2004: three-peat!

For the third year in a row, StiffArmTrophy.com correctly projected the outcome of the vote.

We made our final projection 90 minutes prior to the presentation show on ESPN based on 223 actual votes we found and tabulated. Our final projection at 3:30 p.m. (pacific time) on December 11, 2003:

Our final projection: Matt Leinart by 2.7% over Adrian Peterson. Last year's winner, Jason White, will place third. Helix High teammates Reggie Bush and Alex Smith are functionally tied, though we believe Reggie will edge out Alex. This year, with your help, we tracked and counted 223 H------ ballots that contained 591 votes.

As you can see below, we pretty much nailed it; Leinart exceeded our projection by just 1.6% of the vote.

Thanks for your help!
With the help of dozens of volunteers across America, we built the biggest and best projection with 223 declared votes listed on the Big Chart of Votes.

namefirstsecondthirdballotspointsProjected %Actual %
M Leinart59491812629324.4%26.0%
A Peterson47473613027121.4%19.5%
J White46282810222216.1%18.8%
R Bush2926247916314.0%11.7%
A Smith2822267615413.7%12.4%
J Campbell351220312.5%3.2%
J Arrington15612191.8%2.3%
C Benson211619241.8%3.7%
A Rodgers3249171.5%1.3%
S LeFors0347100.9% 
B Edwards015670.6%1.2%
C Williams102350.5% 

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