see the these past DTs who performed as well as Suh. Finding RBs with stats equivalent to Ingram and Gerhart is easy, but I'm not at all convinced that you'll find the same to be true for Suh. But I am not averse to being proved wrong. Claims without evidence are pretty meaningless.

Posted by: JR2 | Dec 10, 2009 11:28:51 AM

JP, you are so wrong about George's interview! He clearly does NOT say he voted for SUH. Go back and listen to the interview again and you will see that he voted for Ingram! Roll Tide! May the best player win! (INGRAM!)

Posted by: Kyle | Dec 10, 2009 11:42:39 AM

Johnny Rogers is a funny dude. Not only did he own a bar next to a place I lived in omaha to "legitimize" his business and worth to society. Him and rozier and eric crouch hung out there to sign autographs and Johnny and Rozier made fun of Crouch so much and talked about how much of a b*tch he was that he left all pissed off haha.

Posted by: Isaac | Dec 10, 2009 11:49:15 AM

Trying to be a peacemaker here. All 5 are worthy of the award. How many college football players are there....thousands. If and when they go NFL, whoever wins won't have "Heisman Trophey Winner" on the back of his uniform. I am sure every one of them who want to play in the NFL will even if they have to play a different position and I am sure the $$ will be nice.

Posted by: tkk | Dec 10, 2009 11:55:28 AM


I said Suh took up multiple blockers. The difference in my opinion was that Suh's job was to beat the blocks and make plays because of his agility, speed, and athletecism, Cody's job (because of his size, strength, and lack of runners' speed) was to engage blockers and keep them from linebackers.

JR2 I was simply stating you can't compare them by strictly statistics you have to look at their impact on the games they played (I am not saying Cody is better than Suh).

I am glad Suh got invited but I personally don't think he should win it but I admit I have some bias for Ingram.

Posted by: RTR12 | Dec 10, 2009 12:12:52 PM

I don't think you'll hear from Chris again after his massive brain fart. But I'm really not sure why Ingram is even in the debate. He's got good stats but it's not like he leads the country in anything and there's nothing to suggest that Alabama even skips a beat with him out. Saban's been recruiting studs for three years now and he just happens to be the RB for the best team in the country. He's only being mentioned because no other players at the glamour positions have distinguished themselves. Suh on the other hand is having an all-timer kind of year, changing games from the DT position like nobody has before. It is admittedly a weak year but Ingram is not the country's most oustanding player.

Posted by: Apu Chakraborty | Dec 10, 2009 12:32:39 PM

You wanna talk about funny dudes, you should see my friend Tristan.

Posted by: TYBO | Dec 10, 2009 12:53:24 PM

If you go and compare those DLines against Nebraska's DLine, the stats get even crazier.

Neb DLine (just the starting 4 - Suh, Crick, Turner, P Allen):
248tkl - 64tfl - 30sk - 61qbh - 23pbu - 1int - 2ff - 4bk

Clearly, Suh wasn't the only one making the plays. I feel sympathy for the OC's that had to gameplan against that group. You double-/triple-block any one of them, the other three wreak havoc.

Posted by: Heath | Dec 10, 2009 1:00:48 PM

I know for a fact Johnny Rogers has Suh number 1 on his ballot!

Posted by: Todd | Dec 10, 2009 1:03:10 PM

I know for a fact Johnny Rogers has Suh number 1 on his ballot!

Posted by: Todd | Dec 10, 2009 1:03:11 PM


Isn't it the job of the NT to take up blockers on every team? Every NT that has ever played has had to deal with lining up directly across from the middle of the offensive line. So I really don't see the validity in your point.

What makes Suh so special is the fact that he consistently beats several blocks and disrupts the backfield. He drops back into coverage. He chases RB 5-10 yards down field and still makes the tackle. NT generally don't have the skills to do this. Suh has unique skills that come about maybe once a generation (at the college level).

Posted by: Pat M | Dec 10, 2009 1:23:31 PM

It's funny how everyone has a bias toward "their" player and makes the stats work to his favor. I'll post this to get the Bama fans riled up. Mark Ingram shouldn't win because he's not even the best back in the SEC West, Anthony Dixon is. The season stats are very similar, with Ingram's being a little better, playing behind a better offensive line. Dixon and Ingram happen to share five common SEC opponents -- Ole Miss, Arkansas, Kentucky, LSU, and Auburn. In those five games Dixon has rushed for 759 yards to Ingram's 537 and outgained him on a per carry basis 5.71 to 5.11.

So Ingram isn't even the best back in the SEC West. And, oh by the way, Ingram is also averaging fewer yards per game than 11 other backs, and five of those 11 backs average more yards per carry than Ingram does.

As for the comments that the defensive philosophy for Nebraska and Alabama is different. How do you know the Nebraska philosophy? Have you personally chatted with Bo Pelini to discuss how he used Suh through the year? The only thing you can compare are stats for players in the same position, Suh dominated the stats of every other defensive lineman in the nation. The same can't be said for Gerhart or Ingram.

Posted by: SG | Dec 10, 2009 2:06:05 PM

Terrance Cody from Alabama is a freakin turd. He should never be mentioned in the same breath as SUH.

Posted by: Chad | Dec 10, 2009 2:27:20 PM

Youre a genius! Thanks for showing all those haters what kind of dominance Nebraska really showed on the defense.

Posted by: Chad | Dec 10, 2009 2:29:02 PM

Husker fans - I was born and bread in Nebraska, have always been and still am a HUGE Husker fan, and would love to see Suh win the Heisman. But my gosh, just flippin' relax! There is nothing we can do about it. If nothing else, this obsession with the Heisman voting and how skewed all the comments are towards Suh on multiple sites truly does show how passionate we all are about Husker football. Go Big Red!

Posted by: ammonater | Dec 10, 2009 2:29:27 PM

You were born and "bread" in Nebraska?

Posted by: Apu Chakraborty | Dec 10, 2009 2:42:10 PM

Although I want Mark Ingram to win, and think that he is as deserving as Suh, I can't help but think about why Defensive Players never win this award. Yes, I know Charles Woodson was a DB, but he also played WR and returned Kicks.

Heres my logic, or why I think defensive players never win this award. How many points do you get for a sack? none. How many points do you get for a tackle for loss? none. How many for an INT? none (unless you return it for a td.) The only way to score on defense is int/fumble return and/or safety. Offensive players have the advantage of their plays scoring points more often and I think that is why they receive more press and get more publicity.

Posted by: Gary | Dec 10, 2009 2:47:43 PM

I think it's also worth mentioning (even as a Nebraska fan), that Suh's stats are helped by the fact he was on the field A LOT due to the offense... umm... not being very good, to be nice about it.

But that's not to say others weren't helped by similar things.

What I mean is RBs get the ball more as clock-management comes into play. If you are trailing, or are in a scoring shoot-out, or the game isn't in hand, you'll tend to throw more, which tends to help out stats for QBs (or if you just happen to be in a lot of down and long situations).

Good players will stand out. It's hard to say none of the five aren't deserving (and it's hard to say some others aren't - Spiller for one). My personal hope is for Suh or Gerhart, but I'm not going to gripe too much if it's Ingram, McCoy, or Tebow.

Posted by: Heath | Dec 10, 2009 3:02:28 PM

what are the overs that Tebow crys on saturday

Posted by: Toby | Dec 10, 2009 3:04:48 PM

Here's the difference. On any given Saturday, if either Ingram or Gerhardt played against Suh, week in and week out, they would NOT have the yards they have now. However, Suh would still have the same number of tackles, sacks, blocked PAT's, etc. So, who is the better football player?

Posted by: Suh's the man | Dec 10, 2009 3:27:07 PM

To all the people who are voicing your opinion,
It is fine that you believe in your home teams or fav's.
Just know this, Mark Ingram may not have the highest numbers you have ever seen,
or the most for his position...
You should realize he probably does have the highest numbers and most yards if you were to compare playing time...
Alabama is not a team that has to keep running up the score, and leave the 1st
string in the entire game... ( Think about that )
Coach Saban took him out of the game or decreased his playing time drastically any time it was a sure win...
So you can compare these other guys to whatever you want, just remember Ingram
made a great impact on the voters by what he did with alot less playing time..
Oh yeah, And he did it playing in the toughest confrence... what say ye' now ?

Posted by: Football Fan | Dec 10, 2009 7:17:23 PM

In case you haven't seen this, the stats below compare season totals for Alabama's starting 4 defensive linemen, Florida's starting 4 defensive linemen, Texas' starting 4 defensive linemen, and Suh:

Alabama Season Totals
98tkl - 23.5tfl - 9.5sk - 20qbh - 5pbu - 0int - 1ff - 3bk

Florida Season Totals
112tkl - 33tfl - 14sk - 48qbh - 5pbu - 0int - 1ff - 0bk

Texas Season Totals
116tkl - 25.5tfl - 15.5sk - 10qbh - 7pbu - 0int - 2ff - 0bk

Suh Season Totals
82tkl - 23tfl - 12sk - 24qbh - 10pbu - 1int - 1ff - 3bk

Posted by: Mike | Dec 10, 2009 7:18:35 PM

I suppose anyone could rack up those stats if every team in your confrence can't
beat their way out of a paper bag !!!!!

Posted by: Football Fan | Dec 10, 2009 7:34:44 PM

doesnt matter what anyone has said, Suh deserves this award! NO ONE can do what he has done. Its time a defensive player gets what he has earned!!!

Posted by: Christina | Dec 10, 2009 8:14:43 PM

Speaking of Ingram coming out of games early...

34-24 vs VaTech - did not have a touch on final drive of game
40-14 vs FIU - did not have a touch the entire fourth quarter
53-7 vs NTexas - did not have a touch the final 27.5 minutes of the game (virtually entire second half)
35-7 vs Ark - did not have a touch final 13:12 of game
38-20 vs Kentucky - did not have a touch final 3:58 of game (but was in during Alabama's final drive - which saw Saban go for it on 4th down twice up 38-20, 4th and 3, and 4th and 9)
22-3 vs Ole Miss - in on final drive of game
20-6 vs SCarolina - scored touchdown on last meaningful Alabama drive (from 13-6, 4:54 left in game)
12-10 vs Tennessee - fumbled on final Alabama drive (led to Tennessee score)
24-15 vs LSU - in on final meaningful Alabama drive (field goal from 21-15, 3:04 left)
31-3 vs MissState - 70 yard TD run with 7:24 remaining (last touch, from 24-3)
45-0 vs Chattanooga - did not have a touch final 39:53 of game (or, was in for first 20 minutes, touchdown made score 35-0)
26-21 vs Auburn - in on final Alabama drive
32-13 vs Fla (SEC championship) - in on final Alabama drive to run out the clock

There's just over 91 minutes left "on the field" there, so admittedly his stats would be much higher.

Posted by: Heath | Dec 10, 2009 10:14:12 PM

And in interest of fairness, for Gerhart:

39-13 vs WashState - did not have a touch last 5:21 of game
34-14 vs Washington - in on final drive to run out clock
33-14 vs ArizonaState - did not have a touch last 7:57 of game
55-21 vs USC - did not have a touch final 6:47 of game

ESPN doesn't have play-by-play listing for the San Jose State game, but that's the only other "blowout" game.

Posted by: Heath | Dec 10, 2009 10:21:06 PM

If you all really watched the Nebraska at Texas game you would have noticed that Mr. Suh was being held not blocked on at least 15 of those plays. Yet he still made the plays!!!!

Posted by: Casey | Dec 11, 2009 5:58:43 AM

For starters, if a true defensive player was going to break the mold and win the trophy, it should have been Derrick Thomas, with his 27 sacks, in '88. Yes, Suh has had an incredible year (esp. for a DT), and Gerhart put up superior numbers but, Ingram ran behind an O-line that lost two all-americans and three first-year starters. And, he did it in the SEC. The majority of his yards came after first-contact.

Posted by: turner | Dec 11, 2009 10:10:19 AM

I dont' know who should necessarily win it. But what I do know, is, Ingram had a terrible game against Auburn. He was also benched in that game for quite awhile because of it. A true heisman winner should play well in ALL games. They can't always put up amazing numbers, but to be a real candidate, they shouldn't have any games where they play that terrible.

Posted by: J23 | Dec 11, 2009 3:29:50 PM

As a Stanford fan, I am definitely rooting for Gerhart to win it, but I wouldn't be too unhappy if Suh won, I like seeing linemen and defensive players get the recognition they deserve. What I can't understand is who in their right mind would vote Ingram over Gerhart? Toby practically carried the Stanford team, you remove him, and the Cardinal would probably be 6-6, maybe worse. Remove Ingram, and it's still likely that Alabama's competing for the national championship.

Posted by: Andy | Dec 11, 2009 5:18:11 PM

How can anyone suggest that Suh had the greatest game ever? They lost. Nobody can have the greatest game ever and lose. Not only lose, but when the game was there to win, when the team could have won with one defensive stop, it wasn't made. Husker nation is out in force on this one. I can't imagine why they are so passionate about the H'man trophy. I guess it's because the team doesn't win anything important anymore. The Big 12 North....please.

Posted by: jlb | Dec 11, 2009 6:25:22 PM

andy, are you suggesting that players on bad teams are better players?

Posted by: blinky | Dec 11, 2009 6:27:48 PM

Andy needs to get a clue before making uneducated comments. A team lost on a contro versial 1 sec. addition to the clock. Suh dominated the entire game. You can't blame him for the fact the team did not win. Oh, and remember.... Nebraska was 14 point underdog to the team they dominated (Suh in particular) now playing for the National title.

Posted by: Paul | Dec 11, 2009 7:58:35 PM

last post was meant to dispute jlb's post not Andy's.....sorry.

Posted by: Paul | Dec 11, 2009 8:00:30 PM

The Heisman voters have three major biases
1. They are focused on voting prinarily for the Offensive player who puts yards,TDs and wins on the board.
2. They are geographically biased. ( Nearly everybody has a home team or conference bias)
3. They are influenced by the games they see in person or by TV
The voters, themselves are not always picking the Best Football Player of the selection year.

This year SUH stood out far beyond the pack and has come close to overcoming the 3 biases. (I suspect the voters in the Big twelve will split and dilute their usual votes)

Posted by: pappy | Dec 12, 2009 7:04:24 AM

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