2002: We did it!

Our final projection was on December 14, 2002 at 2:37 p.m. PST. Based on 127 declared ballots (13.79% of all voters), we projected the following order of finish:

Carson Palmer, Brad Banks, Willis McGahee, Ken Dorsey, Larry Johnson.

We got it right - with the exception of Larry Johnson. He finished #3, not #5. We believe that's because the number of voters we had from the Northeast was disproportionately low.

Actual Vote Counts

The tally below is NOT a projection. These are actual vote counts from actual voters. Why don't the projected percentages match the count percentages? Because our projection weights the regions equally - since the votes we've collected don't match the true distribution. More about our methodology.

Carson Palmer5430109423236%33.2%27.9%
Brad Banks2524166513921%22.7%23.0%
Willis McGahee161218469014%14.9%13.9%
Ken Dorsey15910347311%11.6%13.5%
Larry Johnson121112357011%10.8%15.3%
Byron Leftwich1269132%2.0%2.6%
Terrell Suggs014561%1.1%
Jason Gesser112471%1.0%1.6%
Maurice Clarett104571%0.6%
Kliff Kingsbury100130%0.6%0.7%
Rashaun Woods010120%0.4%
Shane Walton010120%0.3%
Chris Brown001110%0.2%1.0%
Brett Romberg001110%0.2%
Lane Bearden001110%0.2%
Seneca Wallace001110%0.0%

*The organization only reports the top 10 finishers - so some of the actual vote totals don't appear here. Of course, they had to be below Quentin Griffin's 0.6% total (for which we had no votes for at all). The numbers at the very low levels can be pretty suspect, since lots of folks use that #3 spot to make statements about individual players, teams, or the process itself.

More, more, more

Don't trust our counts? That's OK, we won't take it personally. View the Big Chart for 2002: every single vote that we found.

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